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The Ultimate List Of Co-Working Spaces In Delhi-NCR



Co-working spaces in Delhi are thriving with a soaring number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and travelling professionals. The idea of a co-working space is to find an affordable alternative work station with seclusion and autonomy. Each co-working space has its discrete vibe and their managers go to great lengths to cultivate a unique experience that meets the needs of their patrons. We’ve created the ultimate bucket list of the best co-working spaces in Delhi-NCR that are not just good for independent professionals but also for start-up companies, teams and those looking for setting up satellite offices in the city. You will definitely find the vibe that suits your grind.

1. Darzi Bar and Kitchen, Connaught Place

Darzi Bar and Kitchen

Darzi Bar and Cafe is themed after tailor shops from the streets of Savile Row in London. It is decked with paraphernalia such as scissors, cloth hangers, and sewing machines that are typical of a tailor shop. It is a great space to work during the day with a floor dedicated simply to a secluded co-working space. Furnished with dark-wood tables and switch-boards, you can work here for long hours seated on comfortable leather-cushioned sofas without unnecessary interruptions. The co-working area, run by myHQ, comes with delicious deals on food and beverages. Apart from their exclusive co-working menu and 20% cashback on the food bill, you also get ‘buy one get one free’ on your steaming cup of cappuccino. There is also a designated parking spot reserved for myHQ users only.

HEAD TO  H-55, 1st Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi

2. Bold Kiln, Sector 2, Noida

Bold Kiln

Bold Kiln is a beautiful and expansive co-working space that will make work more pleasurable. There are tons of plants sprawled generously across the area, giving a calming effect and also battling Delhi’s intolerable air pollution. What really sets Bold Kiln apart from other co-working spaces is the fact that they provide lots more than just office space. They work with startups and businesses to provide solutions around creative strategy, technology and capital where they invest from their angel fund OperatorVC. Not to mention added partner benefits and platform credits worth $30,000. You can use their strong network of professionals, vendors and investors to help your business expand by leaps and bounds, all you have to do is ask. Indulge in tea, coffee and snacks or browse through a book, conduct your meetings and interviews, all without paying anything extra for these facilities.

Head to B26, Second Floor, Sector 2, Noida
Say hello at 97690 03072
Pay INR 5,500 / month (plus GST)


3. Cercles, Hauz Khas


Any professional working at Cercles is never short of inspiration. Get acquainted with inspiring individuals and consult your ideas and handicaps with like-minded entrepreneurs while working with them under one roof at Cercles in Hauz Khas. The interiors of the space cultivate a conducive work environment with its wooden-blind windows allowing adequate passage for sunlight and flowerpots and creeping vines reflecting positivity. The space is equipped with exclusive areas for a private work-space. There is a printer for stationary needs, and the space has power back up to offer least hindrance during your working hours. All exclusive offers can be availed by myHQ users, who can access the space for only Rs 200 per day.

HEAD TO  T-2, Back Lane Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village, South Delhi
SAY HELLO AT 92050 06361

4. Tippling Street, Rajouri Garden

Tippling Street

Work hard, play harder at Tippling Street. Photo Courtesy Of: Tippling Street

“Work hard, play harder” seems to be the motto behind this elegant lounge that is also a great co-working space. The restaurant’s chic and well-illuminated decor offers an organic work environment. It is installed with lightning fast Wi-Fi, comfortable settees with multiple charging points, and offers free stationary and printing facilities too. During your work breaks you can hog on the restaurant’s delicious snacks, and after you’re done working in the evening, you can grab a few drinks to unwind. To top it all, they have special deals and an economical menu for their co-working users.

HEAD TO  A-12, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

5. ABL Co-Working, Okhla 

ABL Co Working

The popular real-estate brand has jumped into the co-working arena to offer new-age millennials path-breaking solutions for an affordable and dignified workspace. ABL Co-Working is designed to cater to the needs of advanced professionals and it has multiple locations such as Green Park, Okhla and CP for ease of access. The aesthetic decor of the workspace boosts inspiration and creative force. It is equipped with a designated smoking room, exclusive work stations, backed up power system, parking spots, and all stationary needs. All exclusive offers can be availed by myHQ users, who can access the space for only Rs 200 per day.

