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Book Review of Debutant Author, T. Shree, ‘What If….’



Title: You’ll Always Be My Favorite “What If”
Author: T-Shree
Publisher: T-Shree
Price: Rs.149 (Kindle)
Pages 365
Ebook Available
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This was the book we had mentioned in our article of last month ‘What If…’ The book is a romance based on contemporary times. If we look at romances and novels we have a preconceived notion but this book drags down that notion and brings in space for so much more. Romance is the most versatile topic and it has been beautifully expressed by T. Shree in the book. It’s a fairytale-like pretty story bringing in the different emotions at different moments.

The book will blow one’s mind, it’s a book filled with a variety of characters, the building of the characters, the plots, and their twists put you to think more about this story. It’s a book on the details are kept to the story there is no loose end in the story making it a blissful read.

Amisha & Avyansh had met up in an arranged set up but the marriage never happened because of Avyansh’s abrupt refusal to the marriage proposal. The protagonist of the story faces tragic situations in her day-to-day life. She has herself a social network and then she has her true own self. Managing two different personalities, two different images becomes a task for her. She has a big void formed inside her, as the social image of her being this happy, bubbly, and cheerful girl has completely taken a toll over her personal life making her empty of all her emotions and feelings. The book is settled in a middle-class family, talks about the pressure and Amisha was married to Nikhil forcefully and Avyansh was married to Sunanya but there was something between them. Destiny got them again into the same settlement after 15 years; professionally in the same company. Avyansh was President Band 2 and Head of Business Development for APAC and UK. He was famous as “The Forbidden Fruit aka Tempting.” He had already proved to be the one of all the ladies in the company with his intense looks and attitude. Amisha also joined the company as a VP- branding and social media strategy in the same company and she had looks and style to turn a million heads around. It was all fine until they met each other; it was the silence before the sea Strom.

The book is based on a beautiful saying, what if it happens? And it says it all. There is such a deep connection with the characters in the story that you at one point will feel like being part of the book. It’s a great experience to read something this connective. It’s that one piece of contemporary romance that’s filled with thrill, bits of aww moments, and lots of hows and what’s.

Life is the result of our decisions taken at every point in life. Amisha, who was 18, and Avynash, who was 21 were in love with each other; it was love at first sight. They had planned to spend an entire lifetime of togetherness. But none can do their will against destinies play. Amisha’s family got her married to someone else, the marriage couldn’t stand for a very long time. Destiny had its plan of crossing their paths after 15 years.

The book is very engaging,  The little notes at the beginning of each chapter are super adorable and the highlighted dialogues and quotes make it very interesting. This book basically tells u- “If it’s meant to be, it will be”  The book is full of suspense and makes us so much familiar with the protagonist of the story. It’s like indulging in something so much interesting. The author deserves appreciation for the small details and the well-put story making it a beauty in itself.

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Top 10 Books You Shouldn’t Miss Reading This January [Editors Choice]



There’s no better time than a new year to make a new TBR.

In more ways than one, last year was all about people re-evaluating their relationships with family, work, society, and nature. While we were still recovering from the devastating consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the new wave had striked us in 2022. Books were both a great source of respite and eye-openers.

So here is our list of Top 10 Books which you should read this month.

1. All That for a B-School?! by Swapnil Paranjape & Prajakta Sinai

What happens when your illusion of a perfect life comes crashing down at an unexpected turn of life? Is folding down your only option? Mandar Vartak is about to learn this life lesson the hard way. He has had a picture-perfect life: a loving family, good grades, a great girlfriend, and an overall protected happy life. Up until now, that is.
Now, however, he seems to be waking up to a sheer nightmare. He has been jerked awake to reality, by the unraveling of a relationship that he previously thought to be straight out of a Mills & Boon production. To add to the misery of a complicated relationship, he is realizing that his career might just Read More..

