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3 Nabbed for Shipping Rs 2.5 Crore Worth of Drugs to Israel via Courier.



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The Haryana State Narcotics Control Bureau’s Gurgaon unit recently busted a drug smuggling operation that’s worth a whopping Rs 2.5 crore. Three men ended up in hot water after attempting to send the drugs to Israel using a courier service. Here’s the lowdown on the whole deal.

Back in August, ASI Sandeep, the man behind the mission, swooped down on a Udyog Vihar courier company. Inside a package destined for Ramat Gan in Tel Aviv, Israel, they discovered a stash of 512 grams of amphetamine. The drug bust went down on August 9, but it took a bit of detective work to track down the culprits.

Turns out, the three shady characters responsible for this illicit shipment are Zubair Khan and Rajeev Tripathi from Jaipur, and Ram Lal from Himachal Pradesh. Khan and Tripathi got nabbed on a Thursday, and they caught Lal on the following Friday.

The Haryana State Narcotics Control Bureau’s Gurgaon unit isn’t done yet; they’re on the lookout for more folks involved in this operation. If you stumble upon any suspicious drug activity, do your part and call their toll-free number at 90508-91508.

According to ASI Sandeep, it’s becoming quite a common gig to discover drugs in courier company packages around these parts. They were tipped off by the company staff after an X-ray scan raised suspicions about one particular box. Lo and behold, it had an Israeli address on it.

When they cracked it open, they found a bedsheet, two pillow covers, and a wristband (the kind with Rudraksha beads in the middle). Hidden inside the bedsheet was a sneaky little polythene packet, which, you guessed it, turned out to be amphetamine. The whole shebang was enough to trigger the filing of an FIR under the NDPS (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances) Act Section 21C/61/85 at the Udyog Vihar police station.

And just in case you thought this was an isolated incident, in October, they stumbled upon 155 grams of opium cunningly concealed under the soles of a pair of shoes intended for the US. This little surprise was uncovered at another courier company in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon.


Woman jumps from Uttam Nagar West Metro Station and dies on the spot.



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On Thursday afternoon, a woman jumped from the Uttam Nagar West Metro Station onto the road below, resulting in her death. She was quickly taken to Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital, but doctors declared her dead on arrival. The police are trying to find out who she is, estimating her age to be in her mid-40s. So far, no identification was found on her. Authorities are reviewing CCTV footage from the area and using other methods to help identify her.

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Marine Commando Saves Young Guy from Drowning in Hindon River.



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In Ghaziabad’s Khoda area, a young man attempted to end his life by jumping into the Hindon River. Just in time, DS Negi from Indirapuram arrived and saved him. This brave act was caught on video and is now trending on social media, with many praising Negi’s heroism.

The incident happened in the Khoda police station area of Ghaziabad. A crowd gathered as the young man struggled in the river, but most were busy recording the scene rather than helping. Then, a passerby, DS Negi, took off his shirt and courageously jumped into the river to rescue the man.

DS Negi, a former Marine Commando, successfully brought the young man to safety with the help of others. When a bystander filming the event asked for his name, he identified himself as DS Negi. The video of his rescue has gone viral, and people applaud his courageous action.



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Curious about the GTB hospital shooting? Find out who the victim was and the gangster’s link.



A tragic incident took place at Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital (GTB) in Delhi, where a patient named Riyazuddin was shot and killed. The police revealed that the intended target was actually Wasim, a known criminal in the bed opposite Riyazuddin’s. The attackers mistakenly killed Riyazuddin before fleeing. An FIR has been registered, and the police are actively searching for the attackers.

Who was Riyazuddin?

Riyazuddin, a 32-year-old resident of Shriram Colony (Khajuri Khas), had been battling health issues and drug addiction after his father’s death. Recently, he had undergone surgery at GTB Hospital due to a stomach infection. He was readmitted on June 23rd for further treatment. Riyazuddin leaves behind his mother, wife, and two children.

How did the incident happen?

On Sunday around 4 PM, Riyazuddin’s sister Tarannum was by his side while a nurse attended to him. Suddenly, three men entered the ward, and one pulled out a gun, shooting Riyazuddin twice in the stomach. The nurse and Tarannum managed to duck and avoid getting shot. The attackers fired more shots as they escaped. Despite a security guard being present, he couldn’t stop them. The police found five shell casings at the scene.

Who were the attackers targeting?

The attackers were after Wasim, who was also in Ward No. 24, opposite Riyazuddin. Wasim has a criminal record with 17 cases against him. The attackers mistakenly targeted Riyazuddin instead.

Which gangster’s name is involved?

According to Wasim’s family, the attack was orchestrated by Samir Baba, a criminal from the Welcome Police Station area. Wasim’s wife claimed that assailants had previously tried to kill her husband but failed.

What was the dispute between Wasim and Samir Baba?

The conflict began when Wasim, while in jail, clashed with Samir Baba. A murder plan was allegedly hatched against Wasim. On June 12th, Wasim and his friend Asif were attacked at Shaitan Chowk, resulting in multiple injuries. Wasim has been in GTB Hospital since then, and his wife has asked for police protection.

Wasim’s criminal history

While Riyazuddin had no criminal background, Wasim has been involved in various crimes, including attempted murder, extortion, and robbery.

What did eyewitnesses say?

A nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, reported that the assailants entered the ward, demanded silence, and then shot Riyazuddin before fleeing. The gunshots drew a crowd and alerted the police.

Doctors on strike… What did the Health Minister say?

Following the shooting, the Resident Doctors Association (RDA) at GTB Hospital went on an indefinite strike, demanding better security. Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj criticized the law and order situation, blaming Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena for the rise in crime. Bharadwaj emphasized that security in hospitals would be reviewed and that negligence would not be tolerated.

What did the hospital say?

A GTB Hospital official confirmed that the attackers shot Riyazuddin and escaped. No other injuries were reported. Senior police officials and the crime branch quickly responded to the scene. The RDA announced their strike due to ongoing security concerns.

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