HEAD TO  G-56, Green Park Extension Marg, Block J, Green Park Extension, Green Park, New Delhi,110016
COST  Starting from Rs 200 for a day pass to Rs 7500 per user/month depending on the plans

6. Awfis, Connaught Place

Awfis Co Working

Located in the heart of the city, Connaught Place– the colourful and aesthetic interiors of this co-working space are enough to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. With fixed seats, comfortable cubicles, large meeting rooms, and exclusive cabins, Awfis has all the amenities including A/V enabled conference rooms, projectors, stationery, printing facilities, lounge, coffee house, and most importantly: A motivational working ambience. Awfis spaces are spread across various locations in the city and daily visits here cost as low as Rs 800.

HEAD TO  Place L29 – L34, First Floor, Block L, Connaught Place
SAY HELLO AT 1860 258 6633
COST  Starting from Rs 500 per person/day to Rs 6500 per month

7. Drool, Dwarka


Segregated into two beautiful different themes, Drool Fresh Bakehouse and Cafe comes with a soothing ambience, luscious coffees and a tempting aroma of freshly baked goodies. Find free Wi-Fi of 20+mbps, stationery and lattes when you set to work out of this space. With their exclusive co-working plans, you also get an additional 15% cashback on their regular menu along with an exclusive co-working healthy menu.

HEAD TO  Ground Floor, Under Dwarka, Sector 13 Metro station,, New Delhi, Delhi 110077

8. Locale, Saket

Locale Co Working

Nestled in one of the most nostalgic hangouts in Anupam Complex, Locale can easily become your favourite work spot to hustle from. With ample sunshine and a wide space, this place boasts of a stunning work view. Lovely interiors and close proximity to the Saket metro station make it ideal to reach out to on one of those uninspired work days. It has a super economical co-working menu and delicious cashbacks and discounts make it a treat to work from.

HEAD TO  11, Community Center, Ashok Vihar, Saket, New Delhi, Delhi 110017 (PVR Anupam)

9. Innov8, CP

Innov8 Co Working

Fixing furniture and hooking up high-speed internet does not create the best co-working space. Folks at Innov8 realised this fact early, and focused on a creative design that stimulates pollinisation of ideas along with international-standard amenities. Innov8, located in the heart of the city, is highly accessible. Their vibrant ecosystem inspires creativity and adds fun to work. If you work at Innov8, you’ll drink only vitamin water and green tea, you can work at all hours since it is open 24/7, and it has designated ideation rooms and exclusive work areas along with all the basic co-working amenities such as charging points, power back-up, stationary and parking.

HEAD TO  Regal Building, 69, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001
SAY HELLO AT 9205006361
COST  Starting from Rs 500 per hour and Rs 9000 per month

10. Wall Street Cafe And Lounge, Connaught Place

Wall Street Cafe and lounge

Wall Street Cafe and Lounge is inspired by the classic Wall Street theme. The seating at the designated work area of the cafe is spacious and allows you to work with unwavering attention. Here, you can spend your day thinking about creative ideas while seated in a relaxed atmosphere. The cafe offers special discounts on their special co-working menu, and basic workplace amenities such as a printer, power back-up, and separate parking space.

HEAD TO  F-39-40, 1st & 2nd Floor, Inner Circle, Connaught Place

Source: EatTreat

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Bharat Biotech’s BBV154 leads global race for intranasal COVID-19 vaccine



Bharat Biotech’s nasal COVID-19 vaccine candidate BBV154 has become the front runner globally to likely commercialise an intranasal vaccine, following green signal from the government to conduct a combined Phase II and III final clinical trials in India. At present out of the 110 vaccines under clinical development globally, only eight are intranasal vaccines and three are oral vaccines. So far none of these vaccines have entered the final phase of trials and most are still in the first phase.

