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‘Everyday there is a new surprise, new learning experience and new opportunities’ – says Aseem Mahajan In A Recent Interview



About The Author:
Aseem Mahajan is a storyteller who physically resides in India, but his soul can be present at Himalayas or perhaps at Jupiter as per his fancy. You can reach him at: [email protected]

Briefly describe your journey until now. Have you accomplished what you wanted or still have a mile to go?
The journey has been pretty amazing so far. Had my share of success and failures. It has been a great learning experience. Took me 6 years to finish the book because of the complex plot. I am pretty surprised at myself that I actually managed to write this book over the years, perhaps it was my belief in what I was doing. Took me a while to find a good publisher. I was lucky to find a good agent Suhail Mathur from Book Bakers who connected me to Harpreet Makkar from Petals publisher (Red ink publishers) and there was no looking back since then. I wouldn’t day I have accomplished everything I have aimed at as it’s an ongoing journey and there is still a lot to explore and evolve. Everyday there is a new surprise, new learning experience and new opportunities.

What is your book “Captain Elephant: The Mystery of the Bomb” all about?
The story takes place in a fictional island called Pinzoora. It is about a boy called Mayas, and how he evolves into a super hero. But the book isn’t just about his journey of becoming a super hero, it’s about his journey from becoming a super hero to a good human. All this revolves around a mystery that involves a dangerous terrorist Popananda and his nuclear threat to Pinzoora which sends the island into shambles.

What follows is something that a reader should read himself/herself as I wouldn’t want to spoil the suspense by revealing the plot.

I would call it a mixed bag of suspense, humor and emotions. I have interacted with plenty of readers and each individual had a different take away from the book. Some loved the suspense, some found the suspense nail biting, I was surprised with the number of readers highlighting the social message that touched them as I never imagined that people will look beyond the pot boiler story.

What is the most fulfilling part of writing this book? And what is the most challenging?
The most fulfilling part of writing this was that I stuck to something that I strongly believed and completed it. I never let the hurdles get in my way. I have been told some nasty things by publishers and lit agents. I was told to stick to a formula that sells and which is demand. Even though publishers loved the plot and concept, they refused to take up the book as they thought it wouldn’t sell as this kind of plot and story has never been tried before in India. But I have never let these setbacks deter me. Of-course I have a lot of respect for everyone who rejected the book as well, I took away something valuable in wisdom and considered it as a learning experience.

Why is it that Indian writers don’t frequently win big awards such as Booker/ Nobel Prize/ Pulitzer in Literature?
I think there are many Indian writers that are doing some amazing work. Right now the Indian book market is quite different from what is expected of fetching a booker or Pulitzer. This is because of what the readers demand. But I feel these awards are not the only criteria that should been seen as a bench mark. I feel Indian literature today is most intriguing and captivating and the world is noticing it!

How would you like to inspire the creative people wishing to make their career in the field of literature?
Just write right! There is no alternative to quality work so never compromise on the quality. 97% of writers never finish their work and more than 99% of the books are rejected by agents and publishing houses. So make sure you write something that you insanely believe in and finish it no matter how long it takes.

What is the next book that you’ve planned?
I haven’t planned my next book yet, but I have few ideas that I would like to work on. But it should take a while.


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Books & Authors

Shilpa Goel takes a poetic path to communicate with God through ‘Poetic letters to God’



Author Shilpa Goel, who has been listed among top 10 on the list of 31 modern poets you should follow by Glow habits, has presented the readers with a beautiful communication product in the form of a collection of verses titled ‘Poetic letters to God’. The book stands out due to multiple reasons.

Firstly, it attempts a subject which is already quite well explored but perhaps never been presented the way it has been done by Goel. Verses and letters had always been considered as two different genres. But perhaps had never been thought of something which can be blended together. That’s exactly where Shilpa Goel does a brilliant job.

Secondly, the book stands out due to its simplicity. Right from the word god you, as a reader can make out what the author is intending to do through this particular book. To begin with, the book defines its objective precisely; In the middle, it establishes the intended message firmly and towards the end the book, satisfies the readers by conveying the message to the fullest.

