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Kareena Kapoor Approves Kartik Aaryan For Sara Ali Khan, After Rejecting Her ‘First Hero’ Sushant



Some Bollywood relationships and family equations have redefined love for the millennials, and it makes us say, ‘how cool’ whenever we see them. One such relationship is of Kareena Kapoor Khan and her step-daughter, Sara Ali Khan. Much had been said and written about their bond until Sara came on the show, Koffee With Karan and cleared the air about the camaraderie that she shares with Kareena. Even though Kareena has never met Saif’s first wife, Amrita Singh, she loves spending time with their kids, Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan. Sara and Ibrahim too, adore their half-sibling, Taimur Ali Khan.

Sara Ali Khan has won millions of hearts with her witty, graceful and confident attitude, and immense praise for her films, Kedarnath and Simmba. While all the boys are awestruck of the princess of Pataudi, Sara, on the other hand, wants to win Kartik Aaryan’s heart. On Koffee With Karan, Sara had confessed that she wants to go on a date with Kartik and since then, their fans have been waiting for the ‘coffee date’ to happen!

Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan

On celebrity chat show Starry Nights 2. OH, Kareena Kapoor Khan appeared with her BFF, Amrita Arora Ladak, and was asked about dating advice for Sara Ali Khan. To this, Kareena had replied, “Don’t date your first hero.” And now, after rejecting Sara’s ‘first hero’, Sushant Singh Rajput, Kareena expressed her fondness for Kartik Aaryan. On Koffee With Karan, when Karan Johar asked Kareena who Sara is dating, Bebo replied, “Right now she is dating her career.”

Sara Ali Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput

When probed further to comment on Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan’s pair, Kareena Kapoor Khan stated, “He’s wonderful and they will make a good pair and they are also planning to do a movie together. They look good. He’s massy, she’s classy.” Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who came on the show with Kareena Kapoor Khan, took a dig at her answer and said, “But is he not classy?” to which Kareena quickly responded saying, “But… Sara is classy and they’ll look really good together.”

Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan

When Karan addressed Kareena as ‘choti maa’, Priyanka said that it’s not a good title and then the three of them came up with ‘choti Begum‘, to which Kareena also nodded. On the same show, when Kartik Aaryan made an appearance with his Luka Chuppi co-star, Kriti Sanon, Karan Johar asked him, “An exciting thing that happened Kartik is Sara Ali Khan came on my couch and said that she wanted to date you. What is the follow-up on that? What’s the status? Are you interested in Sara Ali Khan?”, to which, Kriti interrupted and asked, “Have you sent her your address?”

Sara Ali Khan

To which, Kartik sat there, all blushing and replied, “So, what I’m doing is, sir, I’m just trying to, you know, earn more and more money right now. Saif (Ali Khan) sir said, ‘Does he have the money?’ So, I’m just…” Karan probed, “And, you clearly don’t have the money that can match the Prince of Pataudi.” Kartik answered, “I don’t know. She is a princess. So, you know, to ask her out on a date, you know, I would require a certain bank balance.”

Kartik Aaryan

So, when Karan Johar further prodded Kartik, “So, that’s why you asked Ananya Panday out on a date and not Sara Ali Khan?”, to which he said, “I never asked her out.” Karan further elaborated, “You went for dinner with Ananya Panday but you kind of annulled Sara’s declaration of romance on my couch. You went out to see a movie with Shraddha (Kapoor), you went out for dinner with Ananya and you’re also messaging Sara. So, is there anyone you’re really…” Kartik reverted, “I’m not messaging Sara.”

Kartik Aaryan and Ananya Panday

Raising the topic of Kartik and Sara’s ‘romance’ again on the show, when the Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety actor said, “People should be open about their relationships”, Karan asked him, “Are you open about yours? I really want to know. So sweetly she (Sara) came on the couch and said this.” Kartik replied, “Sir, I’m trying to earn money.” Karan probed him, “Just for her?” To which, Kartik said, “Just for her. The moment my bank balance is there, I’ll ask her out.” Karan asked him again if he is dating anyone, “But, you have already asked Ananya out. So, you do not seriously want to date any of them? You’re not dating anyone?”, Kartik denied and said, “I haven’t asked Ananya out. I’m not dating anyone.” Revealing what he likes the most about Sara, Kartik replied, “I love her clothes. I love her sense of style. The way she is.

If things go as planned, it would be interesting to see Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan together, on-screen as well as off-screen (*wink*). Are you excited?


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