BBV154 is an intranasal replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus SARS-CoV-2 vectored vaccine, in-licensed from the Washington University in St Louis, USA. Nasal and oral vaccines are expected to be a game-changer second-generation COVID-19 vaccine, as they stimulate a broad immune response and prevent both infection and transmission. The non-invasive, needle-free vaccines do not require trained health care workers to administer the vaccine, have no risks of injuries and infections and is suited for children and adults. Unlike Covaxin, which is difficult to make, manufacturing can be scaled up fast and easily.  Compared to injectable vaccines, nasal and oral vaccines are expected to provide long-lasting protection.

Bharat Biotech is yet to announce its plans and timeline for the nasal vaccine’s future development.

Serum Institute of India and Codagenix have done a 48-subject Phase I clinical trial in the UK for an intranasal COVID-19 vaccine, COVI-VAC. This live attenuated candidate vaccine is expected to have potential to provide a broader immune response, in comparison to most COVID-19 vaccines that target only a portion of the virus. Codagenix has recently completed dosing for its Phase I trials and data is expected to come out in the third quarter of the year.

Nasdaq listed US biopharmaceutical company Altimmune, which was developing a three-dose intranasal vaccine candidate  AdCOVID, discontinued the project on July 29, as its first phase trials did not stimulate an adequate immune response in healthy volunteers. “The top-line Phase 1 clinical data are disappointing given the encouraging preclinical data and our substantial efforts in advancing a differentiated, intranasal vaccine candidate in the fight against COVID-19,” said Vipin K Garg, Altimmune’s India born President and Chief Executive Officer.

The University of Hong Kong, Xiamen University and Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy in China are trying a Phase II clinical trial of a two-dose influenza virus vector COVID-19 vaccine as an intranasal spray (DelNS1-2019-nCoV-RBD-OPT1). Its one year long second phase trial among 240 volunteers is going on and will conclude only by mid-December 2021.

The University of Oxford is conducting a single dose Phase I study of AstraZeneca’s ChAdOx1 nCOV-19 (Covishield in India and manufactured by the Serum Institute) to be administered intranasal among 54 volunteers in three groups. According to the trial design, the study started in April is estimated to complete the first phase only by February 2022.

Cuban government’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, which developed Latin America’s first COVID-19 vaccine Abdala, is undertaking a Phase I/II study of an intra-nasal three dose protein subunit vaccine candidate Mambisa (CIGB-669). According to the research agency, Mambisa is based on the formulation of the RBD (Receptor Binding Domain) protein and an immuno enhancer, Hepatitis B nucleocapsid antigen.

Canadian biotech Symvivo Corporation has ‘bacTRL-Spike’, as an oral capsule DNA vaccine candidate for the prevention of COVID-19, is undergoing Phase I trials in Australia. The trial was started only in November, last year. The global drug major Merck, known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, has taken exclusive license of Symvivo’s bacTRL platform of oral vaccines.  Symvivo has funding of about $4.57 million from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) to develop this vaccine.

US biotech Meissa Vaccines’s MV-014-212, a single dose intranasal recombinant live attenuated COVID-19 vaccine, is undergoing Phase I trials and its interim trial data will come out by the end of this year. Another small US biotech, Vaxform and the US Specialty Formulations LLC (USSF) are developing an oral COVID-19 vaccine, which is also in its first phase. Similarly, another US small biotech CyanVac LLC is also attempting an intranasal parainfluenza virus based COVID-19 vaccine (CVXGA1), now in the first phase and its results are also expected only by the end of the year.

Mexican veterinary pharmaceutical company Laboratorio Avi-Mex is testing a live influenza virus based vaccine, both as an intranasal spray as well as an injection. It is starting Phase I trials and is funded by Mexico’s foreign ministry and the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt). The Mexican authorities hope to commercialise this vaccine by the end of the year.

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