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Absorb Yourself Into Amit Majumdar’s Retelling Of Ramayana: Sitayana



It’s a common story. Nothing special about mine, except that it takes place in a palace. An ageing wife gives up her figure for the sake of the kids and never gets it back. She has pride of place in the household, but she’s humiliated in her absence by mistress after mistress, weekly. 
Like this new one, an authentically fair-skinned north Indian, no talcum powder needed. He must have been thrilled to find her that far south. He always had a taste for fair skin, flying his aerial chariot past the Himalayas to scavenge for milkmaids. Some of the girls he brings home look as white as albinos, with bizarre, sea-coloured eyes and hair the colour of dandelions.
How could I have ever satisfied, all by myself, with this one body made of nutmeg and sunset, ten husbands in one? Even one king would have kept a quota of co-queens and concubines. With Ravana, multiply that by ten. 
Multiply by ten, too, a woman’s pleasure in his arms and arms and arms. One night, two whole years into our love, he finally felt close enough to me to show me his heads. He locked the door, clasped his hands, chewed his lower lip. He couldn’t bear to look me in the eye. ‘Ravana,’ I said, ‘tell me what is wrong.’ He said he wanted to show me his real form, but he feared my reaction. I said he could take off his face like a helmet and show me the head of a donkey, and I would kiss him on the lips. 
Weeping with shame and hope, trusting me and me alone—none of the others; only me—he brought them all out. They slid out of his neck and lined up like books on the shelf of his shoulders. When they had all emerged, the row curved a little, extending well beyond his shoulders. They stayed together, against gravity, by the same miracle of physics that suspends a brick arch. He explained to me later how every head exerted a force on the ones next to it, and how the two bookend heads were conjoint at the earlobes. 
I kissed each face on the mouth because they were all his. He was Brahma’s great-grandson. The trait of four heads had gotten amplified in him, thanks to the fresh infusion of his mother’s demonic blood. I knew—and he knew, after those ten true love kisses—that what he felt for his other women wasn’t love. This was love: Me luxuriating on my back, arms straight overhead, feet flexed; him turning himself so his leftmost head kissed my hands and his rightmost kissed my feet, and the heads in between kissed every other part of me. The arms came out a few minutes later. Several of his hands hadsixth, seventh, sometimes eighth digits—at the ends of his spider legs, smaller spiders. His twenty hands stroked all my skin at once, no part of me neglected. Loving Ravana in that form, I touched pleasure’s ceiling. My body’s sum total of nerves could take in, at one time, no sensations more numerous or more intense. Beyond that bliss lay moksha. I was yoked to him forever. 
 I wonder if this latest beauty, Sita, knows what she is missing by holding out. So many mistresses have come and gone, and my silly jealousy doesn’t get any better. Why be jealous at these transients when I stay on? She is holding out on him, and that inflames his desire. 
She lifts her face from her hands and gasps at my dark face and arms. 
‘You have nothing to fear from me, Princess Sita. I am Mandodari, Queen of Lanka.’ I wait. ‘No matter, you don’t have to stand.’ 
‘Is he here?’
‘You mean my husband?’
‘You were expecting a visit from him?’
‘Dreading one, more like it.’
‘You have nothing to fear from him.’ My eyes devourher 
face with envy. Unplucked eyebrows, peeling sunburn on her arms, and she is still exquisite, like some illiterate village girl on a mountain path. ‘Of course, you know that. You seem to have gained a great deal of control over him.’ 
‘I live here in constant danger.’ 
‘Of what? Mosquito bites?’ I don’t like how she talks up her plight. 
‘Of your husband.’ 
‘My husband? Has he so much as kissed you? Answer me.’ 
You held out, you made all these self-destructive requests, went on hunger strikes—and hehonoured all of your requests. He didn’t touch you. A man as impressive as he is . . . You should be ashamed.’ 
‘Ashamed of what?’ 
Playing innocent, is she? Ravana would never force her— it would humiliate him—so she knows she is safe, knows she can play games. 
‘Let’s talk about something else. Do you have any children, Sita?’ 
She doesn’t answer me.‘I have two. Indrajit and Akshaye.’‘Why are you here?’
‘I wanted to see you. I know he took a considerablerisk 
bringing you here. I had to see what you looked like.’ ‘You have no idea what kind of risk he took.’ ‘You are well worth it.’ ‘Help me escape.’ 
Her audacity stares me in the eyes. ‘Escape? But this is paradise compared to where you were before.’ 
‘I don’t care about the pretty scenery. Help me get back home.’ 
What is her game here? She confuses me, not just with her words but her frenzied look. ‘Why would you want to leave Lanka?’ 
She shakes her head in disbelief and frustration. ‘Because I’m being held here against my will!’ 
‘I will not allow you to spread false stories about my husband.’ 
‘You know he kidnapped me, right? He threw me over his shoulder and flew off with me.’ 
‘A man as impressive as Ravana doesn’t need to kidnap women, married or unmarried.’ 
‘How is he so “impressive”? He visits me every so often and tells me the stories behind his scars. I’m not impressed.’ 
‘That jawline of his,’ I say defiantly. ‘The symmetry of his face. Admit it.’ 
‘You know what else is symmetrical? Karma. A bad king with a strong jawline will end up getting punched in the face by a good king with a strong arm. Karma is coming for him. Rama is coming for him.’ 
‘I think I will leave now, Princess Sita.’ 
‘Why did you come here in the first place? You can’t possibly be happy about my arrival here. You came here to see your latest competitor for the king’s time. His new obsession.’ 
‘Don’t flatter yourself. He is not obsessed with you.’ 
‘Does he visit you every afternoon? Does he spend two hours talking at the wall of your disregard? I don’t say a word to that boastful demon. “I beat Indra.” “I captured the Seven Sages.” Do I care? I’d catch a nap, but I don’t trust him.’ 
‘How—how rude!’‘Look there. More fresh flowers.’‘Roses,’ I whisper, by reflex.‘I keep them to feed the deer. How many times has he 
betrayed you, in all your years of marriage?’
‘All your years? I stroke reflexively the places where I havecoloured my greys. Do I look so old?‘This once, Queen Mandodari, why not betray him? And better yet, by betraying him, you’ll be saving Lanka. If you don’t care for that cause, consider how you’ll be saving your marriage, too. Because if I don’t get out of here and back to my husband in time, you’re going to end up a widow.’ 
‘Rama has no reason to harm my husband. You came here of your own will, after all.’ 
Sita rises to her feet, flushed and feigning indignation. ‘That is not true!’ 
‘My husband offered to take you up in his sky chariot— none of you young girls can resist it—and you agreed. Everyone in Lanka knows it. As soon as you got here, you insisted on holding out. What are your demands, anyway? Do you want him to make you First Queen of Lanka in my place? Keep waiting. It’ll take more than a mouthy Indian slut to oust me!’ 
‘Lanka is yours to rule over, you credulous idiot. Those are all lies! Who’d you get them from? Ravana?’ 
‘It’s common knowledge!’ I resist the urge to slap her effrontery; she has a feral look and a murky unwashed smell, and I fear my hand might end up bitten. ‘You were stuck in that cottage after your husband dragged you along into fourteen years of exile! You two were only married for what—two years? Not enough time to have a baby. If you’d had one, you could have forced Rama to let you stay back, for the baby’s sake, in the palace. But you didn’t have a choice, did you? Naturally, you were thrilled when a rich, six-foot-seven stranger offered to whisk you away. No one blames you for that. It’s this perverse holding out that strikes everyone asbase and scheming.’ 
‘I had a choice. I chose to join Rama in exile, just as Lakshman did. My sister was going to come, too, but Lakshman begged her not to—he feared she might divide his devotion. No, Mandodari. The only place I got dragged to was Lanka. Your husband abducted me. And he’s going to get his comeuppance soon. Nobody’s safe from karma!’


