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Through this global emergency as a writer, I am putting my mind and efforts together to produce creative assets that can make a difference and create an impact



As his many readers know, Victor Ghoshe is one of the most ingenious authors in the genre of ‘Historical Adventures’ in the Indian subcontinent. His first book, The Job Charnock Riddle, 2016, has been tagged as ‘Our Own version of The Da-Vinci Code,’ by Times of India. Now his latest book, Tomb of God is reviewed – “A compelling script waiting to be made into a full-length feature film – a gritty thriller that would be liked by the fans of Lee Child and Dan Brown.” The Telegraph

An international Brand & Social Communication professional, former Sr Adviser of BBC India, Ghoshe is responsible for developing mass communication strategies for over five nations other than India. He has headed creative teams in leading advertising houses like DDB Mudra. Ghoshe lives in Delhi with his wife Juthika and two sons.

Some glimpses of our conversation with Mr. Victor Ghoshe.

Q1. Your latest book TOMB OF GOD is doing so well and bringing fantastic reviews from readers – What is your inspiration?

Firstly, I am a born storyteller (laughs). I have been telling stories since standard two in school. And I love telling stories.

But, if you are asking me about my present inspiration,
I would say, creative people throughout the world are all creating impactful things that they can develop through this time of emergency!

As a writer I am continuously putting my mind and efforts together to produce creative assets that can make a difference and create positive impacts. Like writing stories, novels and poetry that can help people feel better, feel liberated.
Through my writing I am taking people out of their confinements caused by the pandemic; out on fantastic journeys they always wanted to make… even through all the restrictions of this massive global emergency.

Tomb of God is one such book which has made this possible. Believe me I have received hundreds of Thank you notes for giving them Tomb of God in the time of the pandemic.

Q2. Both your historical adventures have done well, What do you think is working for these adventures?

Firstly, as an old-school writer, I enjoy researching, developing new plots, and writing stories that I want to read, so I never compromise on any of these.

I believe writing isn’t about making money or becoming a celebrity; it’s about enriching lives of the people who read your work and enriching your own life in the process.

Secondly, I believe that – the best stories intrigue its readers so much that they start to walk along with the characters and live the story themselves. I have started believing that my books can do that.

Q3. Writing a historical adventure is immensely hard, as a lot of research goes behind to make it a believable story, so tell us about your research process.

The research for my kind of books is multi-layered. For the places I write about – I try to visit them, and if that’s not possible at all, then I glide through the Google Map routes; I study travel videos of the place by professional vloggers and talk to them personally to make sure that the descriptions are correct.

And for the more serious parts of my research, I study the topics and read research works of specialists from all over the world. After that I take appointments and talk to those scholars, historians, and other subject specialists. I take memberships of several university libraries in different continents to get access to their historical / technological researches and latest findings. For Tomb of God – I had spent 6-7 hrs everyday for over a month at the British Museum.

I believe – I do all of these to be able to make sure that what I write is absolutely correct and also my readers learn something new and interesting from every book that I write. May be my hard work is appreciated when my readers say that
I weave facts into a fiction extremely well.

Q4. You write strong female characters. They’re not waiting to be rescued- they’re smart. My favorite character is Marina, in Tomb of God. Please tell us about the development of these characters?

I get asked this a lot. Obviously, I take it as a compliment because I do want my characters to come out strong. Now, firstly I am surrounded by strong women— my mother, my aunt, my wife, my sister and my Sister-in-laws. They all are great role models and they helped me understand the real strength of women.

Later, I learnt more about women as a social sector professional… I learnt how far a woman can go to fight for her people. In my profession I meet women from many walks of life on a regular basis. So, I talk to them, I carefully listen when they narrate their stories, I try to find out their perspectives about life and other things.

For this character Marina Martinez, you referred to; I actually met and talked to women who are like that. Demure at times, but when needed she can be a fighter. Almost invisible in a group of people and doesn’t bring attention to herself at all. But when you start reading about her, you have a feeling – she must be much more. Later in the adventure you find out – you were right.

Q5. Apart from Historical Thrillers have you thought of writing in other genres?

Yes, the other genre, in fact – the genre in which my first two books were published is Paranormal & Supernatural. I have three such story collections in my credit but they are all in Bengali. There are talks on publishing a paranormal story collection in English. I take immense interest in Paranormal and have years of study in the subject. My published books are Ethernet ebong onnanyo golpo (2010), Megher Khata (2012), and Paranormal (2019).

Q6. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find?

Well, this is the first time someone asked me this. Actually it is something I keep doing and it excites me in a way…. believe me – we writers keep writing in our semi-lit studies through endless nights only with expectations that someday some people will read my book, and may be one or two will understand what were my thoughts behind.

