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Through this global emergency as a writer, I am putting my mind and efforts together to produce creative assets that can make a difference and create an impact



As his many readers know, Victor Ghoshe is one of the most ingenious authors in the genre of ‘Historical Adventures’ in the Indian subcontinent. His first book, The Job Charnock Riddle, 2016, has been tagged as ‘Our Own version of The Da-Vinci Code,’ by Times of India. Now his latest book, Tomb of God is reviewed – “A compelling script waiting to be made into a full-length feature film – a gritty thriller that would be liked by the fans of Lee Child and Dan Brown.” The Telegraph

An international Brand & Social Communication professional, former Sr Adviser of BBC India, Ghoshe is responsible for developing mass communication strategies for over five nations other than India. He has headed creative teams in leading advertising houses like DDB Mudra. Ghoshe lives in Delhi with his wife Juthika and two sons.

Some glimpses of our conversation with Mr. Victor Ghoshe.

Q1. Your latest book TOMB OF GOD is doing so well and bringing fantastic reviews from readers – What is your inspiration?

Firstly, I am a born storyteller (laughs). I have been telling stories since standard two in school. And I love telling stories.

But, if you are asking me about my present inspiration,
I would say, creative people throughout the world are all creating impactful things that they can develop through this time of emergency!

As a writer I am continuously putting my mind and efforts together to produce creative assets that can make a difference and create positive impacts. Like writing stories, novels and poetry that can help people feel better, feel liberated.
Through my writing I am taking people out of their confinements caused by the pandemic; out on fantastic journeys they always wanted to make… even through all the restrictions of this massive global emergency.

Tomb of God is one such book which has made this possible. Believe me I have received hundreds of Thank you notes for giving them Tomb of God in the time of the pandemic.

Q2. Both your historical adventures have done well, What do you think is working for these adventures?

Firstly, as an old-school writer, I enjoy researching, developing new plots, and writing stories that I want to read, so I never compromise on any of these.

I believe writing isn’t about making money or becoming a celebrity; it’s about enriching lives of the people who read your work and enriching your own life in the process.

Secondly, I believe that – the best stories intrigue its readers so much that they start to walk along with the characters and live the story themselves. I have started believing that my books can do that.

Q3. Writing a historical adventure is immensely hard, as a lot of research goes behind to make it a believable story, so tell us about your research process.

The research for my kind of books is multi-layered. For the places I write about – I try to visit them, and if that’s not possible at all, then I glide through the Google Map routes; I study travel videos of the place by professional vloggers and talk to them personally to make sure that the descriptions are correct.

And for the more serious parts of my research, I study the topics and read research works of specialists from all over the world. After that I take appointments and talk to those scholars, historians, and other subject specialists. I take memberships of several university libraries in different continents to get access to their historical / technological researches and latest findings. For Tomb of God – I had spent 6-7 hrs everyday for over a month at the British Museum.

I believe – I do all of these to be able to make sure that what I write is absolutely correct and also my readers learn something new and interesting from every book that I write. May be my hard work is appreciated when my readers say that
I weave facts into a fiction extremely well.

Q4. You write strong female characters. They’re not waiting to be rescued- they’re smart. My favorite character is Marina, in Tomb of God. Please tell us about the development of these characters?

I get asked this a lot. Obviously, I take it as a compliment because I do want my characters to come out strong. Now, firstly I am surrounded by strong women— my mother, my aunt, my wife, my sister and my Sister-in-laws. They all are great role models and they helped me understand the real strength of women.

Later, I learnt more about women as a social sector professional… I learnt how far a woman can go to fight for her people. In my profession I meet women from many walks of life on a regular basis. So, I talk to them, I carefully listen when they narrate their stories, I try to find out their perspectives about life and other things.

For this character Marina Martinez, you referred to; I actually met and talked to women who are like that. Demure at times, but when needed she can be a fighter. Almost invisible in a group of people and doesn’t bring attention to herself at all. But when you start reading about her, you have a feeling – she must be much more. Later in the adventure you find out – you were right.

Q5. Apart from Historical Thrillers have you thought of writing in other genres?

Yes, the other genre, in fact – the genre in which my first two books were published is Paranormal & Supernatural. I have three such story collections in my credit but they are all in Bengali. There are talks on publishing a paranormal story collection in English. I take immense interest in Paranormal and have years of study in the subject. My published books are Ethernet ebong onnanyo golpo (2010), Megher Khata (2012), and Paranormal (2019).

