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NDMC budget plans smart public service delivery



Smart roads, dedicated toilets for third gender, public e-charging stations, drinking water fountains, sewage treatment plants, setting up of an Integrated Command and Control Centre and not imposing any new tax for the next financial year, are among the plans listed by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in its annual budget presented today.

NDMC chairman Dharmendra presented a budget with a moderate surplus of Rs 136.18 crore in the current financial year and Rs 172.47 crore for financial year 2021- 22, claiming its commitment to a “well governed and financially sustainable municipal body”.

“NDMC has not proposed any new tax for the next financial year in spite of a number of reliefs granted this year. In parallel, NDMC reported completion of major projects like Integrated Command and Control Centre this year and a series of projects for the next financial year focusing on uninterrupted power supply, other civic services and strengthening its internal governance,” Dharmendra said in his budget speech.

“In the pandemic scenario the NDMC budget is focused on uninterrupted, techenabled, smart, reliable, strong, swasth, swachh, futuristic and caring public service delivery.

New Delhi Municipal Council has prepared a budget which conveys our commitment to make NDMC a national pride and global benchmark as a resilient, inclusive, responsive, sustainable and future ready urban local body,” he claimed.

The NDMC chairman pointed out that the financial year 2020-21 commenced in an unprecedented manner with a complete national lockdown due to the Covid pandemic, which subsequently intensified followed by phase-wise unlocking process.

“I can say with confidence that NDMC has been successful in ensuring all municipal services in an uninterrupted manner befitting its leading persona among national local bodies. NDMC has taken its response and learning from Covid-19 challenge as a take-off point for its future development strategy to make NDMC a shockproof city.”

Dharmendra presented the financial projection of the total receipts of the budget estimates 2021-22 of Rs 4,299 crore against Rs 3,645.25 crore provided in revised estimates 2020-21.The actual receipts in 2019-20 were Rs 3,648.39 crore.

The budget estimates 2021- 22 for revenue receipts is Rs 3590.81 crore against Rs 3143.25 crore provided in revised estimates 2020-21 and actual of Rs 3,308.63 crore in 2019-20.

The budget estimates 2021- 22 for capital receipts are Rs 708.19 crore against Rs 502 crore provided in resived estimates 2020-21 and actual of Rs 339.75 crore in 2019-20.

“The next phase of setting up of Integrated Command and Control Centre includes four important modules on property tax, estate management, workshop management and asset management. While the first two will significantly bring in ease of doing business for the citizens, the other two will add to the efficiency and accountability in NDMC,” Dharmendra said.

“The concept plan for development work at KG Marg and Barakhamba Road will be developed and work will be taken up in FY 2021- 22. Concept plan for development work at Mandi House circle has been prepared and this too will be taken up in 2021-22,” he said.

Standard NDMC kiosks, smart public toilet units for women, dedicated toilets for third gender, modular rainwater harvesting pits, development of “happiness areas”, smart fountains, drinking water fountains, sewer treatment plants, making NDMC buildings safe for seismic effect, are among the proposals listed in the budget.

On the proposal for public e-charging station, the NDMC chairman said, “Under phase-I, out of 100 locations for EV charging station, 55 have already been installed.

Under phase two, out of 45 locations for EV charging station, 17 have been installed. In nine locations installation work has been completed and would be commissioned shortly. For remaining 19 locations (including 6 plaza locations) the work is in progress.”

“NDMC proposes to install 5MW capacity Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) as a pilot to meet the peak load demand and improvement of power factor. Battery energy storage helps balance the fluctuations in supply resulting from the variability of renewable energy generation sources in the network,” he said.

“Resurfacing of 19 roads earlier and 23 additional roads has been completed including lanes and by-lanes wherever resurfacing was due. Tender for 2 small electric road sweeping machines on hiring basis has been invited and the work would be awarded in this FY 2020-21,” he added.

The preparation of basketball, volleyball and other playing courts in NDMC schools, re-development of a school of Lodhi Colony into a “school of excellence”, establishing a 50-bed Ayush hospital with research centre, setting up of organic waste convertor, setting up of activity centres in all primary wing, introduction of bag-less preprimary and primary classrooms, science parks in NDMC and Navyug schools, are among the plans listed by the NDMC for health and education sector.

source: The Statesman


Donald Trump impeached for second time, Senate likely to hold trial after his departure



US President Donald Trump was impeached for the second time indicting President a week before he leaves office for inciting a riot.

Unlike Trump’s first impeachment, which proceeded with almost no GOP support, Wednesday’s effort attracted 10 Republicans, including Rep. Liz Cheney, the No. 3 party leader in the House. The Senate now appears likely to hold a trial after Trump’s departure, an unprecedented scenario that could end with lawmakers barring him from holding the presidency again, reported The Washington Post.

As per the report, the final vote was 232-197.

