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Hot Water Vs Cold Water; Which Is Better For Quick Weight Loss



Desired weight loss cannot be attained by relying on hot water but there are other factors responsible for it.


  1. Drinking water is necessary for survival
  2. Drinking enough hot water cleanses the body
  3. Only drinking hot water might or might not aid weight loss

Water is essential! When you hear that our body is made of 70% of water, it definitely has to carter a human body for a lifelong survival. We cannot imagine our lives without it. But what is better, hot water or cold water? Well, the aim should be to keep the body hydrated and it is advised to drink 7-8 glasses of water every day. Supping water throughout the not just only flushes out the toxins from the body but also helps in improving metabolism.

We often hear that hot water (Luke Warm Water) contributes to weight loss but how can that be proven? It might help in breakdown of fat muscles and enhance the metabolic rate of the body due to the increased core body temperature. However, it naturally hydrates the body which helps in absorbing nutrients and also removes waste products from the body. Drinking enough hot water cleanses the body and also helps in relieving constipation. While we cannot say if it really helps in weight loss, we totally assure that it keeps your body hydrated and helps in blood circulation. Desired weight loss cannot be attained by relying on hot water but there are other factors responsible for it.

Other factors for weight loss

However, only drinking hot water might or might not aid weight loss. The other factors that include achieving a healthy weight loss are eating healthy and maintaining an active workout lifestyle. Eating healthy means cutting down on all the junks around you and opting for foods like fruits, green vegetables, nuts, seeds, and lentils. Opt for foods which are easy to digest and are nutritious. An active workout should include running, pilates or any workout session as per your liking and health goals. This will help in improving your metabolism while burning your extra calories.

Make sure if you are thirsty or hungry?

At times when you feel hungry, have you ever imagined is it really hunger or thirst that is bothering you? This confusion may end up giving you more calories than your body requires. This happens because the signs of hunger and thirst are released by the same part of the brain. In situations like this, always drink 1-2 glasses of water and wait for some time. If it satisfies you, it was totally thirst and this will save you from loading you on extra calories.


Can’t bet if hot water exactly works for weight loss but we bet it will absolutely help in keeping up with your health. It provides a whole lot of benefits but considering only that part would be a total NO. Eating healthy and working out on a daily basis is the key. Drinking water is necessary for survival and while hot water provides benefits it is advisable to drink it. However, this must be kept in mind that it is not to be relied on totally while focusing on weight loss.


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Beat the denim blues, choose white for your next pair



In the 1999 film Never Been Kissed, Drew Barrymore’s character Josie goes undercover for a feature on high-school life. Her biggest problem is looking the part. Josie finally picks a pair of white jeans, gets to school, runs into the school fashionistas, and is slapped with an, “I don’t think you’re supposed to wear white jeans after 1983.” How things have changed! White jeans are having a moment in the spotlight. “I recently chose a pair of white jeans for actor Ananya Panday. White denim is so in,” says stylist Sanjay Kumar Dauhaliya.

When white denim burst on the scene in the ’50s, it was out of rebellion. “The 1950s saw denim banned in some schools [in the US]…for being a bad influence,” mentions the Levi’s India website. The story goes that students then bleached their blue jeans white to find a way around the ban. By the 1960s, however, white jeans had found an icon in former First Lady of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy. Her slim, ankle-length white denims inspired a cult following.

This season, H&M India has multiple white jeans options for women, from skinny ankle-length to loose boyfriend fits. “White denim is especially popular in the summer,” says Alok Dubey, CEO of the lifestyle brands division at Arvind. The 2019 summer look is all about “mastering the art of denim layering, the cool-and-conscious girl’s take on double denim is achieved through careful co-ordination,” says Dhatri Bhatt, head of communication, H&M, India.

For Dauhaliya, one of the best things about white jeans is that they can be paired with any colour. The flip side? They are less form flattering than a blue or black pair.

A model walks the ramp during a fashion show in Paris in March. ( Getty Images )

Wear It Right
For a day look, pair skinny white jeans with a white top or soft pastels. For the evening, choose a darker shade top.

Since white makes one look a little broad, off-shoulder tops work well with white jeans. They add a little volume around the shoulders and have a balancing effect.

While wearing white-on-white, go for neon accessories – sneakers, danglers, a clutch.

