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Interview With Atanu Sinha, Author Of ‘His Encounter With Love’



Meet the debutante author of the bestseller novel “His Encounter with Love”. A man of technology by profession, Atanu Sinha is currently based out of NCR and working with a top IT company. After spending his exciting childhood from a small city of India, he landed in the national capital to fulfill his career aspirations. He received multiple awards for his contributions in technology and has also written various white papers in his field of expertise. He has written many blogs, short stories, and poetries for various journals. His mantra of life is “Love yourself. You are yours best gift.”

Chit Chat Session

Acquaint the readers with your debut novel “His Encounter with Love”
This novel reflects the mood of the 90’s era and takes us to those by-lanes of the pre-millennium times. It is a twisted love story of our protagonist “Ridam” who discovers the essence of true love during his journey of life. The story portrays an important aspect of human relationship. It tells us that our feelings are not bounded by time and they never dissipate. The book also touches upon the complexities of youth and showcase how one wrong decision of the protagonist Ridam changes his entire course of life. It’s a beautiful story with lots of twists that makes the reader stay connected till the last page.

How much research and effort were required in your part to complete the book?
It was a journey for me which started way back during my school days. I have the habit of penning my daily experiences in my red diary, but I never thought I would write a book and publish my work.Couple of years back. I met someone who got inspired with my work and convinced me to complete the writing and helped me in getting the book published.

How do you manage writing along with your profession?
Yes, it is tough. That’s how the life is. Right? Unless it’s challenging we don’t enjoy it. I believe,if you have a passion, time is not a constraint. The passion drives you to success. I cannot sleep without penning down my thoughts at the end of the day. My diaries are my life. I make sure to spend at least twenty to thirty minutes daily with my best friend who navigates me towards my goal. You would wonder who is my best friend. That’s me.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing the book? And what is the most challenging?
The most fulfilling part is the recognition and appreciation that I got from the book. I never thought, my work would be liked and loved by so many people. I get so many mails and messages from people whom I have never met. I feel blessed when they feel connected to my story. Once someone unknown walked to me and asked..Are you the author of the novel-His Encounter With Love?  It’s amazing to know so many people are recognizing me with my book. I hear accolades from critics. One of them reviewed and classified my book as a typical Bollywood movie material and another one compared me with Chetan Bhagat. I feel gratified with the love that I am receiving through this book.

What are your future projects that readers are expecting in 2019-2020
At present, I am fully engrossed with my debut book. After the amazing response, I sincerely feel this story needs to be told to more and more people and I am trying to reach out. I am also working in parallel on few short stories and poetries which will be released soon on my Youtube channel. I am also working on few subjects for my next story. My forte continues to be human emotions and relationships.

How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature.
I sincerely feel creative people deserve much more. This world cannot survive only with science and creativity needs to be nurtured equally. There is a huge void in this space. Unless we as a society start recognizing the creative talent of people, we will fail to bring creativity to the next gen. I would like more and more people to come in the field of literature and shine. My message to them is ‘follow your passion with full heart and the world will recognize you’.

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‘Everyday there is a new surprise, new learning experience and new opportunities’ – says Aseem Mahajan In A Recent Interview



About The Author:
Aseem Mahajan is a storyteller who physically resides in India, but his soul can be present at Himalayas or perhaps at Jupiter as per his fancy. You can reach him at: [email protected]

Briefly describe your journey until now. Have you accomplished what you wanted or still have a mile to go?
The journey has been pretty amazing so far. Had my share of success and failures. It has been a great learning experience. Took me 6 years to finish the book because of the complex plot. I am pretty surprised at myself that I actually managed to write this book over the years, perhaps it was my belief in what I was doing. Took me a while to find a good publisher. I was lucky to find a good agent Suhail Mathur from Book Bakers who connected me to Harpreet Makkar from Petals publisher (Red ink publishers) and there was no looking back since then. I wouldn’t day I have accomplished everything I have aimed at as it’s an ongoing journey and there is still a lot to explore and evolve. Everyday there is a new surprise, new learning experience and new opportunities.

What is your book “Captain Elephant: The Mystery of the Bomb” all about?
The story takes place in a fictional island called Pinzoora. It is about a boy called Mayas, and how he evolves into a super hero. But the book isn’t just about his journey of becoming a super hero, it’s about his journey from becoming a super hero to a good human. All this revolves around a mystery that involves a dangerous terrorist Popananda and his nuclear threat to Pinzoora which sends the island into shambles.

