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The Temple Stop: A Story Of Struggle, Love And Loss



In harsh times, the only intervention we want is that of divine. When things go wrong, we hope to summon God and get rid of all evils that linger in our way.

The temple stop intercedes the divine subtly, uplifting the characters in the story from all their ills. The book captures an array of moments like the soldiers who go in to war to sacrifice themselves for their country or the families that struggle with hunger and helplessness.

The Temple Stop is a story of all those people who have lost something they loved but found ways to live with the loss. It is a story of love, romance, loss and beyond.

The author is an English laureate and has done a beautiful job with the novel. The novel is written in strong verses with even stronger emotions. The book is rich in words, sentiments and impact.

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Books & Authors

‘KNOTS’ Is A Beautiful Collection Of Poetry By Young Author, Deblina



As Rahim would say, ‘don’t pull at a string because once it breaks the only thing joining it is a knot.’

Knots can have multiple meanings. Rahim may refer to it as a grievance but knots also symbolize union in cultures.

Deblina Bhattacharya has an interesting approach on Knots. In her collection of poetry and prose,knots represent milestones in life. Some knots bind while some pain, but every knot has its own story.

She hails from Kolkata and Knots is her debut collection of poetry. At such a young age, Deblina understands the importance of mental health and incorporates it into her poetry. Her poetry pertains to issues prevailing in our society.

Grievances may exist but so does love and that is what makes living even more beautiful. Her poetry comes from her heart and resonates in the mind of a reader like an epiphany.

Deblina currently is still studying English Literature and even at such a young age, her poetry is full of clarity and depth. Her hobbies include reading, writing and listening to music.

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“IVORY GLEAM”: A Masterclass Performance by Dr Priya Dolma Tamang, The Most Popular Instagram Poet



A musing mind and some graceful words make for the most beautiful combination.

Ivory Gleam is one such classic. It seeks the essence of life and death. It talks of love and hate with equal beauty. The journey it takes us on is a feast to the seeking soul. We come out as better human beings with every page turned. It is a collection of poems and prose written in our contemporary time with thoughts that are way beyond this age.

The much loved work of our Sikkim born poet, Dr Priya Dolma Tamang, has found a place in many hearts. With the power of new media, Dr Priya has become the most followed Indian poet on Instagram today. Her words make waves across the globe. She is acclaimed with an international audience and a multitude of fans worldwide. An impressive command over the English language and an enviable way with words is her signature style. Her thoughts are deeply insightful. The articulation is impeccable and resounding.

The book is divided into chapters of learning, longing and loving. Each chapter is a new life. The course of the poems is lingering and its currents have a hint of spirituality. One can paddle smoothly in this serene and strong river of brilliant words.

This is a masterclass performance from the very best.

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“The Red Line” : A Crime Thriller Written By Tanmay Dubey, The Only Indian IronMan Fiction Writer



A trail of red blood flows around the Delhi metro’s red line. An elderly official in the Ministry of Defence is found dead on his way to the metro station.

The murder is no random event as a journalist in Belgium is killed and the
Chinese Army Unit infiltrates an Israeli engineer’s computer system.

All the extra-ordinary events call on the attention of very docile and under rated SHO in the Delhi Police Hanumant Shastri. Investigation of this case make his path cross the dynamic Colonel Matrika Rana from Indian Army. The two decide to uncover the trail of red.

The book ‘The Red Line’ is written by the best selling author Tanmay Dubey. He has previously written ‘JUST SIX EVENINGS’ (2015) and ‘THE AMIGOS’
(2017). He is a motivational speaker and a book writing coach. He is also a
Marathon Runner and an IRONMAN 70.3 Australia triathlete.

This book uncovers a man’s search for his true Dharma.

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