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Nitish Raj Receives Advance Royalty for 25,000 Copies



The acclaimed author and literary critic, Nitish Raj had received an advance royalty of 25,000 copies for his upcoming masterpiece, Love In Modern Times by P.R Productions and Publishers. Mr. Raj had also earlier published a novel. His columns and literary criticisms have got published in various media houses of national and international repute. 

In the words of Mr. Raj; “There is no shortcut to success, inspite of that we need to be  consistent. Today’s youngsters are good when it comes to hard work but they lack direction. If we understand what we are running for in the current time frame, the destiny and destinations are not very far.”  Prateek Sharma; Founder, P.R Productions & Publishers says, “This book of Mr. Raj contains 20 different stories which had touched the depths of the emotions of the mere mortals. And I more than sure that readers will fall in love with it.”

This deal has been facilitated by Literia Insight and his Founder, Vikash Saxena says, “I am very happy that our author has received an Advance Royalty of 25,000 copies which is a unique feat in itself. The budding writers should focus on writing something which could be a torchbearer to the society. It should be at a level which could help us to understand the difference between the right and wrong aspects of society. Writers should be focused towards quality writing. I hope that young writers would understand this fact and will enrich us with quality writing.”

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From Corporate Banker To An Award Winning Debut Author | Dots & Streaks The Journey



How many times we must have gone to the movie halls and applauded watching the Bollywood flicks like ‘Three Idiots’ or ‘Tamasha’. Why do we applaud when we hear those clichéd dialogues time and again which tell us to follow our heart and success will follow on its own. We applaud every single time and even pay to watch and hear those dialogues on reel but do we really practice them in our lives for real. 

As a society we are conditioned since childhood on the definition of success. A definition that beautifully and faithfully covers academic endeavors, jobs and gets monetized thereafter, but miserably fails to cover satisfaction and happiness. That which comes from following your heart’s calling. That which may or may not provide a steady salary or means of livelihood but does provide gratification. Shouldn’t gratification also be a part of the definition of success.

If yes, then why as a society we don’t encourage one’s heart’s calling or nurture one’s passion wholeheartedly. While it is important for every individual to strive for a basic livelihood, isn’t it also important that if that same individual also has a passion and a penchant to pursue it alongside, as a society we encourage that to flourish too. Will it not be for the betterment of the society as a whole if the talents are brought to the forefront adding to the richness of the society at large. Will not encouraging and building a wholesome personality lead to a happier person and therefore a happier society. Isn’t the definition of happiness also distorted today with the mental conditioning of the society leading to a larger section of it leading depressed lives. 

While we grapple with all these questions time and again, there are individuals like Nitish Raj who come forward into action to address these questions. Nitish Raj (Editor-in-chief) and the team of Literary Mirror invited entries from all over the country far and wide in the area of literary fiction and poetry by organizing LIT Digital Awards 2020 in the wake of Covid era. The mission of the awards was to recognize talent in literary field without any distinction whatsoever between the experienced authors and the budding ones. An award designed to purely recognize talent based on the sole merit of the writings and to honor them thus providing a huge boost to such endeavors. 

And true to the promise of its mission the eminent Jury members of the LIT Digital 2020 awards declared ‘Dots & Streaks’ as the winner. A maiden attempt by one such debut author Ellora Mishra. An engineer by qualification from BITS Pilani, Rajasthan and MBA from XIMB, Bhubaneswar the author had been pursuing her career as a corporate banker all this while. While writing was her childhood passion and she found it therapeutic she could never pursue it beyond her blog nor got the required encouragement to do so. 

As Covid struck and gave her that much needed break from the mundane she found time to pause in life, reflect and follow her heart for once which she did by penning down the book ‘Dots & Streaks’. Interestingly, the book ‘Dots & Streaks’ through its short soulful poetic tales addresses the same issue and the mental conditioning of our society. The lyrical verses are a philosophical journey into one’s life compelling the reader to pause and ruminate over all those incidents, emotions and events that seemingly by-passed as mundane in one’s life. But, therein in the ordinary and the mundane resides the true essence of life. The book very beautifully emphasizes this very fact of life as a whole. 

The author Ellora Mishra of ‘Dots & Streaks’ truly believes that as a society there should be more such endeavors to recognize talent in various fields of creativity which is essential to spread positivity in a big way. In the author’s words “while we keep blaming the societal conditioning for our job frustrations and all the distorted definitions, it’s also important that we as individuals support each other too in such positive endeavors taken by another in pursuing their passion. We ourselves tend to spend at the blink of an eye on coffee or pizza but when it comes to buying a book by a new author we hesitate to do so. Till we do not change that attitude ourselves we can’t keep blaming the society for not encouraging creativity or passion.”

Needless to say, we definitely need more such awards like LIT Digital Awards 2020 and a change in our attitude to encourage and harness talent rightfully. Hope awards like these and a journey like the book ‘Dots & Streaks’ serve as a wakeup call to each and everyone going forward.

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Short, Not So Sweet – Jatin Khandelwal revived the art of storytelling



You read a story either for the content or for the style of storytelling. Seldom, you do so for both. Author Mr. Jatin Khandelwal , in his book ‘Short, Not So Sweet’ had been able to put a collection of fourteen such stories which appeal for both their contents as well as storytelling style.