I include secrets in my stories, but in such ways that if you know – you know, and if you don’t – you won’t miss anything. Some of the historical names I use have hidden meanings or connections with other characters. There are mentions of scenes from classic films I love, even if you haven’t seen the film it won’t harm your reading experience. But I have to admit one of my dreams is to hear from an excited reader asking me “is [the thing] really what I think it is?”

Then, secrets are one of the main themes of all my books and as these books are in a series when one book ends a reader might think that the questions are all answered. But only I know – there are still some unanswered ones in plain sight. I only hope a few of my readers also know what I know.

Q7. What is the most difficult part of your creative process?

Two major successful books back-to-back, and yet every night after the kids go to bed – I face a blank MS Word page and struggle for at least half an hour to get immersed into the story.

To me, the most important part of producing anything creative is to be able to get immersed in it. Now, at the same time, it is also the most difficult part in the entire creative process. Because unlike any other field of production – a creative mind can be disturbed by the simplest of the simple things like a headline in the newspaper or a distressing situation in a distant land or even the knowledge of someone close is in pain somewhere. Now for me the best remedy for this is the fact that I know my characters don’t care whether I am in a good mood or not, if the books found success or not. So, when I can’t immerse into the story – I simply follow my characters – and they take me where they want the story to go.

Q8. You also get compliments on your intense pacing. From page one, you take readers on a mind-blowing adventure. As the writer, how do you keep track?

As I said, I try to write books that I would want to read. I read books from several genres – barring romance. Now, if a book doesn’t hook me right off the bat, I struggle with it because I know I have ten others sitting on my shelf. So, what I try to do is – I don’t give a reader an excuse to put my book down.
Someone once told me that when writing a mystery, it’s good to build up to this climatic moment 25 or 30 pages into the story. For me, if I have to wait 25 pages before something important happens, I’m putting that book down. So I start my book with something huge – a murder or someone being put in a death-pit. I want my reader to say – ‘’Wow, let’s not put this one down.’

Q9. Your books have a cinematic effect, someday would you like to make them into movies as well?

All I can say is – there are already discussions on film adaptations of both my books. Let’s see.

Q10. Both your books have Codes as central themes – tell us something about it?

I like the concept of secrets hidden in plain sight. And always been fascinated by codes and deciphering them. Believe me, at the age of ten I could write and read more than 20 different codes including a few from the World War II.

I believe a code is like the screen that stands between you and the truth. So much of the world is like that. I think all our ancient scripts & scriptures are codes – the greatest of all codes. The problem with us humans is – we want to read metaphorical stories as facts.

Q11. Are you working on a new book? Can we get some idea about it?

I am already working on the next novel.

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit India in March 2020, I had already finished all the works around TOMB OF GOD, so I started my research for the 3rd Eric Roy adventure during the first lock down.

After writing about the covert agency and the secret brotherhood of the tomb, in the latest, I found myself compelled to come up with a more secretive topic. Fortunately, I recently learned about a shattering historical possibility, more buried – even than the secret of the TOMB. This new secret – if revealed, can truly change the world, which will take the centre stage in my next novel. Until then, of course, mum’s the word.

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‘Revenge shows that you are weak, It’s a sign of a weak person.’ | Ravleen Sabharwal and Amit Dubey (Exclusive Interview)



Ravleen Sabharwal and Amit Dubey are two accomplished lawyers who have co-authored the gripping novel “Revenge Instinct”.

Ravleen Sabharwal, a lawyer in the Supreme Court of India, and Amit Dubey, a lawyer in the Bombay High Court, have used their legal expertise to craft a narrative that delves deep into the themes of family, loyalty, and revenge.

Their ability to create complex characters and explore their relationships in a realistic and relatable manner has garnered them critical acclaim. In this interview, we have the opportunity to hear from Sabharwal and Dubey about their inspiration for “Revenge Instinct”, their writing process, and their experiences as authors.

Some glimpses of our conversation with Ravleen Sabharwal and Amit Dubey.?

What inspired you to write a book on the topic of Revenge Instinct?

Ravleen: As lawyers, we were discussing a case one day and realized how people often fall prey to revenge in various situations. This sparked the idea of writing a book on the topic.

Did you conduct any research or interviews to gather information on the subject of revenge and its effects on individuals and society?

Ravleen: We based our book on our observations of how revenge can drive people to commit big crimes for various reasons. We did not conduct any formal research or interviews.

What challenges did you face during the writing process, and how did you overcome them?