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Books & Authors

Shaping Minds Through Words: Tadimalla H Mohan Rao’s Literary Impact



Step into the captivating world of Tadimalla H Mohan Rao, a multi-talented individual whose incredible journey spans Geology, professional service, cycling, and now, the realm of literature. Get ready to be inspired by his thought-provoking maiden book, “Are You Ready To Do So?”, as Rao takes you on a remarkable exploration of human ethics and values.

Picture yourself in the idyllic village of Tadimalla, nestled amidst the scenic beauty of West Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh. It is from this humble backdrop that Rao, a name that resounds with resilience and understanding, has emerged to capture the hearts and minds of readers. His book, “Are You Ready To Do So?”, is not just a collection of words; it’s an invitation to dive deep into the realms of ethics and introspection.

Rao began his journey amidst the wonders of nature, nurturing his fascination with Geology. As he honed his skills and delved into the basics of the inside of Earth and related processes, his love for the subject garnered recognition among his teachers and peers. Encouraged by family’s support, he embarked on the path of professional service in the coal industry (Coal India Ltd and its Nagpur-based subsidiary Western Coalfields Ltd). But Rao’s thirst for knowledge longed for more. He yearned to make a positive impact on people whom he meets.

Through his active association with HR, Rao dedicated himself to imparting his professional knowledge on coal quality. Besides being persistent with cycling, he was emphasizing the need for adopting ethical practices and values. The resultant interactions with people from diverse backgrounds made him realize the enormity of the transformative power of ethics in shaping human behavior. In the meanwhile, “The Nightmare”, the first fictional work by his son Ravi Teja, then in his 10th Standard, was published. Inspiration drawn from his son, combined with the above profound understanding ignited the spark within Rao, who slowly started writing on ethics and values – the subject close to his heart. His sporadic attempts at writing became his persistent passion in 2018 when he was 59.