Available on Amazon

2. 2047: The Unifier by Rashmi Trivedi

They say that love has the power to move mountains, but does it have the power to unite two warring nations?
In 1947, the British put a knife through India’s heart when they created two nations, India and Pakistan; two nations that now have a history of war, mistrust and hatred. Can love put a balm on the bleeding hearts of the two nations and unite them forever?
Karan is an Indian boy in love with a Pakistani girl, and the only way he can marry her is if India and Pakistan unite. So, he decides to take up the impossible task of uniting them during the 100th year of partition. Will people accept his crazy idea? What about the political parties? Will he succeed? In a world Read More..

Available on Amazon

3. Colours of Red by Rakesh Kumar Singh

Set in the war zone of Bastar, this is a dramatic tale of a young paramilitary officer caught in the cross hairs of life.
Known infamously as the ‘red corridor’ of India, Bastar is a place dominated by Naxalite violence, fear and bloodshed, a place that was once blessed by the Gods but has now turned it into ‘God-forsaken land’.
Shaurya, the highly patriotic commandant of the Counter-Insurgency Task Force, gets posted to Bastar. He soon starts believing that his banishment to the wilderness of Bastar’s Dandakarnaya forest is an ‘official punishment’ to curb his Bohemian lifestyle. He, however, decides to Read More..

Available on Amazon

4. Once Upon A Time In Bharatha Desham by Mahesh N Kotekere

This book is a compilation of the stories of an ancient King who challenged the age-old norms of his kingdom. The King’s intentions have made powerful people within the palace uncomfortable. Will the King be successful in creating an ideal kingdom? Will the citizens be happy? What are the sacrifices the King has to make?


Available on Amazon


5. Bowled, but Not Out by Ruchira Khanna

What’s a girl to do when she wants to hit boundaries but life throws her beamers?
Saru expected her life to turn for the better when she found love and married. Instead, she kept getting deliberate yorkers from her mother-in-law. She hit a sixer when a baby arrived, but things got worse soon after. Her appeal to the umpire fell on deaf ears. Finally, she walked out of the stadium, and let go of the first love of her life. Then she flew off to New York for her Masters.
Will Saru get a second chance at love and marriage and get to hit a century? Will her daughter ever form a relationship with her biological father?

Available on Amazon

6. Mapping Horizons by Abhinav Agarwal

This book presents you with the absolute hard truths of my life, objective tips, and tricks that might help you with your journey. This book is just another step towards my goals, to reach the unreachable, and to make quality education more accessible.
I received a 100% scholarship to attend Stanford University. I lived the IIT dream, and I am a part of multiple organizations that enable me to learn more, educate myself and others every single day. This book is meant to act as a source of motivation, driving force, and guidebook for Indian students having a dream of studying abroad or any high school student in general.

Available on Amazon

7. Light – A bit of fact, a bit of fiction. by Vikky Abraham


The book keeps you gripped with its brilliantly sketched characters who disturb you and provoke you to think and re-examine your perception of the world. The plots are fast-paced, and the twists make the stories even more intriguing. A fascinating collection of stories of women who come alive and stay with you long after you have put the book down.

Available on Amazon


8. Long Run by T. Sathish

For a moment, imagine that you are twenty-something making tons of money in the stock market. The success is heady, and you’re living it up! When out of the blue, your car crashes, horrifically. You go off the spotlight. It takes months to even open your eyes, but you can’t see anymore. A challenge like no other. Your defeat looks certain. While you were enjoying the spotlight, you slid away from some of your past relationships. Now, the question: Do you have it in you to make a comeback? Meet Raghu, a livewire investment manager. Glitz, romance, and euphoric success filled his life, until the day his car and life Read More..

Available on Amazon

9. Ashes of the Rose by Sangeeta Kathuria

‘Remember Mina, the burning ashes in your life don’t define you. If you find the right person, he will pull you up from the ashes and replant you in a better place, where you can bloom and share the beauty of your love and fragrance with the world. We must all rise from the ashes and live to see another day.’ Her mother told her many a time.
Mina Roy had nothing in the growing years of her life in the Mumbai slums. Nothing material that is. Yet she had a heart of gold and a family that she loved like no other. She had dreams, aspirations to become the most famous artist in Mumbai, to support her family and to overcome the odds that were cast against her. She knew she could do it.

