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Dipa Sanatani’s novel ‘The Little Light’: a mythological and spiritual journey through the cosmos



Whenever we look at the sky, we wonder what does the world beyond the clouds hold. As young children we learnt about the planets, the stars, the satellites, the galaxies and the space. For us all the celestial bodies are symbolic of life.

The Sun is the center of the universe and all planets dance around it. This is just like a ritual where people dance around fire. The sun and the fire are the sources of life and all things else pay their love and respect to it.

The sun is the biggest source of natural light. The sun extends its arms and touches everything in its system with sunshine. The night and the day are symbolic of life and death where light takes birth, reaches the earth and is lost in darkness till once again it is re-birthed.

The Little Light is the novel of the light that stems from the sun and crosses all celestial beings in the Cosmic Womb. The little light’s journey and interactions with planets and stars are enlightening and joyous. With each interaction a new experience takes place; the little light understands the meaning the perpetual cycle of birth and death.

The book takes us on a mythological and spiritual journey through time and space. The novel explores a sense of emotions that a human being feels in their lifetime. It is a novel of stages from life, death, beyond and all experiences in the middle.

The Little Light is the debut novel of Dipa Sanatani. She’s originally from the Indian state of Gujarat and has traveled extensively living in Australia, Israel, Japan and China. Dipa is a subject expert who has had ample experience in the education sector. Her beliefs have taken her to all sorts of people and places. Her takeaway is that all-human experiences are universally one. She reflects on these experiences in her novel and explores multiple themes of spirituality, metaphysics, mythology, folklore, legends and fairy tales. Her novel is a booming work of fiction and adventure. Suitable for all ages, The Little Light’s personal planet party in the Cosmic Womb is not to be missed by anyone.

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Books & Authors

The leap from ‘The Leap’ to ‘Urban Chronicles’: mind-blowing journey of the modern-day writer Nita Bajoria



Seldom, we are lucky enough to find a writer who is versatile in different forms of writing. It seems that kind of a wait has ended for the readers with the advent of the new literary star Nita Bajoria from the city of joy – Kolkata.

The story of Ms. Nita Bajoria is as exciting as the characters she builds in her stories. In fact, it’s extremely difficult to comment which one is more interesting – the inspiring journey of Ms. Bajoria or the galvanic plots created by Ms. Nita.

Ms. Nita Bajoria was all set in a successful business career; so successful that a common person will think million times before breaking the status quo. Thankfully, this was not the case with Ms. Nita Bajoria. She decided to come out from the status quo and took up her childhood passion. ‘The Leap’ was her debut novel which was a science fiction received well by all the readers. After writing a successful science fiction, authors tend to get into a cocoon and stop trying their hands in another genre. But, Ms. Bajoria is made of a different metal and that’s where she decided to come with a book belonging to the genre – graphic novel and we are glad that she decided so.

The book that came out as the decision taken by her is nothing short of a contemporary masterclass for the cosmopolitan readers. To be honest to the content – the liking for the book will not be restricted just among the cosmopolitan readers. It’s bound to be liked and appreciated by readers from different demographics. Along with the content of the book, the illustrations also stand out. We, the readers will be eagerly waiting for the next venture from the author. Till the time she comes up with her next book, we’ll like to savour the taste of ‘Urban Chronicles’ multiple times – simply because it’s worth it. 

Buy Urban Chronicles: A series of graphic short stories From Amazon At Just Rs.189

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Krishanu Banerjee’s “Offsprings” – A Magical Poetry Collection



When I first read the book title, I was little surprised. Why did the poet choose such a bizarre name for a poetry collection? But as I slowly dived deeper into his creations, could feel the warmth of every poem; and as rightly says the poet, “each poem to him is like his own child, own offspring”.

The book is an English poetry anthology comprising of seventy different poems covering themes like society, love, nature, death, grief, art etc. Each and every poem, excluding three poems, is rhythmic and different from each other. All poems (excluding one) are short in length which will make the readers enjoy his poetic fervour without allowing them to feel bored.

All the poems have a magical touch but there are a couple of them which touched my heart with a permanent mark – “Memories” and “Far Away”.

A para from the poem “Memories” for you to take a taste of Banerjee’s lyrical magic:-
“Sad memories help me to grow,
To be fit and mentally strong.
Help me to choose amongst all
Who is right and who is wrong.”

Here are a few lines to quote from another enchanting verse, “Far Away”:-
“Nothing will be there to bother
For none will be there to think,
I shall create my own heaven
By painting with my sweaty ink.”

Well, to know who is Krishanu Banerjee? He is a bilingual writer in the vast orchard of English and Bengali literature. He took his first breath on 31st of July, 1991 at Chandri, a small village, under the district of Jhargram of West Bengal. After completing his school life from Chandri C.S. Higher Secondary School and Tapsia Vidyasagar Sikshayatan, he completed his graduation in English literature from the Burdwan Raj Collage and got his M.A degree from the University of Burdwan. Now by profession he is an elementary school teacher and an amazing poet.

Buy “Offsprings” From Amazon At Just rs.199

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Eat healthy, think healthy, live healthy – the life mantra of Jishy Seby



Jishy Seby, holds a Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition and began her career as a lecturer and now practicing as a Diet Consultant for past 14 years.

‘A journey to life’ is her first published book apart from numerous health articles. But the secret of the book lies in its unique contents.

The book can be divided into two fragments – the dietary guide and a brain tumor survivor’s autobiography. The novel blend makes the book a must read for any self-help readers, food lovers and keto freaks.

Jishy had always been a brilliant student and has bagged University first rank for her graduation and post-graduation. She has an immense passion towards healthy diet which made her to express herself through words. A resident of Sultanate of Oman, she now lives with her husband and two kids aged eight and five.

The simplicity of the author gets reflected through her words and that’s what the biggest asset of this book is. No doubt, the book will be a treasure for anyone who wants to live a quality and healthy life.

Buy A Journey to Life: A Healthy Diet and a Brain Surgery Survivor Story From Amazon At Just Rs. 150

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