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It’s All About Love: Captivating story line entailed with vivid descriptions



It’s all about love is an anthology of short stories that presents all aspects of
love. Love in the realm of supernatural, the forbidden love, unconditional
love, etc. Love in no way is limited to romance but has explored it’s way in
to all sorts of spaces be it family, friends, strangers, etc.

The stories have been released as one story every week in a Digital
Exclusive series on Amazon Kindle. There are 7 stories namely The Gift;
The Cookery Show and a Love Story; A Special Day; Masks; An Autumn
Turmoil; The Hunt and The Death Wish. Each story has it’s own share of
love and unexpected climax.

Captivating story line entailed with vivid descriptions. All the stories are
whole in themselves and however still complement each other. The author
Sourabh Mukherjee has been a bestseller for two psychological thrillers and
has now worked on this masterpiece.

Some authors can only write a set genre and may not diversify love in to
numerous aspects. Sourabh’s writing cannot be pigeonholed as he manages
to give these stories a voice. It’s all about love is truly all about love and
love that we may or may not feel everyday.

Sourabh is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer in addition to
having a Post Graduate degree in Management.

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Books & Authors

Non Resident Idiot – an inspiring story of a village boy, Moujee



‘Non Resident Idiot’ is a spellbinding fiction and the combined effort of two thought-provoking storytellers –Surya Rai & Poonam Gaur, writing this true-to-life piece to inspire.

Life’s a roller-coaster ride… full of beans…  And, amidst all ups-and-downs– highs-and-lows – and – good-and-bad – joie de vivre, ‘Non Resident Idiot’ comes by. It is an interesting side of the life of the protagonist, Moujee, a naïve central character on the rise to be an NRI, born to make an impact. His high spirited inspiring life lived with purpose, from a young age, gets recognized in a high voltage campaign for a prestige title, wherein, he is spotted alongside and pitched against the tallest of industrialists.

Contemporarily, set into modern-day India whilst each and every episode pictures the paradoxes of rural and urban India, in-keeping the reader engrossed. Interestingly, Moujee, a daring boy from his far-flung village in Eastern Uttar Pradesh lives through an exciting journey of his early childhood, eventful Campus life full of twists till he becomes an NRI in pursuit of a legacy. His ex-girlfriend, takes on all influential TV Media, pitching him as a commoner against the mighty industrialists to a campaign for a celebrated title. His life is full of inspiration, conflicts, dilemmas as he stands up for honesty, friendship, loyalty and Purpose.     

The captivating and vivid journey of the protagonist is at the intersection of Inspiration, Youth, Friendship and Romance. Readers will thoroughly enjoy the plot as it keeps moving with unusual twists and turns – a thorough mix-and-match of varied – poles-apart emotions that include conflicts, love, friendship, empathy, etc. The story line appeals to all Indians Residents and the Non Residents , as it sketches the passage-way of a simple village boy to become an NRI with an impact inspiring millions.

Surya Rai is a senior executive with a U.S. MNC and his passion for transforming India is intensely reflected in this work. He has used his experiences effectively to provide readers with a realistic and good mix of contemporary and diverse characters with life-changing events.

Poonam Gaur is a director at Opera Media and Recreations Private Ltd, a celebrity judge in many beauty pageants, Mrs. India Title Winner. She lives in Sydney, Australia. Poonam brilliantly touches upon many contemporary issues facing modern India, sensitizing the readers and exploring solutions.

Buy Non Resident Idiot From Amazon At Just rs.179

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Books & Authors

Read The Romantic Journey Of Samrat In ‘When Her best Friend Kissed Me’



That was an innocent love proposal. Well, at least that’s what he believed. Little does he know the devilish side of the rich pampered girl, who couldn’t take up his rejection; the troublemaker makes it tough for others too!

Read to know the story of Samrat who genuinely rejects a love proposal only to get revenged at.

When Her Best Friend Kissed me’ is a combination of laughter, adventure and everything that turned his life upside down…everything… in one single night…

Grew up in Chandigarh, the debut author Samrat Mukhra is an ardent fan of traveling and has covered numerous places in India; he loves learning the history of places by traveling to the location.

He is a poet, guitarist, lover of Sufi music, canvas painter and an entrepreneur. Also, he owns a restaurant in Chandigarh.

This book reflects the numerous incidents that happened at various aspects of his life.

Buy ‘When her Best Friend Kissed Me’ From Amazon At Just rs.140

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Books & Authors

My Garden Of Words- A Collection Of Short Stories



Nature is a reflection of emotions, characteristics and state of mind of human beings.   The tree is wise. The wind is chaos. The flowers are dancing.

These are all ways to communicate that nature is the mother from which life births and nature is also the provider through which life is sustained.

Human emotions stem from such elements. Which is why some authors use nature to describe the workings of a human mind. Pavalamani Paragasam is a 70-year-old author who takes her inspiration from nature and writes on it.

Her writing style includes trees, plants and all things green as a source of imagination. Nature is her garden of imagination and she pens down her thoughts in words as beautiful as the sky. “My garden of words” is her debut book.

Pavalamani Pragasam lives in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. She is an author and housewife. Her primary concern is about values that are instilled in the younger generation about health and growth.

Buy MY GARDEN OF WORDS From Amazon At Just Rs.220

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