Q6. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

Well, this is the first time someone asked me this. Actually it is something I keep doing and it excites me in a way…. believe me – we writers keep writing in our semi-lit studies through endless nights only with expectations that someday some people will read my book, and may be one or two will understand what were my thoughts behind.

I include secrets in my stories, but in such ways that if you know – you know, and if you don’t – you won’t miss anything. Some of the historical names I use have hidden meanings or connections with other characters. There are mentions of scenes from classic films I love, even if you haven’t seen the film it won’t harm your reading experience. But I have to admit one of my dreams is to hear from an excited reader asking me “is [the thing] really what I think it is?”

Then, secrets are one of the main themes of all my books and as these books are in a series when one book ends a reader might think that the questions are all answered. But only I know – there are still some unanswered ones in plain sight. I only hope a few of my readers also know what I know.

Q7. What is the most difficult part of your creative process?

Two major successful books back-to-back, and yet every night after the kids go to bed – I face a blank MS Word page and struggle for at least half an hour to get immersed into the story.

To me, the most important part of producing anything creative is to be able to get immersed in it. Now, at the same time, it is also the most difficult part in the entire creative process. Because unlike any other field of production – a creative mind can be disturbed by the simplest of the simple things like a headline in the newspaper or a distressing situation in a distant land or even the knowledge of someone close is in pain somewhere. Now for me the best remedy for this is the fact that I know my characters don’t care whether I am in a good mood or not, if the books found success or not. So, when I can’t immerse into the story – I simply follow my characters – and they take me where they want the story to go.

Q8. You also get compliments on your intense pacing. From page one, you take readers on a mind-blowing adventure. As the writer, how do you keep track?

As I said, I try to write books that I would want to read. I read books from several genres – barring romance. Now, if a book doesn’t hook me right off the bat, I struggle with it because I know I have ten others sitting on my shelf. So, what I try to do is – I don’t give a reader an excuse to put my book down.
Someone once told me that when writing a mystery, it’s good to build up to this climatic moment 25 or 30 pages into the story. For me, if I have to wait 25 pages before something important happens, I’m putting that book down. So I start my book with something huge – a murder or someone being put in a death-pit. I want my reader to say – ‘’Wow, let’s not put this one down.’

Q9. Your books have a cinematic effect, someday would you like to make them into movies as well?

All I can say is – there are already discussions on film adaptations of both my books. Let’s see.

Q10. Both your books have Codes as central themes – tell us something about it?

I like the concept of secrets hidden in plain sight. And always been fascinated by codes and deciphering them. Believe me, at the age of ten I could write and read more than 20 different codes including a few from the World War II.

I believe a code is like the screen that stands between you and the truth. So much of the world is like that. I think all our ancient scripts & scriptures are codes – the greatest of all codes. The problem with us humans is – we want to read metaphorical stories as facts.

Q11. Are you working on a new book? Can we get some idea about it?

I am already working on the next novel.

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit India in March 2020, I had already finished all the works around TOMB OF GOD, so I started my research for the 3rd Eric Roy adventure during the first lock down.

After writing about the covert agency and the secret brotherhood of the tomb, in the latest, I found myself compelled to come up with a more secretive topic. Fortunately, I recently learned about a shattering historical possibility, more buried – even than the secret of the TOMB. This new secret – if revealed, can truly change the world, which will take the centre stage in my next novel. Until then, of course, mum’s the word.

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A Father turns an author to reveal all secrets about life for his 5 year old children, and many secrets that were untold.



Welcome to a journey like no other, a journey into the uncharted territories of life, love, and humanity. Meet eShan, a Business Software Systems Analyst turned author, who embarked on a profound exploration of existence when life compelled him to hand over the intellectual inheritance of his wisdom to his twin sons. In his quest to understand the intricate components of life, eShan has opened the bonnet of life, scrutinizing and reimagining its very core.

“Letter to Future” is not your typical book; it’s an invitation to witness life in its unfiltered and naked truth. This book offers a futuristic perspective on human life and relationships, taking us to a higher plane of wisdom by revealing the fundamental elements that define our existence – gender, sex, marriage, family, and life itself.
As an epistolary letter to his sons, eShan becomes our guide on this extraordinary journey through time, from the past to the present. The revelations in this old town of life may startle and unsettle, but they are essential for us to deconstruct the concepts we have long held dear.