Though stories with a twisting end are the most popular of the lot, constructing and deconstructing such stories are the toughest of jobs one writer is presented with. Mr. Jatin Khandelwal unlocks this complex trick with ease. He had taken the art of telling thrilling stories to the next level by keeping the length of the narration just about perfect and by adding the right degree of twist to end the story.

One story that stands out is ‘Abracadabra’. Through a magical path of its own, the story revolves around multiple emotions effortlessly and in the end leaves the reader with a sense of hindsight thought. The other stories too are written equally well by this young, adept writer Mr. Jatin Khandelwal.

To end, all we can say is ‘good luck’ to the super talented ‘storyteller’ – Jatin Khandelwal.

Buy Short, Not So Sweet From Amazon For Just Rs.150

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Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020: Sabarna Roy’s Latest Book Explains Mankind’s unconscious mind



Is it that the dead Freud lives in every biological man alive?

Sabarna Roy’s latest intellectual venture Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020 makes a bold attempt to find an answer to this very uneasy note of interrogation. This book certainly is one of the boldest attempts to simplify the psychoanalysis that still plays its role in today’s industrial society.

In fact, this is the question that had been tormenting some extraordinary human minds including Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Nabokov and Gustav Flaubert. The result, of course, was creation of immortal fictional characters like Ana Karenina, Madam Bovary and Lolita’s obsessive lover Humbert Humbert.

Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020 may one day find itself as one of the best modern work on psychoanalysis. In the recent times, no author like Sabarna Roy has made bold attempts to dissect the unconscious mind or the split personality of human mind.

This, perhaps, is the best work of modern times in which we find the how people suffer from the syndrome of unconscious mind that attracts them towards darker aspects of human life.

Such chapters like A Letter to a Step-daughterA Letter to Suranjana and Nocturnal Conversation between a Step-father and Step-daughter over desserts and coffee really carry our train of thoughts not only about man-woman relationship but also gives you glimpses of the dark comedies taking place in our industrial society every day, every moment.

To understand this particular work of Sabarna Roy, let us begin with Part-A of the book titled A Letter to a Step-daughter. The very title evokes massive curiosity among the readers. The stepdaughter of the father Babazula is Tulip. 

Here, the step-father Babuzula writes to step-daughter Tulip among other things of “Dark Side of the Mind” and the Idea of Duality. The step-father’s love for his step-daughter Tulip finds its supreme expression in a particular paragraph which is very touching.

This is: “I am your step-father, but at some level I do think, I am your father, because I would like to believe your creative-self would not have bloomed the way it has, had I not been a part of your growing up years. Now that you are grown-up and a creative woman, I seek validation of my art from you.”

The Part-B of Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020 is A Letter to Suranjana. In it, Sabarna Roy makes an honest attempt to simplify the scientific distinction between pedophiles and child molesters in the light of Vladimir Nabokov’s most controversial novel Lolita in which Humbert shows a split personality as far as his mad infatuation for the character Dolores Haze, a girl of 14, is concerned.

The most intellectual observation that Sabarna Roy makes is that Humbert, the Dolores-lover, may be a split personality but he is capable of feeling guilt thus trying to bring to light the fact that not all pedophiles are conscience-less.

This chapter, a letter to Suranjana with whom the step-father had a “wonderful session” on “Dark Side of the Mind”, rakes up the old controversy about pedophile Humbert. The author’s exoneration of Humbert as a pedophile and not an absolute child molester, of course, opens up a new vista for literary critics.

In Part-C of this book, we find a very thought provoking “Nocturnal Conversation between a Step-father and Step-daughter over desserts and coffee”.

In this intellectual offering, Sabarna Roy tries to say, “In life, there are certain things that are within our control, and a lot many things that are beyond our control. The aggregate of determinate and indeterminate factors makes life indeterminate. Uncertainty is closely associated with indeterminateness as indeterminate problems are likely to have multiple solutions.”

In it, Babazula, the step-father of Tulip, sides with Anna Karenina, the character of the novel of Leo Tolstoy by the same name. Apparently, he again rakes up an intellectual storm and perhaps, inviting critical assessments from literary figures.

Sabarna Roy puts forth a very valuable suggestion: When Anna Karenina was written, the influence of genes on man’s actions was not well understood. This is a very strong intellectual suggestion based on science. It deals with split personality syndrome with which, perhaps, Anna Karenina suffered.

To substantiate his argument, Sabarna Roy gives reference to Nikhilesh, the main character of Rabindranath Tagore’s book Ghare Baire. Nikhilesh too was split in his thoughts that results in a tragedy.

To corroborate his standpoint, Sabarna Roy gives scientific reasons. It runs like this: “Classical physics and how we would think in the years to come would change forever when light was first considered to be wave-particle; gravity a field and not force.”

At the concluding chapter of Etchings of the First Quarter of 2020, we find the beautiful Winter Poems 2020 which is a poem cycle of 21 very sharp and incisive poems. It is all about manifold aspects of human life and vivid confrontation between the poet and his alter-ego.

An engineer by profession, Sabarna Roy is the author of five best selling books. They are: Pentacles, Frosted Glass, Abyss, Winter Poems and Random Subterranean Mosaic: 2012 – 2018 Time Frozen in Myriad Thoughts.

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