The impeachment was laid against Trump for inciting “revolt” in a speech to his followers on January 7 following which a mob stormed the Capitol, leading to the death of the five.

The US Vice President Mike Pence had, on Tuesday evening, rejected the move by The Democrats to invoke the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution to remove Trump.

The House is still dominated by the Republicans and the action is likely to trigger a trial in the Senate, although it was unclear whether enough time or political appetite is still there expel Trump.

“I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our Nation or consistent with our Constitution,” Pence said in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The House has passed a resolution formally calling on Pence to act with the final vote being 223-205 in the favour.

Meanwhile, in what could be a further indicator of Trump losing his iron grip on his party, at least four Republicans, including a member of the House leadership, said they would vote for his second impeachment – a prospect no president before Trump has faced.

Last Wednesday, violence had broken out at the White House after the supporters of President Donald Trump entered the building in anger over his election defeat.

The protesters, who were reportedly the supporters of Donald Trump, swarmed the US Capitol putting it on lockdown as Vice President Mike Pence rebuffed the president’s demand to overturn his loss to Democrat Joe Biden.

source: The Statesman

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AAP marks Lohri by burning copies of farm laws in Punjab



The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Wednesday burnt copies of the Centre’s controversial agriculture laws while celebrating the festival of Lohri, which the party dedicated to the martyrs of farmers’ movement, across Punjab.

In a statement, AAP state president and Member of Parliament (MP) from Sangrur, Bhagwant Mann said farmers were working day and night against the “black laws” of the Central government and were getting martyred during agitation.

He said that so far more than 65 of farmers were martyred in the agitation. “In this moment of farmers’ crisis, all AAP workers have decided to dedicate this year’s Lohri, to farmers who were martyred in the movement,” said Mann. The MP said that the party workers saluted the spirit and courage of the farmers by burning more than eight lakh copies of the agriculture black in every village, locality and cities of every district of Punjab, at more than 16,000 places.

Mann said these black laws were not laws, but warrants of death for ‘annadatas’ (farmers). He said that on one side, sons of the farmers of Punjab were getting martyred while fighting the enemies on the border of the country and on the other hand, farmers were getting martyred by agitating against the dictator ruler of their own country.

“The ruler of the country (Prime Minister Narendra Modi) is immersed in the ego of power. Due to his arrogance, he is not listening to the legitimate demands of farmers, who have been struggling on the roads for months, risking their lives in this severe cold. He is forcing them to struggle on the roads in this harsh weather,” he added.

Mann said the Central government should not play with the feelings of the farmers and repeal the black laws immediately. He further expressed sorrow over the decision of the Supreme Court, saying that it was very unfortunate that even the apex court could not understand the problems of the farmers properly and the farmers could not get justice from the court. He said that it had been more than a month and a half, since our farmers were sitting in severe cold against the Modiled Central government.

“More than 65 of our farmer brothers who were agitating have lost their lives. But, the Modi government and BJP leaders are giving mental pain to the farmers and hurting their self-esteem by making false statements and allegations against them,” said Mann. The AAP leader said that the Modi government was taking away the Constitutional rights of common people of the country and was attacking the democratic structure of India in violation of the dignity of the constitution.

source: The Statesman

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Centre appeals Supreme Court to stop tractor rally of protesting farmers scheduled for January 26



Amid the farmers protest over the contentious farm laws, the centre has appealed to the Supreme Court to stop a tractor rally of protesting farmers scheduled for January 26, the Republic Day.

As the demands of the farmers didn’t meet, the farmers have planned to hold a huge rally in Delhi on January 26.

In an affidavit filed in court, the centre cited the constitutional and historic significance of the Republic Day, around which a cluster of events take place.

Centre cited in its affidavit the grand rehearsal on January 23, the National Cadet Corps rally of January 28, Beating the Retreat on January 29 and “Martyrs Day” on January 30, and said: “Any disruption or obstruction in the said functions would not only be against the law and order, public order, public interest but would also be a huge embarrassment for the nation”.

The Supreme Court on Monday asked the central government that will it pause the implementation of the three new farm laws that has led to massive farmers near Delhi. The court said that the situation has gone worse and said, “Tell us whether you will put the laws on hold or else we will do it. What’s the ego here?”

The apex court’s sharp remark came at a hearing on petitions challenging the three farm laws and the ongoing farmers protests at Delhi border, who have been agitating for more a month.

The bench led by Chief Justice S A Bobde slammed the Centre asking if the government was a ‘part of the solution or the problem.’ CJI Bobde said, “Each one of us we will responsible if anything goes wrong. We don’t want any injuries or blood on our hands.”

The government has held eight round of talks with farmer unions but the deadlock has continued. The farmers have demanded that the government repeal all the three farm laws as they believe that they are left vulnerable in the hands of big cooperations.

The next meeting between the farmer union and the government is slated for Friday.

source: The Statesman

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