What sets “Letter to Future” apart is its unique approach. eShan’s concept of the “Family Registration System” is thought-provoking, demanding that we take life more seriously. This book holds the key to indispensable knowledge, without which we risk endangering our lives and darkening our futures.
But don’t be mistaken; “Letter to Future” isn’t all seriousness and heavy philosophy. It’s peppered with witty humor and awe-inspiring revelations. Ever wondered why a circle has 360 degrees? Or why do the words “ten” and “tense” sound so similar? eShan leaves no stone unturned as he explores the vast spectrum of human life, even shedding light on the darker aspects, empowering readers to think critically and find the courage to change.

Ultimately, this book is about equipping yourself with the wisdom to empower your children and the strength to embrace change. “Letter to Future” isn’t just a source of knowledge; it’s a wild journey through time and the complexities of human existence. If you’re ready to expand your mind, challenge the status quo, and discover a deeper understanding of yourself, this book is a must-read. With a blend of wisdom, humor, and mind-bending moments, its impact will linger long after you’ve turned the final page.

Discover more about “Letter to Future” and the author’s insights at Dive into this intellectual rollercoaster and emerge with a renewed perspective on life and your place in it.

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Top 10 Books of The Month | September [Editor’s Choice]



As we dive into the vibrant world of literature this September, we’re greeted with an eclectic mix of books that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From gripping romances to insightful self-help guides and thought-provoking political analysis, this month’s top 10 books offer something for every reader. Whether you’re seeking heartwarming tales of love and ambition or a deeper understanding of the world around you, these titles deserve a spot on your reading list.

1. World’s Best Girlfriend by Durjoy Datta

“World’s Best Girlfriend” by Durjoy Datta is a mesmerizing tale of love, fate, and the extraordinary connections that can be forged against all odds. Aanchal and Daksh’s initial encounter in the enchanting Andamans sets the stage for a captivating story of two souls from different worlds, drawn together by an irresistible pull. As their lives take unexpected turns, their complex emotions and undeniable chemistry intensify, making readers root for their love to conquer all challenges. Datta’s skillful storytelling delves deep into the characters’ hearts, leaving us eager to discover if they can rewrite their destinies. This novel promises an emotional rollercoaster and a powerful exploration of love’s enduring strength.

2. Snap Shot by Ruby Rana

“Snap Shot” by Ruby Rana delivers a sizzling and suspenseful ride through the world of hockey, scandal, and second chances. Landon Radek, once the golden boy of the NHL, faces a media storm when an intimate photo goes viral, threatening his career and reputation. Enter Indira Davé, his lawyer and former childhood acquaintance, who is determined to keep her emotions in check. But as the layers of their past peel away and a daring proposition ignites their chemistry, they must navigate a treacherous path filled with secrets, rules, and undeniable attraction. Rana skillfully weaves together passion and professional ethics in this captivating romance, making “Snap Shot” a story of love’s unexpected triumph against all odds.

3. Inside The Interview Room by Yatin Goyal

“Inside The Interview Room” by Yatin Goyal is your ultimate guide to conquering technical interviews in software development. It delves into crucial, often overlooked aspects, answering questions like self-introduction and answer disclosure—a roadmap for job seekers.

This book unravels tech interview secrets, from crafting resumes to mastering compensation negotiations. Real-life resumes, common mistakes, and gripping anecdotes boost confidence for tech giant interviews like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Adobe. Hack interviewers subconsciously, discuss salary confidently, and secure your dream job. This book equips you for software development interviews. Ready to seize your next opportunity?

4. Pyaar Hai Shayad by Vineet Pal

In “Pyaar Hai Shayad” by Vineet Pal, love takes center stage in Rajat’s life, an ordinary boy turned soldier. His journey showcases love’s transformative power. Initially, he pursues an engineering exam to win Payal’s heart, but fate leads him on an unexpected path to the army.

Pal’s narrative explores Rajat’s growth, guided by his father’s wisdom, and his quest to be a hero in Payal’s eyes. Facing challenges, their love story takes unpredictable twists. “Pyaar Hai Shayad” is a tale of love, sacrifice, and patriotism, offering a rollercoaster of emotions and choices. Dive into this heartwarming and thrilling journey to discover if love conquers all.

5. Unlock Your Life by Nibin Philip and Devon Kramer

“Unlock Your Life: Timeless Wisdom for Today’s World” by Nibin Philip and Devon Kramer is a profound voyage into the heart of human existence. This illuminating book is a treasure trove of wisdom that resonates with seekers of all levels of spiritual understanding. It provides invaluable guidance on personal growth, nurturing relationships, exploring spirituality, and achieving well-being.

By delving into the pages of this book, readers embark on a transformative journey that connects them with the universal Tree of Knowledge. It’s an invitation to unlock the secrets of existence, offering timeless insights that are as relevant in today’s fast-paced world as they were in ancient times.