Thirdly, the book can be termed as a really special book due to the honesty reflected throughout the work. Different people take different routes and medium to reach and communicate with God. As confessed by the author, she has always considered writing as that form for her. She started writing poems as messages which she wanted God to know. Soon this became a habit for her and what followed is a wonderful set of creations in the form of free verses. The readers can only feel greatly happy knowing that the author had decided to publish these set of write ups in the form of a book by titling it as ‘Poetic letters to God’.

Shilpa has shown glimpses of brilliance in this particular book. Readers can only expect her to come up with her next book soon. The way she has built the reputation for her, the reading fraternity will eagerly be waiting for her next book. This book is recommended for readers and non-readers alike. This is a perfect read for the regular readers for the novelty of its presentation. The same is applicable for the non-readers too due to the easily relatable subject she selected. Whatever be your type grab a copy of this book and witness the fascinating communication between a golden heart and the almighty.

Buy Poetic Letters To God From Amazon At Just Rs.190

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‘They Go to Sleep’ is a colourful addition to the Canvas of Indian Short Stories



Saugata Chakraborty’s recent short story collection titled ‘They Go to Sleep’ opens with a psychological thriller of the same name. A young widow of a drug overdose victim disappears from Goa. Three years later, her damaged PAN Card was recovered from a ladies purse lying on the floor of a Kolkata yellow taxi. The foreigner lady passenger who hands over the wallet to the cabbie gets down at the airport and makes a call to the Homicide Squad of Kolkata Police a few minutes before the departure of her flight to London. She claims that a murderer is hiding in Kolkata and that she has left behind a vital clue for the Police to unearth.
Is there any truth in her claims?
Would the Police be able to connect the dots and apprehend the real culprit?
What happens when a murderer who has been evading arrest lands behind bars?

The answers form the core of this racy plot.

The eighth story ‘Aperture’, on the other hand, is a poignant chronicle of the transition of a young Kashmiri girl into a visual storyteller. The conflict in the valley casts a shadow into the images she captures. She grows from strength to strength on the face of rising adversity as the society that she feels for misinterprets her body of work.

Such raw human emotions are again at play in ‘Rare’ where one can probably find the shadow of the author himself. An employee of the RBI finds a windfall in a handful of rare coins. What will he do with the treasure? Will he be able to overcome his greed? A Marine Lines trader in currencies finds out in this story.

Twelve stories of twelve different genres make it a complete read. Now you can find the book also at Noida Literature Festival 2019 (November 16-17). Don’t miss the chance to grab an autographed copy.

Buy They Go To Sleep From Amazon At Just Rs.179

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The book of a mother or the mother of a book – ‘Baby on Board’ by Sonia Sahijwani Saini will keep you guessing



Author Sonia Sahijwani Saini had always been in professions which dealt with balance. She mastered the art of finding the correct equilibrium between assets and liabilities in balance sheets during her stint with commerce before switching her career in the quest of truth in the legal domain. After doing a tremendous job with her debut book ‘Yours Legally’, she has shown this element of balance in her second book ‘Baby on Board’.

‘Baby on Board’ is a book of a beautiful journey – from the fear of pregnancy to the pride of motherhood. India being the second highest in terms of population has many women who experience this phase on a daily basis. But the problem is that very few take the pain of sharing this precious experience with future mothers. That’s exactly where author Ms Sonia deserves a big round of applause – she not only fought the psychological apprehensions now famously called ‘tokophobia’ but also ensured that the story of overcoming these fears is told to everyone.

The book is penned beautifully – it starts with getting ready for pregnancy and ends with the arrival of the bundle of joy. In between, it describes the different phases structurally and elegantly. The book establishes very aptly how a ‘couple’ gets pregnant and not just the would be mother. Layer by layer through her writing, the author explores the fun side of this amazingly adventurous journey. The content stands out in two different aspects – firstly, for introducing the right blend of humor on a topic which is otherwise thought of and discussed with grim faces in India; secondly, the book can also work as a psychological compendium for someone who herself is a would be parent.

Even though the book talks about a journey which is considered as eternal by many, the author has taken a very closed looped approach to write the book. It does not stop after the birth; It goes beyond it and talks about how it feels post delivery. While starting to read the book one may think of it as a book of a mother. But slowly as the reader starts absorbing the contents, one starts realizing it is perhaps not the book of a mother – rather, it’s the other way around . It’s the mother of a book.

Buy Baby On Board From Amazon At Just Rs.149
Buy Yours Legally From Amazon At Just Rs.149

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