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It’s All About Love: Captivating story line entailed with vivid descriptions



It’s all about love is an anthology of short stories that presents all aspects of
love. Love in the realm of supernatural, the forbidden love, unconditional
love, etc. Love in no way is limited to romance but has explored it’s way in
to all sorts of spaces be it family, friends, strangers, etc.

The stories have been released as one story every week in a Digital
Exclusive series on Amazon Kindle. There are 7 stories namely The Gift;
The Cookery Show and a Love Story; A Special Day; Masks; An Autumn
Turmoil; The Hunt and The Death Wish. Each story has it’s own share of
love and unexpected climax.

Captivating story line entailed with vivid descriptions. All the stories are
whole in themselves and however still complement each other. The author
Sourabh Mukherjee has been a bestseller for two psychological thrillers and
has now worked on this masterpiece.

Some authors can only write a set genre and may not diversify love in to
numerous aspects. Sourabh’s writing cannot be pigeonholed as he manages
to give these stories a voice. It’s all about love is truly all about love and
love that we may or may not feel everyday.

Sourabh is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer in addition to
having a Post Graduate degree in Management.

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Books & Authors

Read “The Call Of Bliss” To Discover happiness



The treasure that one deems to find at the end of the world is not the true treasure. The true treasure is happiness that can only be found within.

The Call of Bliss is a collection of many short stories. The stories are different but have one thing in common. Every character in all stories long to be happy. To each, happiness doesn’t come in the same package. And everyone has to find the silver lining and imbibe happiness in all experiences. 

The characters are refreshing and interesting. And all of them have a different approach to life. Each story has their unique set of characters and one can easily empathize with all of them.

Soham Mukherjee is the author of The Call of Bliss. Just like him the anthology is young and refreshing. Soham currently works as an academician but considers writing as the love of his life. He has been writing since his school days. Other than writing and teaching, Soham has a keen interest in music and football.

Buy “THE CALL OF BLISS” From Amazon

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A Heart Wrenching Medical Thriller By Dr. Anurag Shourie



“Half A Shadow” grips you with its effortless prose. The story is set against the backdrop of Udaipur, the City of Lakes. Blood flows in these lakes as a young bride, a businessman and a renowned doctor end up dead.

However, there is a link that needs to be discovered amongst Abraham and Sarasvati, Abhimanyu and Sumitra, Yasser Arafat and Vladimir Putin. Science, history, religion and mythology combine to brew a heady mixture.

The book follows Dr. Aditya Deshmukh on his journey to redemption. The chaos gets to him as he finds himself trapped in a crime bigger than what he had ever imagined.

The killings don’t stop and the only guidance Dr. Aditya Deshmukh has is his gut. With his own shortcomings and instability in life, he sets out to find something that can change the course of the city.

Dr. Anurag is the author of “Half A Shadow”. Apart from being a doctor he is an author and a poet. “Half A Shadow” is the first Indian Medical Thriller. His love for the written word and extensive study of medicine have inspired his book.

Buy “HALF A SHADOW” From Amazon

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Books & Authors

‘KNOTS’ Is A Beautiful Collection Of Poetry By Young Author, Deblina



As Rahim would say, ‘don’t pull at a string because once it breaks the only thing joining it is a knot.’

Knots can have multiple meanings. Rahim may refer to it as a grievance but knots also symbolize union in cultures.

Deblina Bhattacharya has an interesting approach on Knots. In her collection of poetry and prose,knots represent milestones in life. Some knots bind while some pain, but every knot has its own story.

She hails from Kolkata and Knots is her debut collection of poetry. At such a young age, Deblina understands the importance of mental health and incorporates it into her poetry. Her poetry pertains to issues prevailing in our society.

Grievances may exist but so does love and that is what makes living even more beautiful. Her poetry comes from her heart and resonates in the mind of a reader like an epiphany.

Deblina currently is still studying English Literature and even at such a young age, her poetry is full of clarity and depth. Her hobbies include reading, writing and listening to music.

Buy KNOTS From Amazon

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