What follows is something that a reader should read himself/herself as I wouldn’t want to spoil the suspense by revealing the plot.

I would call it a mixed bag of suspense, humor and emotions. I have interacted with plenty of readers and each individual had a different take away from the book. Some loved the suspense, some found the suspense nail biting, I was surprised with the number of readers highlighting the social message that touched them as I never imagined that people will look beyond the pot boiler story.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book? And what is the most challenging?
The most fulfilling part of writing this was that I stuck to something that I strongly believed and completed it. I never let the hurdles get in my way. I have been told some nasty things by publishers and lit agents. I was told to stick to a formula that sells and which is demand. Even though publishers loved the plot and concept, they refused to take up the book as they thought it wouldn’t sell as this kind of plot and story has never been tried before in India. But I have never let these setbacks deter me. Of-course I have a lot of respect for everyone who rejected the book as well, I took away something valuable in wisdom and considered it as a learning experience.

Why is it that Indian writers don’t frequently win big awards such as Booker/ Nobel Prize/ Pulitzer in Literature?
I think there are many Indian writers that are doing some amazing work. Right now the Indian book market is quite different from what is expected of fetching a booker or Pulitzer. This is because of what the readers demand. But I feel these awards are not the only criteria that should been seen as a bench mark. I feel Indian literature today is most intriguing and captivating and the world is noticing it!

How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature?
Just write right! There is no alternative to quality work so never compromise on the quality. 97% of writers never finish their work and more than 99% of the books are rejected by agents and publishing houses. So make sure you write something that you insanely believe in and finish it no matter how long it takes.

What is the next book that you’ve planned?
I haven’t planned my next book yet, but I have few ideas that I would like to work on. But it should take a while.


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The Rage Within – The Unconventional Undercover Duo Strikes Back



17 years ago, a young girl still in her teen years was kidnapped and burnt alive even after the ransom was paid. The investigation ordered then, did not draw out much progress.

17 years later – present day, her grandmother comes knocking on the door of personal investigators Radha Bose and Aditya Gokhale to reopen the cold case. 

Radha was in the military but had to leave due to a distressing event and has since been struggling with PTSD. Things become worse when a past adversary returns wounding her stability. Aditya is her assistant, still in his teens but drowns in cynicism, depression and anxiety. The darkness in them is prevalent often manifesting itself in the form of rage.

Taking upon the case, they start to unfold one hurdle after the other. And while they might swim in the waters of anguish, together they work in solace. Once again after ‘Birth of a Duo’ the two work together on the edge of extreme baggage just to get to the bottom of this unforgiving crime. 

Chandrayan Gupta is a 20-year-old author and blogger. He is currently pursuing law and one day hopes to become a successful lawyer along with being a well-known author. His authoring journey began when he wrote a 16 page short tale and quickly converted it to a whole detective novel ‘Birth of a Duo’. Apart from juggling between writing and lawyering, Chandrayan reads, writes poetry, cooks and paints.

Buy THE RAGE WITHIN From Amazon At Just Rs.250

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Five Gifts That Shaped My Life : A Book To Cherish The Bond Between A Grandparent And A Grandchild



Our life is full of gifts. It could be the gift of life or the gift of love. However, some of the gifts that we receive as children become the base of our future achievements.

Ron, our protagonist, didn’t have an ideal relationship with his father. Switching between studies and relationships was always hard for him. The only thing that ran smoothly in his life was his relationship with his grandfather. Ron regarded his ‘Dadu’ as his hero, mentor, role model and best friend. There was no doubt that Ron was closest to his Dadu. Ron would often find himself lost in Dadu’s fantasy stories.

On five consecutive birthdays Ron received a special gift from his grandfather. Each gift held a special significance and went on to become symbolic in his life. The gifts resonated of insights that came from the stories and the adventures they shared. All these gifts helped Ron excel in his life – holistically.

Five Gifts That Shaped My Life is Samar Deep Singh’s debut book based on the inseparable bond between a grandparent and a grandchild. Samar belongs to the national capital Delhi where he currently works in the power sector. He holds two graduation degrees – one in B.Tech and another in Political Science. Currently Samar is still in the process of writing two other books ‘Adventures of Back Benchers’ and ‘Love at the Edge of Divorce’.

Buy ‘Five Gifts That Shaped My Life’ From Amazon At Just Rs.290

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