6. Be Cool, B-School! by Nishant Kaushik

“Be Cool, B-School!” by Nishant Kaushik is a witty exploration of Nakul’s MBA journey. Amidst high expectations and dreams of a glamorous future, Nakul enters the world of B-school with visions of lifelong friendships and luxury job offers.

However, as Nakul’s adventure unfolds, he discovers the harsh reality beyond campus. Kaushik’s narrative, both humorous and insightful, reveals the illusions and challenges of pursuing an MBA.

It offers readers a compelling glimpse into higher education and the unexpected lessons it imparts. Dive into this eye-opening journey!

7. Chaaliyar Saga by P.A. Ramachandran

“Chaaliyar Saga” by P.A. Ramachandran revisits a forgotten environmental battle that gripped Kerala decades ago. The Chaaliyar River and the Gwalior Rayons plant were at the center of a fierce struggle involving politicians, industrialists, and literary activists. Ramachandran, a key figure in resolving this crisis, provides a compelling narrative that delves deep into the conflict’s dynamics.

Through the recollections of Chaaliyar Suddhikarana Yanam, “Chaaliyar Saga” resurrects a significant chapter in Kerala’s environmental history, highlighting the enduring impact of environmental activism. Explore this enlightening tale of a bygone battle.

8. NATO by Hans Myrebro

“NATO: An Entity Set on Disaster” by Hans Myrebro meticulously unveils seven decades of NATO’s actions. Drawing from a USA Congressional Research Committee report, Myrebro reveals that the U.S., a leading NATO country, initiated 251 military interventions since 1992, constituting 95% of global military activity.

From its defense origins to a tool for U.S. imperialism, NATO’s transformation is thoroughly explored. Myrebro exposes its shift from championing human rights to serving U.S. world domination. This book compels readers to confront NATO’s role in shaping the modern world order.

9. The Shark and the Dolphins by Prabhu Subramanian

“The Shark and the Dolphins” by Prabhu Subramanian is a gripping story of ambition, camaraderie, and resilience in the pursuit of an audacious dream. Bharat and Aman’s decision to leave their lucrative careers to create the world’s finest electric car sets the stage for an epic journey with engineer Vinay Aggarwal.

As they transition from plush offices to an underground garage, they face formidable adversaries—a predatory investor and a ruthless lawyer. Advocate Nivedita Das, with her own internal struggles, becomes their only hope. Subramanian crafts a thrilling narrative of ambition versus adversity, leaving readers on the edge of their seats, wondering if the trio can conquer formidable obstacles and achieve victory.

10. Happy Kids, Happy Home by Kala Natrajan

“Happy Kids, Happy Home” by esteemed author Kala Natrajan is a profound guide for parents, illuminating the path to nurturing confident, responsible, and well-rounded children. In a world where children are our most precious assets, this comprehensive book offers invaluable wisdom and guidance. Natrajan’s work draws on evidence-based strategies, practical tips, and profound insights, emphasizing the essential elements of positive parenting: love, open communication, clear boundaries, and a supportive environment. With compassion at its core, “Happy Kids, Happy Home” empowers parents to build strong foundations, enhance their parenting skills, and create a harmonious family atmosphere where children can flourish, ensuring a brighter future for all.

This September, your reading journey is about to get even more exciting with our carefully curated selection of top 10 books. Whether you’re craving a passionate romance, a thrilling adventure, or practical life advice, we’ve got something to satisfy every reader’s appetite.

These books are your ticket to escape into different worlds, where you can immerse yourself in heartwarming love stories, embark on adrenaline-pumping adventures, or gain valuable insights for personal growth. Our collection is designed to challenge your perspectives, ignite your imagination, and leave you with lasting memories.

So, why wait? Dive into these captivating stories and enrich your reading list this month. Let these books be your companions, transporting you to new horizons and providing the perfect escape. Whether it’s love, self-improvement, or a gripping tale of ambition and friendship, our top 10 books have you covered. Open the pages, turn the chapters, and embark on an unforgettable literary journey that will stay with you long after September fades away. Happy reading!

Book Prices

World’s Best Girlfriend Rs.156 (Kindle)
Snap Shot Rs.412 (Kindle)
Inside The Interview Room Rs.289 (Paperback)
Pyaar Hai Shayad Rs.197 (Paperback)
Unlock Your Life Rs.499 (Paperback)
Be Cool, B-School! Rs.249 (Paperback)
Chaaliyar Saga Rs.264 (Paperback)
NATO Rs.309 (Paperback)
The Shark and the Dolphins Rs.266 (Paperback)
Happy Kids, Happy Home Rs.248 (Kindle)

(Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.)