Available on Amazon

10. Contrived Connections by Radhika

When Sivakami and Sharan set out for their common colleague’s marriage at a tiny Kerala hamlet,
their lives take a new turn. For Sivakami it means a reconnection of long-lost ties, while for Sharan it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express his love to Sivakami.
Things don’t turn out as Sharan expects as the secrets behind Sivakami’s life unravel. Sharan lends his shoulder to Sivakami as she plunges into the mission of setting right the lives of those people who once meant the world to her.

Available on Amazon





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Top 50 Most Influential Authors of 2021



TIME released their 100 Most Influential People of 2021, earlier in the year. Since the year is ending, we should take some time to take a look at the authors that were given featured and the books that brought them onto the list.

These authors whom we have featured were observed by us since the beginning of the year. These authors have done an impeccable job in the literary field and that’s why they have earned the spotlight on our page.

1. J Sai Deepak, Author of India that is Bharat.
2. Stuti Changle, Author of You Only Live Once.
3. Indra K. Nooyi, Author of My Life in Full.
4. Ajay K Pandey, Author of The Girl In The Red Lipstick.
5. Nidhi Upadhyay, Author of That Night.

6. Amitav Ghosh, Author of The Nutmeg’s Curse.
7. Sachin Garg, Author of Hindu Refugee Camp, Lahore.
8. Akash Verma, Author of Only the Good Die Young.
9. Parinda Joshi, Author of A House Full Of Men.
10. Sapan Saxena, Author of The Tenth Riddle.

11. Pranav Rao, Author of Tale of Arranged Marriage.
12. Tanishka Juneja, Author of Let’s Rise in Love.
13. Karan Puri, Author of #Me too.
14. Vikash Goyal, Author of The Other Side Of Smoke.
15. Ekant Babani, Author of Jinxed Company.

16. Ankit Jhamb, Author of Chasing Fireflies.
17. Atul Prabha, Author of Teri Meri Kahaani Hai.
18. Shambhavi, Author of Aura: Stories of Inspiring Women.
19. Prateep Roy, Author of The Curse of Kukkutarma.
20. Shailendra Mishra, Author of One Shy Boy.

21. Niraja Bandi, Author of The Corporate Napoleon.
22. Deepa Agarwal, Author of Kashmir! Kashmir!.
23. Ketaki Mazumdar, Author of Woodsmoke and Embers.
24. Arushi Vats, Author of My Better Half Forever.
25. Karuna Kochar, Author of Siddhant.

26. Charu Singh, Author of The Different Bride.
27. Pritam K Goswami, Author of Millionaire Mind Unleashed.
28. Mausum Mrinmay Sharma, Author of Geeta: A Life With No Existence.
29. Supriya Parulekar, Author of Into the Woods.
30. Rakesh Kumar Singh, Author of Colours of Red.

31. Purnima Dixit, Author of Pyaar ki Baatein.
32. Rohan Kailasam, Author of WASTRA.
33. Sanjay Kumar Srivastava, Author of SELF-ish.
34. Aadesh.D.Verma, Author of When it Hurts To Say I Love You.
35. Shreyan Laha, Author of Virtually Lost.

36. Rukhsar Shafi, Author of The Numinous Personage.
37. Rekha Balachandran, Author of Off the Beaten Track.
38. Dr. Navana Kundu, Author of Emotional Mastery – Toolkit for Success.
39. Deepa A Agarwal, Author of The Hangover of Choices.
40. Jayanthi Sankar, Author of Tabula Rasa.

41. Loveleena Ghai, Author of The Unsettled Love Story.
42. Dr. Sheetal Nair, Author of The Monk’s Secret.
43. Megha Bajaj, Author of The Breakthrough.
44. Anuj Tikku, Author of Shankaracharya.
45. Smita Das Jain, Author of A Slice Of Life.

