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This 7-Yr-Old Kid Is The World’s Highest Paid YouTuber In 2018 And Earns $22 Million



What were most of us doing when we were 7? We spent our time playing with toys and probably just started learning to read and write. 

But this 7-year-old YouTuber, Ryan is way ahead of his age. According to Forbes, he became the highest YouTube earner for the year 2018. 

Last year, he bagged the eighth position in the Forbes list of highest paid Youtubers 2017 and this year, he has topped the list with total earnings of $22 million.

He beat Jake Paul and Dude Perfect who occupied the second and third positions respectively.

Ryan is one of the most popular influencers online with 17.3 million followers and a total of nearly 26 billion views since he (and his parents) launched his main channel, Ryan ToysReview, in March 2015.

He reviews all kinds of toys on his show. Some of his favorite ones include trains, superheroes, Disney toys, minions, and many more. Kids all over the world are loving his channel and that has won him ardent followers world over.

Around $21 million of his earnings come from advertisements on his channel and the rest comes from sponsored posts.

In an interview with NBC, the popular YouTuber said:

“I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

He is indeed entertaining millions of kids all around the world through his channel.

Source: ScoopWhoop

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Assam traffic cop stands on duty during storm, becomes social media star



A traffic police constable in Guwahati became a social media star on Sunday for exemplary dedication to duty amid a thunder shower that lashed Assam’s capital around noon.

Mithun Das, who was manning the busy Basistha traffic intersection, stood amid heavy rain without a raincoat in an uncovered podium directing traffic without thinking twice about running for cover.

“My duty hours were from 7 am to 12 pm. The storm started around 5 minutes before noon, but since my replacement hadn’t come, I continued my job in the rain for nearly 20 minutes,” Das said.

“It could be a bit scary with the heavy rain, wind and lightning to stand on an uncovered podium. But for us duty comes first,” added the constable from Karbi Anglong district who joined Assam Police in 2015.

Videos of Das clicked by motorists and bystanders have gone viral on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms lauding the constable for his act.

“Traffic gets more congested during rains and Das who was responsible for managing the busy Basistha intersection showed that no matter what the circumstances are, duty comes first,” said Guwahati police commissioner Deepak Kumar.

“We are very pleased with Das’s exemplary act and will soon award him,” he added.

The Assam Police’s Twitter handle praised the constable as well. “Dedication is thy name. We salute Constable Mithun Das (Basistha PS) for his exceptional devotion towards duty and showing us how dedication can turn a storm into a sprinkle.”

Sunday’s thunder showers accompanied by lightning led to three deaths in separate locations in the state.


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Huge lizard found swimming inside toilet bowl. See creepy pics



Snakes on planes and snakes inside bathrooms are old news. Now, it’s lizards making such random appearances and if you’re scared, the pictures will only make it worse. A post shared on the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Facebook page details the occurrence of a huge green lizard in a South Florida bathroom. And people on the social networking site have a quite a few reactions about the whole thing.

“Can you imagine lifting the toilet seat and finding this?” says the post. It goes on to show a picture of the lizard swimming in the toilet bowl. The post explains that the owner had walked into the bathroom and suddenly realised there was a guest in their house. The owner eventually called in for some help.

“Our crews took the lizard outside and released him without harm!” says the post. “Only in South Florida,” it says further.

The post also includes a picture of the lizard after it was removed from the strange spot.

Since being shared on march 15, the post has collected over 230 shares. Several people have posted their reaction the situation.

“Oh HELL NO, not touching it!” says one Facebook user. “Don’t use your toilet in the dark at night people!” says another. “If I found this in my toilet, I would sell my house and move out of Florida immediately!” says another.


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Ex Ki Shaadi: #3 On Trending



We all have been through it – relationships ending on a sour note. And that hurts. Hurts a lot. But what hurts, even more, is knowing that your ex is getting married to someone and that someone isn’t you. Well, our Abhinav is going through the same roller coaster of emotions. Crying over his ex’s marriage, remembering her and feeling shit. But accompanying him are his friends – Badri and Sachin. How do you think the situation is going to turn out? Watch TSP’s Ex Ki Shaadi to find out.

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