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Grieving families of 2 killed in Delhi restaurant struggle to cope with loss



The stench of the kitchen waste treatment plant is something Praveen Yadav knows quite well. That the foulness would one day claim the life of his father was something he had never expected.

“The cleaning wasn’t a part of my father’s job profile, but he was made to do it twice a week,” Praveen said.

Two men— Praveen’s father Rakesh Yadav and Ajay — died on Saturday after inhaling the toxic fumes from the kitchen waste plant at the Pirates of Grill restaurant in west Delhi’s Rajouri Garden.

Having worked in the same restaurant for three years, Praveen has firsthand experience of what happens there. “We are junior workers. How can we refuse the orders of our seniors?” he said. Praveen now works at a mall nearby.

He said he was busy at work when he got a call from the restaurant. “I was told that my father was sick and I should come to Kukreja Hospital,” Praveen said.

“I rushed to the hospital and saw my father lying motionless. His shirt was open. Doctors indicated to me that he was no more. But the police misled me by saying that he was being treated. I haven’t seen his body after that,” Praveen said.

Praveen said earlier, the restaurant’s management would get people from outside to clean the treatment plant. However, that changed two years ago and the restaurant staff were made to do the cleaning of the kitchen waste plant.

“We were not provided any safety gear. We were just given a pair of gloves and an apron that we folded and tied around our faces while cleaning the plant,” Praveen said.

Despite repeated attempts, the management of the restaurant couldn’t be contacted for a comment.

Praveen is one of Rakesh’s three sons. The family hails from Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh and his father had been staying in Delhi for eight years.

“My mother still doesn’t know about his death. We have just told her that he is sick. I don’t know how to break the news to her,” Praveen tears up.

“My two brothers are appearing for their board exams. I don’t know how they will manage,” Praveen said.

While Praveen tries to come to terms with his loss, the families of the two other injured men have an uneasy wait ahead of them.

“The police have been asking us to calm down and keep telling us that justice will be done. I just hope that no one else has to go through what we are facing,” Anil Verma, brother-in-law of Pankaj, one of the injured men, said.



Pleasant weather in Delhi, it will rain for the next two days.



Representative Image | Source: NDTV

The weather pattern is changing in Delhi. The weather in the national capital has been pleasant since morning today (Wednesday). The wind is blowing between the movement of clouds, due to which the temperature has come down. According to the Meteorological Department (IMD), it will be partly cloudy in Delhi today i.e. on September 14. Also, there may be light rain or drizzle with winds at some places.

After the rains on Monday in Delhi, there was a slight drop in the temperature on Tuesday and people got a slight respite from the sultry heat. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted a change in the weather and light rain in Delhi-NCR from today i.e. Wednesday.

According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there may be light rain in Delhi for the next two days from today. It will be cloudy and winds will blow at a speed of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. In Delhi today, September 14, the minimum temperature may be 26 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature may remain 34 degree Celsius.

Source: Aajtak

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Make Noida part of Delhi, AAP leader writes open letter to PM Modi



Image Credit: Wikimedia

Aam Aadmi Party’s Gautam Buddh Nagar region president Bhupendra Singh Jadaun has composed an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting the incorporation of Noida inside the province of Delhi.

In the open letter dated September 12, posted from Jadaun’s twitter account, he has requested that Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has been giving essential conveniences, for example, water, power, schooling, wellbeing, and transport to individuals of Delhi, which the occupants of Gautam Buddh Nagar locale (Noida) have been denied of. “Very much like Delhi, individuals of Gautam Buddh Nagar ought to likewise have the option to get free power, good education, the advantages of Farishte scheme; the ladies inhabitants ought to have the option free transportation; senior residents ready to go on pilgrimage free of charge; and they are not made to go around different offices to get their Aadhaar card, ration card or driving permit,” the letter peruses.

Jadaun has expressed that the occupants of Noida ought to likewise get the option to choose their delegates in the neighborhood enterprises, very much like it occurs in Delhi. Further, the occupants living in metropolitan and country regions in the area ought to get the possession freedoms of their territory, while the people who live in alleged unlawful provinces ought to likewise get proprietorship privileges alongside essential conveniences like in Delhi, he said.

Source: IndianExpress

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New rule on free electricity in Delhi, subsidy will not be available without applying from today, CM Kejriwal announced



Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has made a big announcement. Now only those people will get electricity subsidy in Delhi, who will apply for it. The applications for this will start from today itself.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal said that some people do not want to take free electricity. In such a situation, now only those people in Delhi will get electricity subsidy who will apply for it.

Form to be filled

A form will come along with the electricity bill. The form has to be submitted to the electricity bill center. He said that we are issuing a number (7011311111). A missed call has to be made on this number. A message will come on a missed call. There will be a link in it. Which will open the form on WhatsApp. Messages will also be sent to those whose mobile numbers are registered. The number of people who will fill the form on 31 October. They will get the benefit of the scheme. On filling the form in the next month, the bill of the previous month will have to be submitted. He said that his government would run door-to-door awareness campaign regarding this.

The facility will be applicable from October 1

Arvind Kejriwal said, earlier there used to be a lot of electricity in Delhi. We fixed it. Now electricity is available 24 hours. Electricity is available free of cost in Delhi. The money saved by stopping corruption is giving convenience to the people. He told that there are 58 lakh consumers of electricity in Delhi, out of which 30 lakh electricity bills come to zero. Half the bills of 17 lakh consumers come. We will give subsidy to those who ask for subsidy. This facility will be applicable from 1st October.

Source: Aajtak


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