46. Vinod Kaul, Author of The Coterie.
47. Rajiv Kishore Dubey, Author of What Makes a Good Human?.
48. Lakshya Sharma, Author of Cellular Senescence & Secretory Phenotypes through the lens of Ageing, In Vivo Reprogramming Technology.
49. Anubhav Dwivedi, Author of One Imperfect Family Reunion.
50. Venkat Sai, Author of A Guide to Women of Their Laws And How to File an FIR.

So these authors have done an incredible job, Their book is indeed recommendable and is handpicked by our team.
Check them out and Read their Books

Happy Reading. 🙂

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Being authentic is the best thing you can do to yourself, even if it makes you vulnerable. Author Aruna Joshi [Exclusive Interview]



Author Aruna Joshi With Her New Book, The Subtle Art Of Dealing With People.

Aruna Joshi is a passionate writer, heading the editorial department of a leading publishing house in Mumbai. Her area of work is spirituality, self-help, and personal growth. She left behind her successful 18-year practice of architecture to follow her purpose which is to bring about a positive change in people. Through her counseling sessions, she has helped many people to take their relationships to a new level and to lead a happy and regret-free life.

So below is our conversation with her. 🙂

Q1. Why did you call this book “The Subtle Art of Dealing with People”?

Aruna: As the name suggests, the book is all about people skills, and dealing with people is an art. Moreover, we are dealing with emotional beings. Emotions are delicate and difficult to analyze or describe, and that is what subtle literally means. So, I have called it a Subtle art.

Q2. Is this book about manipulating people or winning them over?

Aruna: This book is all about winning people over. Manipulation has a negative connotation. And people usually prefer to stay away from those who manipulate them as they are fearful of being taken for a ride or cheating. We can certainly find our way to people’s hearts by being who we are. We don’t need to be manipulative. You will find a lot of tips in this book to do so.

Q3. You speak about being authentic in many parts of this book. Does that not make a person vulnerable?

Aruna: Being authentic is the best thing you can do to yourself, even if it makes you vulnerable. We often try to create a false façade around us to protect our vulnerability; not realizing that we are moving away from our true self, our authentic self. And when we do that, we are depriving ourselves of the happiness and success in life. Not being authentic gives rise to a lot of conflicts within and one can never be peaceful and happy in that state. In fact, being authentic is easy. You don’t have to make any extra effort as that is what you actually are. You just have to recognize and acknowledge it. I have given several tips in the book on how to be your authentic self and how to handle the vulnerability.

Q4. Your book contains “pointers for the digital age”. How does one make relationships over zoom or digital mediums that seem so impersonal?

Aruna: These days we are mostly communicating through wires and machines. Many times even on zoom/online calls people prefer to keep their cameras off and voice on mute. It is difficult to connect with people in such scenarios. So, to develop relationships in the digital age, see to it that you can see and hear each other. Look in the camera and talk. That develops an instant connection. Follow the rules of people skills anyways. Greet and compliment others, inquire about their personal whereabouts, express concern and show that you care. All these will help establish a personal bond.

Q5. There is a chapter in your book called “How to Deal with Difficult People”. Do these techniques work?

Aruna: We find numerous kinds of people around us. Some are amicable, while some people give us a hard time. Some are lovable while some are full of jealousy. However, to be successful in life, we should be able to deal with all kinds of people. So, I have especially included this chapter in my book. Usually while dealing with difficult people, we try our best to change them but without any success. The bottom line to deal with such people is to “understand them and not change them.” Coming from this space will change your equation even with the most difficult people. In this chapter, I have given some case studies that will help you understand how to deal with difficult people.

Q.6 Have you always been a people person?

Aruna: As a child, I was an introvert. I use to shy away from people. I used to love being with myself and my close family. But as I grew up, I realized that although I was good in academics I never really flourished. I had huge stage-freight and I did not participate in any group activity. When this realization hit me, I started to push my boundaries and worked on my weak areas such as fear of being judged, low self-esteem, etc. After a lot of self-work, I now feel that I am reaching there. You will find the learnings from my life with examples in my book – The Subtle Art of Dealing with People.

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