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On Mission Shakti, Russia asks India to join efforts against arms race in space



Two days after India announced the success of Mission Shakti, Russia has asked New Delhi to join international efforts to ensure that outer space is not weaponised. It has referred to a Russian-Chinese draft treaty that is aimed at preventing weaponisation of outer space while offering India to join the efforts of “like-minded nations”.

“Russia intends to continue to make necessary effort to prevent an arms race in outer space,” reads a statement issued by the country, as reported by news agency ANI, in response to successful test of anti-satellite missile by India on Wednesday.

“The idea of developing a multilateral legally binding instrument for keeping outer space peaceful based on the Russian-Chinese draft treaty with support of a group of like-minded nations to prevent weaponization of outer space, the use or threat of force against space objects as well as multilateral initiative – political obligations not to be first to place weapons in space are becoming particularly important,” Russia said in the statement, according to ANI.

“We offer our Indian partners to actively join these joint efforts of the international community,” Russian statement said.

On March 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India has entered the elite club of nations to possess the capability to hit a target in space. India had shot down a live satellite in the Low Earth Orbit (LEO), a reference to altitude less than 2,000 km. The other countries with such capability are the US, Russia and China.

Russia has blamed the “destructive actions of the United States”, ANI reported, for the “architecture of international security and strategic stability” situation that led to A-SAT test by India.

“We have to state that this action of India has been largely the result of the substantially degraded situation in the field of arms control,” the statement said.

According to ANI, Russia highlighted “the nondirectedness of this test against any specific country declared by the Indian leadership, as well as the reassurance of the continuity of New Delhi foreign policy to prevent the deployment of weapons in outer space and thereby the development of an arms race in it”.

Earlier, the US had expressed concern about space debris following the anti-satellite (A-SAT) test carried out by India and said it expected that it does not endanger others’ equipment.

Acting US Defence Secretary Shanahan on Wednesday said space should be a place to conduct business with “freedom to operate”.

China, on its part, expressed hope on Thursday that all countries can take “real actions” to maintain lasting peace and stability in the outer space.

Soon after the announcement made by PM Modi in a televised address to the nation, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), in a statement, said India has no intention of entering into an arms race in outer space. The MEA statement asserted that “space must be used only for peaceful purposes”.



4 arrested for sexual assault of spa employee




Delhi Police captured four individuals after a worker of a spa center in Delhi’s Pitampura claimed she was molested and sexually exploited by its manager and a client.

A 22-year-old woman complained of rape in a spa center at Delhi’s Pitampura on Thursday.

Authorities from Maurya Enclave police station hurried to the spot and started the examination.

“On August 4, a PCR call was gotten at PS Maurya Enclave in regards to rape with a lady at a Spa Center, Pitampura Delhi. The police promptly arrived at the spot (the ocean spa center) where a victim aged 22 years along with her husband were present external the spa center and complained in regards to rape on her by the manager of the spa center and client,” said police.

She was sent to the hospital for her clinical assessment. A counselor from DCW visited her.

“She expressed that on June 30 she joined the spa on August 4 at around 6 p.m. one client came there along with the manager Rahul and requested sexual favors. Rahul offered her a soft drink, after drinking it she felt tipsy and both raped her,” said police.

A case under Sections 354A/328/376 D of IPC was registered and both the accused persons were arrested.

Source: ANI

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Gold medalist boxer became a robber in Delhi, arrested with two companions



A burglary group has been busted in Delhi. A boxer was likewise remembered for this posse, who has additionally won gold decorations in certain contests. This posse of three individuals used to complete stealing from Baba Haridas Nagar of Delhi.

The group had looted a lady’s mobile phone in Baba Haridas Nagar on August 1. when the lady was getting back from work. The lady had let in her protest know that three unidentified individuals who had come on the motorcycle grabbed her mobile phone and took off. The police began the examination of the matter. Some CCTVs were additionally checked and individuals around were likewise addressed.

Then, at that point, on August 4, two individuals wandering in a similar region were gotten by the police. The first gave his name as Ankit (age 19 years) who hails from Jhajjar, Haryana. The other’s name is Shivam Kumar who lives in Sainik Enclave. He is additionally 19 years of age. The third is being told as a minor. The person who is there Ankit is a boxer. During interrogation, a stolen cell phone was also recovered from them.

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Unclaimed Bag, Tiffin Box in Delhi’s Rohini Spark Alarm But Nothing Suspicious Found



Representational Image | Image Source: PTI

An unclaimed bag was found in Rohini region in delhi on Thursday, sending the security organizations like the special cell and bomb detection team soon to reach the spot and launched an investigation, police said.

After a careful review of the area, nothing suspicious was tracked down.

As per authorities, An unclaimed bag was tracked down in the parking lot close to DC Chowk, Rohini Sector-9.

A bomb identification and removal crew and sniffer canines had looked through the area, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

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