Amit: The biggest challenge was staying on the same page and sticking to the same plot. As lawyers, we have many things to discuss, and we often had to delete or scrap our previous ideas. However, it was also fun to write a book.

Do you believe that revenge is ever justified, or is it always a negative force in human relationships?

Ravleen: To sum it up, revenge shows that you are weak. It’s a sign of a weak person.

Can you give us an overview of how you divided the work, from writing the manuscript to publishing?

Amit: We sat down and discussed and made points, and sometimes divided the chapters based on the plot we had jotted down before. Each chapter starts with a saying of a well-known personality that reflects how that saying is apt, introduced by Ravleen and later developed by me.

How did you balance writing and work, and manage to find time for both?

Ravleen: As lawyers, we have a very hectic schedule, but we made time for writing by prioritizing it and working on it whenever we could. It was a challenging but rewarding experience.

What message or lesson do you hope readers will take away from your book, and how do you think it can help them in their own lives?

Amit: We hope readers will understand that revenge is never a solution to any problem and can only lead to more harm. One lie can lead to another and it’s never-ending, especially when it comes to revenge or anything that is not good for a person. We recommend that everyone read the book at least once.

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Top 10 Books of The Month | March [Editor’s Choice]



We are back again this month with a new list of books by amazing authors that you should add to your TBR this month. So be it romance, be it poetry, be it leadership, be it self help we have it all.
So go ahead and add them to your bookshelves.

Here are 10 books that you can definitely add to your reading list this month. 🙂

1. Smiling in my Sleep by Ramachandran Rajasekharan

“Smiling in my Sleep”, like the poet’s earlier book, “Dewdrop and Banyan Tree”, presents the realities of our world.

The sensitivity of the poet’s thoughts and emotions as they ‘fly back and forth as birds breaking frontiers and bring to life experiences plucking at the heartstrings and making music of them.’ resonates with the reader with ease.
These poems are an intellectual delight, revealing the reality around us as images that convey stories of love, warmth, compassion, and empathy, crafted with a keen sense of observation in powerful and absorbing lines that would leave lasting imprints in readers’ minds.

2. Brotherless Night by V. V. Ganeshananthan

Sixteen-year-old Sashi wants to become a doctor. But over the next decade, as a vicious civil war tears through her hometown of Jaffna, her dream takes her on a different path as she sees those around her, including her four beloved brothers and their friend, get swept up in violent political ideologies and their consequences. Desperate to act, she must ask herself: is it possible for anyone to move through life without doing harm?

V. V. Ganeshananthan is the author of Brotherless Night and Love Marriage, which was longlisted for the Women’s Prize and named one of the best books of the year by The Washington Post. Her work has appeared in Granta, The New York Times, Read More..

3. A Bounteous Gift by Niharika Singh Sharma

Zoya has a perfect life.

A happy marriage, loving children, and a satisfying career.

She never pondered how things could have been different until a sudden disaster struck. A disaster that trapped her between life and death, in a realm where the past and the present exist at the same time.

There, she is compelled to come to terms with the ghosts of her past—an infant she lost in childbirth, a romance, and a secret that was so traumatic at the time of its occurrence that it remained submerged for many years. Reliving these memories Read More..

4. Neuro Hack by Debjeet Das

This book is a fascinating look at the human brain. The brain is the most complex and enigmatic organ in the human body. It is the source of our thoughts, emotions, memories, and experiences. It is responsible for every action and decision we make, and it plays a crucial role in shaping our identity and defining who we are.

This book is a journey into the mysteries and wonders of the brain. It is an exploration of the various functions and processes that make up this remarkable organ and a celebration of the marvels of the human mind.

5. Karnali Blues by Buddhisagar

Karnali Blues, by Buddhisagar, is the most widely read Nepali novel to have appeared in the last twenty years.

As it recounts the evolution of a father-son relationship-a son’s search for approval, a father’s small acts of kindness and forgiveness, and a son’s fears for his father’s dignity as his fortunes and faculties begin to fail-the reader is deeply drawn into young Brisha Bahadur’s world. His father is kind and idealistic; his mother, though she is kind too, is often frustrated and irascible.

The characters in this book are some of the most carefully drawn and authentic in all of Nepali literature.

6. Delightful Delicacies-Demystified by Pinky Kedia

Delightful delicacies demystified is your key to easy Soulful food that you and your loved ones can Savor. The recipes are flavourful and fancy while also being easy to cook even for beginners.

Every recipe is explained in great detail to ensure one does not go wrong. this book has flavourful recipes for various world-class cuisines in the form of various soups; salads, appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

The idea behind this book is to remove the anxiety and uncertainty around cooking hearty vegetarian food at parties and even on daily basis.