White denim miniskirts are also in and are a great summer option.

– Sanjay Kumar Dauhaliya, stylist.


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Mango season:Celebrate the king of fruits in style



The colours of the mango, be it ripe or raw, have always caught the attention of the fashion industry. Be it bright yellow or the combination of light yellow and green, the colours have always found its way into our wardrobe. This summer, add the flavour of the mango to your outfit and check out what’s in store.

“The summer season is all about vivid bright colours, the colour of mango adds a twist to the whole ensemble making it a fashion statement. Also, yellow as a colour is a natural source of positive energy and the colour is also associated with happiness making this the perfect colour for this season. Adding this happy hue to the wardrobe will brighten up one’s summer attires,” says fashion designer Dolly J.

When you think about the fruit, childhood memories do get you nostalgic. Similarly, fashion designer duo Rishi and Soujit incorporate their memories and the many shades of the mango in their creations. “We have always been fascinated by the colours of the mango. The shades of bright yellow, green, lemon yellow and sage green should be a part of your outfit because food and culture gel well with fashion. So this mango season take inspiration from the king of fruits and try and add a few shades including canary yellow, bumblebee yellow and mango yellow to your wardrobe,” adds the designer duo.

We take a look at how the king of fruits has inspired not just designers but quite a few Bollywood celebrities, too.

Fruity Fun

Actor Kajol is an epitome of fun and frolic and the bright yellow ensemble complements her personality to the T. An ideal summer dress for the red carpet, the fluid silhouette and solid colour makes it a must-have for those who love all things bright and beautiful.

Gusto Green

Actor Kriti Sanon’s green joggers teamed with green blazer is casual and chic. You could add varied colour combinations in lighter shades for this look. While joggers give a sporty vibe, the blazer gives it a semi-formal look.

All That Glitz

Same colours but in different shades can make or break your outfit. Actor Bhumi Pednekar pulls off this sheer green top with so much confidence. She teamed it with a darker shade of metallic green giving it an edgy look. What makes this outfit click for a night out, is the extra bling the skirt brings to the party.

The Wardrobe

Outfits that look chic in the mango colours, yellow and green:

Pant suit: It could be either in a solid green or yellow. Try and not combine yellow and green together, unless you are Ranveer Singh.

Anarkali: The colours are a favourite and go with any Indian outfit. A yellow or green anarkali with contrast embroidery definitely suits any occasion.

Bikini: Soak in the summer sun, with a bright yellow or dark green bikini. You could break the monotony with contrast polka dots or floral prints.

Pleated skirts: Keep it long or short, a dark green skirt with pleats teamed with a white shirt or ganji makes for a fun and flirty summer outfit.

Jumpsuit: A favourite on a hot summer day, the jumpsuit in a mango yellow shade can never go wrong. Accessorise with a head scarf and you are summer ready.


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Holi 2019 Skin Care: Top 5 skin care tips to keep in mind before and after the Holi celebrations



As the most colourful festival is finally here, it is important to keep skincare in mind as Holi celebrations go beyond dry colours and flower petals. There are synthetic elements in certain colours and of course, we end up using other materials that can have a damaging impact on skin and hair. It is important to keep certain tips in mind to protect the skin and hair before and after the colourful celebrations. It is crucial to keep your skin and hair safe so here are a the top 5 useful and easy tips for pre and post Holi celebrations.

Top 5 skin care tips to keep in mind before and after Holi celebrations


Keeping your skin moisturized is the most important step. Apply a gentle moisturizer that keeps you protected from the hazardous effects of colors and the synthetic elements in it. Pick a moisturizer that suits your skin type and helps retain moisture.


You can go for a good water based toner to maintain the nourishment level for your skin. You can either go for a clinically recommended toner or a herbal one is also a good choice.


Applying oil to your skin and hair before the Holi celebration begins is always a good idea as it helps in getting rid of the colours post celebrations in a much easier way.


Before the final cleanse regime, go for some homemade scrubbing as it will help in getting rid of the dead skin and the remaining colours post the festivities.


Finally, use a good cleaner to complete the skincare. Go for a natural mild cleanser and complete the process and thereafter, apply some moisturizer and you are good to go. If there is any eruptions and boils due to any sensitivity, wash it properly and consult a skincare specialist.


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