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‘Today another love letter has arrived…’ Arvind Kejriwal said on LG’s letter



Representational Image | Image Source: Arvind Kejriwal (Twitter)

The feud between Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena is not taking the name of diminishing. On Friday, Kejriwal had said that his wife did not write as much love letters as he did in the last 6 months, as much as the LG scolded him. At the same time, today again Kejriwal tweeted and said that today the love letter has come again.

Arvind Kejriwal tweeted and said that today another love letter has arrived. In fact, today a six-page letter has been sent to CM Kejriwal by LG VK Saxena. In another tweet, Kejriwal wrote, “BJP is hell-bent on destroying the lives of the people of Delhi through LG. Every day these people create a ruckus about something or the other. I assure the people of Delhi – as long as your son Is alive, don’t worry. I won’t let your hair get messy.

On Friday, Delhi CM had tweeted about LG VK Saxena, “LG Saheb scolds me as much as my wife does not scold me as much. In the last 6 months, LG Sahib has written me as many love letters as my whole life. I didn’t write to my wife.LG sir, chill a bit.

And tell your super boss too, chill a little.” Kejriwal had also targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi without naming him. He is constantly alleging that LG VK Saxena is working on PM Modi’s behest and AAP government. causing obstacles in the work of.

Source: Aajtak

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Govt. trying to fool women with reservation Bill: AAP Leader Atishi



Representational Image | Image Source: ANI

In the backdrop of the presentation of the Women’s Reservation Bill in the Lok Sabha of India’s new Parliament, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has raised several objections and demanded amendments from the central government. Speaking to Aaj Tak, AAP leader and minister Atishi emphasized that the party’s stance on this bill would remain the same in both the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha—urging for revisions that include the need for women’s reservation and its immediate implementation by 2024. AAP advocates reserving one-third of the existing 540 seats for women.

Atishi further revealed that AAP would call for amendments to the bill on the floor of the house. While the party supports women’s reservation, it is concerned about the provisions in the Women’s Reservation Bill, which, if passed, would trigger a census and redistricting process lasting three to four years. She noted that such a prolonged process could potentially hinder women’s representation and participation.

Regarding AAP’s concerns over the Women’s Reservation Bill, Atishi questioned the necessity of introducing clauses related to a census and redistricting. She underscored that this bill, as it stands, appears to be a strategy to delay women’s reservation until 2024 elections, which she perceives as an attempt to undermine women’s intelligence. Atishi believes that women in India are well aware of the rising cost of living and the challenges of running a household. She firmly stated that women cannot be misled with empty promises.

When asked if AAP would withhold its support until the bill is amended, Atishi emphasized that while they endorse the principle of women’s reservation, they will call on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to amend the bill.

Clearly, Atishi, a prominent AAP leader, has not provided a clear stance on whether the party supports or opposes the Women’s Reservation Bill. However, she has made it abundantly clear that AAP intends to press for amendments to the bill during parliamentary proceedings.

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