7. Etch Your Name In Time by Pearl John

This book is a practical, powerful, and propelling guide for you who aspire to be a person of influence creating a lasting impact on your world. This is not for the faint of heart. It is for those who are committed and passionate about making your life count today and tomorrow.

It offers actionable advice on how to leave a legacy that is consistent with your values, purpose, and passion.

The author of this book is a Servant Leadership Evangelist and a sought-after leadership coach who serves as the Executive Director of Logos Management in Mumbai. Before Read More..

8. Ghee Rice & Dhal Fry by Krishna Ramachandran

A man on the verge of suicide, reclaiming his life and his business, a man rushing to the office stopping and reprioritizing his life, a relationship that tries to sustain a breakup, a food blogger on the lookout for tasty food, a man struggling to balance between 2 things he loves the most, a man looking at settling scores in a unique way, a brother getting over trauma in his own way, a lady making a fool of herself just to have her favorite food.

Read about all these people and a little more in this diverse collection of 18 short stories set up in everyday environments based on everyday characters

9. Marriages Not Made in Heaven by Vathi Agrawal

‘Marriages not made in Heaven’ is set in Delhi and is a generic tongue in cheek reflection on upper middle class Delhi households. The story revolves around the Chopras.

Mrs. Nita Chopra’s sole ambition in life is for her three daughters to be settled in happy matrimony, preferably in rich households. With no help from her husband, Anand, she goes about securing suitable grooms for each of her daughters. Her eldest daughter Payal, who is more interested in running her own business than being someone’s wife, sees marriage as her ticket to pursue her dreams. Simran, the middle one, is courting a fellow doctor with the fond hope of fleeing the country (and her family). Read More..

10. Anthill by Vinoy Thomas

Bounded by dense Kodagu forests on the south and west, and rivers on the north and east, Perumbadi, at the border between Kerala and Karnataka, has hidden from the world. Its very isolation has attracted varied settlers from south Kerala over the years. The first settler on this land, Kunji Varkey, was fleeing the opprobrium of getting his own daughter pregnant. Those who followed had similar shameful secrets.

hails from Nellikkampoyil, Iritty, in north Kerala. A schoolteacher by profession, he is one of the most promising young writers in Malayalam. His short-story collections include Ramachi, Mullaranjanam and Adiyormisiha Enna Novel. His Read More..

Book Prices

Smiling in my Sleep Rs.49 (Kindle)
Brotherless Night Rs.475 (Kindle)
A Bounteous Gift Rs.106 (Kindle)
Neuro Hack Rs.99 (Kindle)
Karnali Blues Rs.324 (Paperback)
Delightul Delicacies-Demystified Rs.1250 (Paperback)
Etch Your Name In Time Rs.307 (Paperback)
Ghee Rice & Dhal Fry Rs.199 (Paperback)
Marriages Not Made in Heaven Rs.175 (Kindle)
Anthill Rs.269 (Kindle)

(Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.)

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Books & Authors

Top 10 Books of The Month | February [Editor’s Choice]



Image Courtesy: Nathan Franklin on Unsplash

Are you looking for a great book to read this month? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 books that we recommend you check out. From heartwarming family dramas to thrilling page-turners, there’s something for everyone on this list. 🙂

1. The Stardust You Left Behind by Jayakrishnan Sureshbabu

In his collection of poetic verses, Jayakrishnan takes us on a journey through the realms of love, highlighting the intricate shades of emotions attached to it. From the ecstasy of being in love to the agony of loneliness and separation, he illustrates that sometimes all we need to do is believe in magic – that stardust called love.

The author of this lives in Hyderabad, India, and writes on his Instagram Page @ thepoeticsoulspeaks. His short poems on love, life, loss, and intricate human emotions have touched the hearts of Instagram users across the globe. He is a seasoned IT Professional who loves traveling, reading, writing, Read More..

2. What to do if there is a Murderer in your Family? by Veer Devgan

An eye on the ground.
A green-eyed boy who popped out of nowhere.
A very obese and murderous uncle.

Krish’s life has never been normal. He lost his memory when he was barely seven and the only thing he can remember is the stench of ashes and a poor boy whose eye he almost gouged out. His life is turned upside down when he finds his mother lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen, surrounded by her family.

What will he do now? The mysterious boy seems to be exceptionally friendly with his brother who is hiding Read More..

3. Shadows by Pradeep Gulati

SHADOWS can be driven away by a single ray of light shining at the correct angle.

Rishi, a marine engineer, sailing on ships braving the forces of nature, piracy and onslaught of rules and regulations of ship operation, had never expected to be drawn into a web of corruption, bribery, deceit and sex, when he shifts to a shore based managerial job. Nor had he expected to become the proprietor of a leading escort agency.