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This Author is Mastering the Skies, Racetracks, and the World of Literature.



In the world of literature, there are authors who create, and then there are authors who defy conventions. Sudanand belongs to the latter category, a man whose remarkable life journey encompasses the skies, racetracks, and now, the world of words. His latest literary masterpiece, “Beethoven’s Last Symphony,” has captivated readers, offering a profound exploration of the human condition through a poignant story containing an equally touching nested narrative. Sudanand’s work is best described as an ‘existentially’ themed coming-of-age novel, comprising elements of a mystery, a Greek tragedy, a powerful emotional arc, historical events, and frequent allusions to the transcendental power of art, literature, and music. But who is Sudanand, the author behind this compelling narrative?

A Life in the Skies

Before penning his debut novel, Sudanand soared to great heights—literally. Commencing his flying training in 1995 at the tender age of 18, he went on to pursue a decade-long career with Jet Airways followed by another decade spent in Malaysia flying for Air Asia. Having amassed over 16,000 hours aloft, circumnavigating congested airways across the Middle East, India and South East Asia, Sudanand surely has many an interesting tale to tell. His expertise in aviation adds a unique dimension to his storytelling, infusing his narrative with an authentic understanding of the heavens that few authors can match, to say nothing of the fact that many of the ideas in the novel were conceived in the vicinity of the upper limits of the Troposphere!

Racing Towards Glory

But Sudanand’s life isn’t just about soaring through the heavens; it’s also about the adrenalin rush of the racetrack. With a passion for motorsport, he has participated in a staggering 160+ races in both India and Malaysia. His racing journey includes competing in single-seater formula race cars and saloon race cars, with an impressive record of 50+ podium finishes and 10 race wins. Sudanand’s pursuit of speed led him to the top three positions in the national championship on four occasions, including a sole national championship victory.

Entrepreneurship and Beyond

In 2021, Sudanand made a return to India, where he took on a new role as the Deputy Director of Ortho-One, a leading Orthopaedic hospital that his family founded. This foray into the world of healthcare demonstrates his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. Sudanand’s ability to excel in diverse fields, from aviation to motorsport and now healthcare, speaks to his relentless pursuit of excellence.

A Symphony of Words

Amidst his whirlwind of achievements, Sudanand, a doting single parent to his teen daughter and an avid pianist, also found the time to nurture his literary talents. His debut novel, “Beethoven’s Last Symphony,” is nothing short of a literary symphony. Set against the hustle and bustle of Chinese New Year celebrations in, both, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, the novel delves into the existential churnings of human existence that emerge from having to deal with the certainty of mortality and life’s many uncertainties. Sudanand’s poetic and reflective writing style invites readers to ponder life’s intricacies and the human condition.

A Literary Triumph

“Beethoven’s Last Symphony” isn’t just a novel; it’s an intricate exploration of human existence. The story revolves around Zoey, a young high school student grappling with the absurdity of human finitude amidst the festive chaos just as there appear the hints of an impending pandemic. Sudanand’s deft portrayal of Zoey’s emotional turmoil draws readers in, making her a relatable and empathetic protagonist from the start.

As the narrative unfolds, Zoey’s discovery of an incomplete and dilapidated manuscript sets in motion a confounding mystery and a journey that transcends generations. Sudanand masterfully weaves together the present and various historical periods, interlacing Zoey’s quest with that of her ancestors’ past. The result is a symphony of an affecting three-part epic that resonates across time and cultures.

A Timeless Message

“Beethoven’s Last Symphony” leaves an indelible mark on the soul, urging us to seek and reflect upon meaning rather than the trivial pursuit of happiness, though without neglecting the potency and timelessness of love and the enduring power of art to transcend barriers. The book has garnered rave reviews, with critics praising Sudanand’s ability to seamlessly blend philosophy, culture, history, music, aviation, and the human spirit into a captivating and soul-enriching read.

In Sudanand, we find not just an author and a wordsmith but a true Renaissance individual who has mastered multiple realms—skies, racetracks, healthcare, and now, the world of literature. His ability to channel his diverse experiences, pursuits, and interests into his writing is a testament to his exceptional talents. As we dive into the pages of “Beethoven’s Last Symphony,” we are reminded that sometimes the most profound symphonies are composed not with musical notes and notations but with words, and Sudanand is, indeed, the virtuosic maestro behind this literary masterpiece.

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