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Viral Video: Man Brings Giant Snake in Metro – Watch Till the End!



Remember those crazy viral videos of the Delhi Metro that got everyone talking? Well, hold onto your seats because a new one just hit the internet, and it’s a real jaw-dropper! But wait, here’s the twist—it’s not from Delhi; it’s actually from the Toronto Metro! Yep, the snake-on-a-train shenanigans have gone international!

Picture this: a dude hops onto the train, but guess what? He’s got a massive snake wrapped around his neck like it’s just another day at the zoo! The Canadians must have thought they’d seen it all, but this wild surprise took things to a whole new level!

You can imagine the scene—people’s eyes popping out, jaws hitting the floor, and everyone wondering if they’re in the middle of a wild adventure or a horror movie on the Toronto Subway! The video has been spreading like wildfire on social media, and folks from all over the world can’t stop watching and sharing it!

But hey, we get it—some of you might think this is all fun and games, while others might feel a bit queasy about snakes on public transport. And that’s totally understandable!


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Let’s take a moment to remind ourselves that sharing such videos comes with mixed reactions. Some see it as a thrilling adventure, like a rollercoaster ride, while others feel it’s not the safest idea. Safety first, right?

As this viral video continues to make waves internationally, let’s keep in mind the importance of being responsible and ensuring everyone’s well-being while we ride the Metro together. It’s all about having fun, being mindful of our fellow passengers, and being considerate of their feelings too!

So, whether you’re cheering on the brave snake charmer or thinking, “Um, maybe not on my commute,” let’s keep the Metro a friendly and safe place for everyone!


Video: Man’s stunt on moving auto on Delhi’s busy Signature Bridge, knocks down cyclist.



In a jaw-dropping incident captured on social media, a guy decided to turn the Signature flyover in north Delhi into his personal stunt arena, performing daredevil maneuvers on a moving autorickshaw. However, things took a dark turn when he unintentionally collided with a cyclist.

This outrageous video caught the attention of the authorities, prompting the police to kick off an investigation pronto. The big guns in charge of traffic were immediately summoned to track down the culprit and the offending autorickshaw, with strict orders to unleash prompt justice.

Cutting to the chase, the Delhi Traffic Police managed to snag the autorickshaw featured in the daredevil escapade. The man behind the wheel, a certain Shiva from Ghaziabad, wasn’t able to escape the long arm of the law either.

Our sources reveal that the traffic personnel of the TPR Circle cracked the case and located both the autorickshaw and Shiva. To add a cherry on top, a not-so-friendly challan was slapped on Shiva for his escapades, citing charges like dangerous driving, driving without a license, and under appropriate sections of the Motor Vehicles Act.

So, note to self: if you’re itching for some thrills, maybe consider a rollercoaster instead of turning public roads into your own action movie set. The Delhi Traffic Police is not here for your stunt spectaculars. Drive safe, folks!

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DTC Bus Driver’s Seizure Leads to Tragic Collision in Rohini, One Fatality



Image: ANI

A tragic incident occurred in Rohini on Saturday when a DTC electric bus went rogue and ended up colliding with a bunch of vehicles, including parked two-wheelers. The aftermath? One person lost their life, and another got injured in the chaos.

DCP (Rohini) Guriqbal Sidhu shared that this accident unfolded near Mother Divine School, leading to a quick response from the police after they got a call through PCR. The injured folks were taken to Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, where a 30-year-old man sadly couldn’t be saved.

CCTV footage caught the whole incident, and the bus driver, Sandeep, who hails from Rohtak, was taken into custody. The initial investigation suggests that Sandeep somehow lost control of the DTC bus, smashing into a car and some two-wheelers. Legal action is now in motion, as mentioned by the DCP.

A senior officer said they’re still trying to identify the deceased individual. It’s sad to note that the person was walking when the bus swerved into them. The injured man, Ram Sharma, was on his two-wheeler when the bus collided with him. He’s from Sector 3 in Rohini and is currently receiving treatment.

During questioning, the driver claimed that he was en route to the bus depot when he suddenly had a seizure, leading to the loss of control over the vehicle. The investigators are still piecing together the puzzle, as the driver keeps changing his story. Additionally, they are looking into whether brake failure might have played a role in this unfortunate accident.

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6 killed, 2 injured in Bus-SUV Collision on Delhi-Meerut Expressway | Video



Image Source: PTI

A major accident occurred on the Delhi-Meerut Expressway in Ghaziabad. A bus and SUV collided with each other. This tragic incident resulted in the painful death of five people. Additionally, an 8-year-old child was rushed to a private hospital in critical condition. The police force arrived at the scene upon receiving information about the incident. Watch the video.

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