Dissanee, a small town girl from Thailand, leading a simple pious life ingrained with family values, dreaming of taking care of her mother and brother, and being the best nail artist Read More..

4. Muawza by Sanjiv Priyadarshi

“Muawza – The Compensation and Other Stories” is a collection of eleven stories which will take you to a long journey of intense emotions and diverse facades of human values. Intricately woven around the people around us; the stories travel from the undying spirit of a forlorn mother ousted from her world to a desperate father deprived of his son’s love, to the bliss of true friendship and grandeur of the poorest of poor’s hearts; opening myriad vistas of feelings and scooping out convictions buried in deep caverns of our hearts.

The stories; some based on real life experiences, will leave you spell bound and craving for more; forcing you to seek Read More..

5. Regrets by Hema Chhetri

It is a tragic love story about two characters who meet and fall in love at first sight in school. Their intrusive shyness and feeling of belonging bring ultimate romance also making one go through their practical and painful side in the journey which creates a high drama. How fate turns them into friends but by heart, they were almost married. How they call themselves two incomplete stories that are waiting to be completed finally before they have to part ways forever.

The author of this book was raised in the Northeast and began writing during her service as a staff nurse. Her passion for writing made her pursue MA in Journalism and earned her awards. She has appeared in commercial ads and continues to Read More..

6. Dialogues of a Different Kind and Other Poems by Annam Ragamalika

Dialogues of a Different Kind and Other Poems is Annam Ragamalika’s first volume of poetry written over the years. The poems reflect myriad emotions and feelings which are relatable. You can read them as you sip your coffee, ensconced in your favourite chair or enroute work or on a patch of green. or anyway you like.

The poems will take you on a trip down memory lane, anchor your experiences and determine your poetic journey. The collection is divided into three sections namely My Tribe, Of Moods and Memories and Mindscape. My Tribe focusses on people, the second section delves on emotions and nostalgia Read More..

7. Cancer Biology by Dr. Navdeep Singh

C for Chess
C for Cancer
C for Checkmate

Treating Cancer patient is like winning a chess game with the best possible moves.
Cancer Biology. Choosing investigations wisely go a long way in helping checkmate Cancer with the best possible moves.

The author of this book has a vast experience in treating cancer patients for more than twenty five years. He always puts his heart and soul in providing the best possible evidence Read More..

8. Eleven Inches Away by Khushagra Singh

The mentally ill murderer of this book lived a short but hateful life devoid of empathy, warmth or love. Having turned his back on the world, movies were only solace. Now that only eleven Inches stand between him and certain death, he must team up with Nic Cage to direct the greatest movie the gods have ever seen. As the two learn more about morality and philosophy in the afterlife, their skills to rip off the best films will decide whether our hero can sneak his way into heaven.

The author of this book wrote Eleven Inches Away while being completely isolated from the world, living alone in a small room and this was years before the lockdown. Khushagra Read More..

9. To the Moon and Back by Revathi Bala Sabbella

Priya Malhotra makes a shocking discovery: Her father’s death isn’t an accident. She always have the doubt, but because of her memory loss she believed what was said to her. But truth always have a way to return. She wakes up one evening from a blackout with her lost memories and to find the murderer standing freely in front of her, smiling without any remorse.

Enter her enigmatic boss, Abhay Sinha, with whom she is in love with. He is there for her when she needed him. She discovers he and his family also suffered at the hands of the same evil.

As the misty clouds become clearer, Priya decides to Read More..

10. The What If Romance by Payal Dedhia

Meera Dhavan gets an invitation to attend her reunion, and she goes, hoping to enjoy her school days again. She doesn’t expect to see him there. Yet he is here, standing, looking all handsome and dashing.

Gautam Chauhan is living one day at a time, missing the love of his life. He never understood it was a crush or love or something more. But it all becomes clear when he sees her at the reunion.
Two best friends fall apart only to come face to face after ten years. Will this reunion offer a chance to mend their differences and get back together, or will it give them closure to find someone else?

Book Prices

The Stardust You Left Behind Rs.89 (Kindle)
What to do if there is a Murderer in your Family? Rs.105 (Kindle)
Shadows Rs.179 (Kindle)
Muawza Rs.89 (Kindle)
Regrets Rs.205 (Paperback)
Dialogues of a Different Kind and Other Poems Rs.323 (Paperback)
Cancer Biology Rs.175 (Paperback)
Eleven Inches Away Rs.327 (Paperback)
To the Moon and Back Rs.199 (Kindle)
The What If Romance Rs.99 (Kindle)

(Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.)

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