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LAIQA: Creating A Period Of Change



Red is the color of strength.

Sanitary napkins have been in demand for all of time. Now, with the rising awareness on menstruation and feminine health, people even in the remote areas of India know about sanitary napkins.

Earlier, women did not know about it and had to find other cheaper and more viable options. Today the scenario is different. There are organizations working to make eco-friendly sanitary napkins that reach the vast majority of the country.

One such brand that is doing some lovely work is LAIQA; a homegrown line of sanitary napkins founded by Monica Bindra, Nazish Mir and Ali Mir.

LAIQA breaks many a barrier by introducing BODO i.e. buy one donate one. For every pack of pads sold, LAIQA donates one pad to a lesser-privileged menstruating girl or woman. To make their brand more accessible, LAIQA has paired up with 3 NGOs on a voluntary basis.

‘Good For Her, Good For Earth’. Earlier, pads were mostly plastic and harmful to the female genitalia. LAIQA offers an effective solution to this by lessening the use of plastic in the napkins to just 7% – making them biodegradable.

Menstruation is not easy for everyone as the flow varies from woman to woman. However, LAIQA has taken into consideration all these factors and created 4 types of individual or combo packs.

1. a pack of 10 Ultra-thin day pads, designed for moderate flow
2. a pack of 10 Cosy-fluff night pads, designed for heavy flow 
3. a pack of 20 Panty-liners, designed for everyday discharges and spotting
4. a Combo box of 10 day + 5 night pads, designed for the duration of your period, also customizable according to personal preference.

The pads have a top layer of high quality feather-soft top sheet and a breathable bottom sheet. LAIQA swears by feminine hygiene and believes in utmost comfort, making their products rash-free, chlorine-free and fragrance-free. This prevents UTIs and yeast infections.

LAIQA is here to offer a hassle-free service for your period. Their subscription model is available on their website, and can also be accessed via their hotline number+919891310451 where in the pad is delivered to you within an hour in Delhi NCR and you can place orders for Pan India.

Subscription offers for you:
1. 10% off on 3 months subscription,
2.15% off on 6 months subscription and,
3. 20% off if you subscribe for 12 months.

Rest assured, the pack/packs will be delivered to you every month in advance or in bulk, whichever you prefer – and always just in time for your period.

LAIQA is breaking the stigma around menstruation, offering eco-friendly pads, and making them available to marginalized sections of society while also offering an option to customize the pads according to one’s flow. So here’s hoping you’re ready for your period of change!

Brand Story

Photos | Delhi’s crystal clear view amid lockdown



The nationwide lockdown imposed in the country to contain the deadly coronavirus has brought some good news for the air quality across the country.

Amid all other states and cities, Delhi – which has always been in bad light due to pollution, has come up with a crystal clear view and improved air quality on Friday.

According to Centre-run System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), Delhi breaths ‘satisfactory’ for the fifth consecutive day with the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) docking at 62.

Here are some of the pictures giving glimpses of New Delhi amid the lockdown:


It is not just India but worldwide that the impact of multiple lockdowns can be observed. Quarantining and lockdowns have forced many countries’ industries to shut down, with many factories closing their doors. The World Economic Forum reports, images from the Centre for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA), as well as satellite footage from NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), show a drastic decline in NO? emissions over recent months, particularly across Italy and China.

According to NASA scientists, the reduction in NO2 pollution was first apparent near Wuhan, but eventually spread across the world. Millions of people have been quarantined in one of the largest such actions in human history. “This is the first time I have seen such a dramatic drop-off over such a wide area for a specific event,” said Fei Liu, an air quality researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Liu recalls seeing a drop in NO2 over several countries during the economic recession that began in 2008, but the decrease was gradual.


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Brand Story

Apple HomePod smart speaker confirmed for India launch; price revealed



Apple’s first ever smart speaker, Homepod, has been a subject to several delays and slow sales in the past. But now, months after making it available in select countries, Apple is all set to launch its Siri-based smart speaker in India. The indirect confirmation comes from the HomePod listing page on the Apple India website. Although it still says ‘Check back later for availability’, the price of the device has been revealed as Rs 19,900.

Considering the price tag of the speaker, it will be safe to assume that this Siri-enabled accessory will be going up against Bose Home Speaker 300, Amazon Echo Studio and even the Echo Plus (2nd-gen), all of which are in the same range.

HomePod saw the light of the day three years ago at WWDC 2017 and went on sale in Australia, the US and the UK in early 2018 at US$349 (roughly Rs 24,860). You can also buy the smart speaker from Germany, France, Canada and select other regions. Last year it went on sale in China, Japan and Taiwan.

Apple India mentions the price of HomePod.

Sporting six microphone arrays, Apple HomePod is said to recognise the physics of a room (or what Apple calls as Spatial Awareness) and play audio accordingly so the user gets the best experience. There’s also seven beamforming speakers, each with its own amplifier. Powering the speaker is Apple’s A8 chip. You can also setup a multi-room audio system using AirPlay 2 connectivity. On the outside, you can see Apple HomePods in two colour variants – Black and White. There’s a mesh fabric coating on the outside with all the controls on the top.

What’s more is that if the user is in the middle of a phone call or listening to a song, you can easily hand it off to HomePod. All you need to do is to hold the iOS or iPadOS device next to the speaker.


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Brand Story

This Mumbai woman is winning thousands of hearts with her inspiring’ story



Some stories serve as shining examples of hope and inspiration. The story of Manashree Soman is the perfect example. Shared on the Humans of Bombay Facebook and Instagram pages, a post about Soman and her journey is winning thousands of hearts.

“When I was born, the doctor told my parents that there was a chance I would never walk or talk in addition to being visually impaired — little did he know that I was going to turn out to be a complete chatterbox!” Soman says in the post.

“When I first applied to school, they rejected me because they thought that I’d take all the attention and that ‘I would spoil the other normal children’! But that’s where they were wrong — I was normal! I went to another regular school and blossomed,” she adds.

Throughout school, Soman made sure she got all the experiences that any child is supposed to have like participating in a fancy dress competitions and even winning a prize for singing. Soman’s teachers and friends also supported her in every aspect.

“In the 7th standard, I won the Bal Shree President’s Award. I wasn’t at school when they announced it, but apparently, my classmates jumped up and down on the benches!” she says. “I received my award from Dr. Abdul Kalam at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and performed a song for him!” she adds.

She goes on to explain that her family has been extremely supportive and has stood by her side right from school to college and her job. Soman has been working at a bank as a clerk.

And while she faces many challenges, she doesn’t allow it to bring her down. We’ll let you read the entire post to know what helps her to keep going and her wonderful message to everyone.

Shared on January 9, the post has garnered more than 63,000 likes on Instagram and nearly a 1,000 shares on Facebook. People have posted some heartwarming messages for Soman and many have described her “inspiring”.

“Amazing. She’s a queen!” says an Instragram user. “There’s no limit to what a woman can achieve,” says another.

“Young lady, nothing, absolutely nothing can bring you down. Strength of the human spirit can do wonders. Lots of love to you,” writes a Facebook user. “Speechless and you are an inspiration to all of us. May God bless you,” comments another.


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