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Stray Dogs Missing in Delhi After G20, Community Efforts Underway to Locate Them.



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In the wake of the G20 Summit, a puzzling situation has arisen in Delhi. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) recently declared that they had released all the stray dogs they had captured before the event. However, this move has left many dog feeders, animal enthusiasts, and animal welfare organizations scratching their heads, as they’ve noticed that several dogs are nowhere to be found, prompting grassroots efforts to reunite these dogs with their rightful territories.

According to these concerned groups, the MCD’s approach was quite unconventional. They claim that without any clear records of where these animals originally roamed, the MCD released them at random locations on September 11, causing a state of confusion for both the dogs and their caregivers.

One passionate activist, Gunjan Uppal, stumbled upon an elderly and frail dog named Granny at an Animal Birth Control (ABC) facility in Masoodpur. Gunjan, who had been closely monitoring the ABC units due to concerns about their treatment of animals, shared her discovery, saying, “Some of these dogs had tags, but many were without any identification.” It took her a painstaking four days to locate Granny.

Shashank Malhotra, who has been dedicatedly feeding dogs near the airport terminals since 2019, is on a quest to find nine out of the eighteen missing dogs. He also raised concerns about the lack of proper tagging for these dogs. “Fifteen to sixteen new dogs have mysteriously appeared at the cargo terminal,” Shashank explained, highlighting the bewildering nature of the situation. Dog feeders like Shashank are now coming together through social media channels to collaborate in their search for the missing dogs.

Manni Singh, a dedicated dog rescuer, has also turned to social media to aid in her quest to find the missing dogs. She’s even taken her efforts offline, distributing pamphlets to local chaiwalas with the promise of a ?5,000 reward for any information leading to their recovery.

Divya Puri, a devoted member of the Karanpuri Foundation, an animal welfare group, has been keeping a watchful eye on the situation. She noted, “In total, there are 31 dogs missing from Pragati Maidan and the Airport terminals.” She has gone the extra mile by sharing this list with the MCD caretakers in hopes of a resolution.

Despite the mounting concerns and community efforts, MCD officials remain steadfast in their assertion that all the dogs were released in the same areas they were captured from and that proper tagging was carried out. The mystery of the missing dogs in Delhi continues, leaving those who care deeply about these animals determined to bring them back to their rightful homes.


Home Ministry Receives Bomb Threat, Police Request IP Address from Google



Photo Credits: DTNEXT

On Thursday, the Delhi Police reached out to Google to request information regarding the IP address of an email that threatened to bomb North Block in Delhi. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) office, located in North Block, received the alarming email on Wednesday, causing significant concern. However, after a thorough search, no suspicious items were found, and the threat was determined to be a false alarm, according to official sources.

The Delhi Police Special Cell, alongside local police, is currently investigating the incident. An official indicated that a formal letter has been dispatched to Google, seeking details about the IP address linked to the threatening email sent to the Home Ministry. This email reportedly warned of a bomb placed in the building, which would soon explode.

Further investigation revealed that the email was sent from an anonymous Gmail address, and authorities suspect the sender utilized a VPN to obscure the IP address, complicating efforts to trace its origin. A senior police officer mentioned that a case might be registered at the appropriate police station to facilitate a more detailed investigation.

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Delhi on Red Alert, IMD Says Maximum Temperature Could Rise to 44 Degrees Celsius



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The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a red alert for Delhi due to severe heat expected over the next 48 hours. Saturday was the hottest day of the season, and Sunday’s temperature is forecasted to reach 44 degrees Celsius, with a minimum of 28 degrees Celsius.

Mungeshpur recorded the highest temperature at 46.8 degrees Celsius, followed by Najafgarh at 46.7 degrees and Pitampura at 46.2 degrees. Other areas also experienced temperatures over 44 degrees Celsius. Safdarjung, Delhi’s main weather station, recorded 43.7 degrees Celsius, the highest of the year so far.

Humidity ranged from 70% to 18%, adding to the discomfort. The minimum temperature was 27.1 degrees Celsius, slightly above average for this time of year.

IMD warns of heatwave conditions, especially for vulnerable groups. They advise caution, staying hydrated, and avoiding heat exposure. A heatwave is defined as temperatures reaching at least 40 degrees Celsius with a deviation of 4.5 degrees or more from normal, and a severe heatwave when temperatures are 6.5 degrees above average.

Residents are urged to take precautions to stay safe and cool during this heatwave.

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Kanpur dad brings divorced daughter home with ‘band-baja’ | Viral Video



In a heartwarming display of support, a retired government official in Kanpur welcomed his daughter, who had recently divorced, back home with a lively celebration complete with music and dancing.

Anil Kumar, who used to work for BSNL, explained, “We sent her off to her marriage with joy, and now, as she starts anew, we want her to feel proud and confident.” His daughter Urvi, 36, works as an engineer at Palam Airport in New Delhi. She was married to a computer engineer in 2016, and the couple had been living in Delhi with their daughter.

Urvi faced challenges in her marriage, including alleged harassment by her in-laws for dowry. After enduring years of difficulties, she decided to seek a divorce, which was granted by the court on Feb 28.

Anil shared, “When I brought her back home, I arranged for music and dancing to show that it’s important to support our daughters, especially during tough times like divorce.”


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Urvi expressed her gratitude, saying, “I will take some time to reflect on my life before starting fresh. I am speechless at my parents’ gesture. I wish every daughter could have parents like them.”

Neighbors and well-wishers also praised the family’s support. Indrabhan Singh, a neighbor, remarked, “Initially, we thought Urvi was getting married again. But when we understood her father’s intentions, it was truly touching.”

Urvi’s mother, Kusumlata, shared her excitement about being reunited with her daughter and granddaughter, expressing, “It’s a wonderful feeling.”

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