The result of his 3-year effort since then is “Are You Ready To Do So?”, a tapestry of 12 enlightening articles and 2 poignant real-life stories. In this remarkable book, putting his point straight, Rao unravels the complexities of human ethics and values. His words possess a unique ability to touch the hearts and minds of readers, inviting introspection and encouraging them to align their actions with ethical principles.

“Are You Ready To Do So?” has thus struck a chord with readers and critics alike, eliciting enthusiastic acclaim. Its thought-provoking content has become a source of solace and inspiration, as Rao’s eloquent prose gently nudges readers to question their own moral compass. Through his words, he instills a sense of empowerment, urging individuals to make ethical choices that can transform not only their lives but also the world around them.

As Rao continues to make waves in the literary world, his incredible journey serves as a testament to the power of passion, knowledge, and the belief in the transformative capacity of human ethics. With his maiden work, he has kindled a spark of change that transcends borders, bringing people together in a shared pursuit of ethical values.

Join Tadimalla H Mohan Rao on this friendly and inspiring journey of words, ethics, and inspiration. Let his story inspire you to reflect on your own ethical journey and embrace the power of positive change.

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Books & Authors

Top 10 Books Of The Month | May [Editor’s Choice]



Explore the literary landscape with our monthly roundup, where we unveil a captivating selection of books that will ignite your imagination, provoke thought, and entertain you across a wide range of genres. As we embark on this literary adventure, we invite you to join us in exploring the most intriguing books of the month. Whether you seek heart-wrenching fiction, soul-stirring poetry, rib-tickling humor, enlightening health insights, or inspiring tales from the world of sports, this handpicked collection has something special for everyone. Prepare to be transported to extraordinary worlds and immerse yourself in the magic of words. Here are our top 10 recommendations for your reading pleasure this month. 🙂

1. The Human Side by Yash Mohanty Dogra

In “The Human Side” by Yash Mohanty Dogra, explore the seven fundamental emotions that shape our lives. Through captivating tales, the book delves into the intricate tapestry of the human psyche, seeking to unravel the essence of our emotional existence.

Discover the profound interplay between cause and effect, as each narrative illuminates the dual nature of our actions. With a quest for understanding, “The Human Side” challenges readers to confront their own emotional landscapes and uncover timeless truths that govern human behavior. Join this enlightening voyage of discovery and embark on a journey toward profound insights into the human experience.

2. Journey to Rebond by Krishna Mariyil

“Journey to Rebond” by Krishna Mariyil takes readers on a thrilling ride with childhood friends Akash and Karan. Their shared dream of becoming professional racers in the Great Himalayan Rally seems within reach until Akash faces a crucial dilemma. Caught between the risky allure of racing and the expectations of his loved ones, he must make a life-defining choice.

Join them on a journey that tests friendship, love, and family bonds as they navigate treacherous challenges. With sponsors withdrawing, rivals resorting to dirty tactics, and a failing vehicle, Akash and Karan must dig deep. Will the race crush their dreams or lead them to triumph? Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure that leaves you breathless.

3. Maiden Innings by Kapil Pathare

Discover the untold story of Indian women’s cricket in “Maiden Innings.” While names like Kapil Dev, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, and Kohli dominate the male-dominated cricket scene, a resilient team of young women silently carries the torch for Indian women’s cricket. Their remarkable journey to the 2017 Women’s Cricket World Cup finals showcases their unwavering commitment. Coming from humble backgrounds, these women possess dreams as vast as the nation itself.

“Maiden Innings” unveils their indomitable characters, serving as powerful role models for women across sports, industries, and society’s marginalized sections. Delve into their stories and be inspired to transform your own life.

4. A Nutty Affair by Sithesh C Govind

Introducing “A Nutty Affair” by Sithesh C Govind, a remarkable foray into the groundbreaking genre of Screenella. This captivating blend of novella and screenplay takes readers on a rollercoaster ride as Manojan and Surabhi’s tranquil life is shattered by a legal battle fueled by their childlessness. With Manojan’s phobia as a hurdle, they confront their fears and secrets, buoyed by the unwavering support of loved ones.

This heartwarming and hilarious journey of self-discovery explores the struggles faced by a couple under societal pressure. Prepare for an unforgettable experience as “A Nutty Affair” delights, making you laugh and cry with its captivating tale.

5. Heal Thy World by Dr. PK Sasidharan

Introducing ‘Heal-Thy World’: A Manifesto for Health, Unity, and Progress. This transformative book uncovers the secrets of health care, addressing ‘Individual Health,’ ‘Social Health,’ ‘Healthy India,’ ‘Healthy World,’ and ‘ONE HEALTH.’ It targets doctors, policymakers, and health professionals, offering insights to build a healthier world. Neglected social health, disproportionate disease growth, and wealth distribution issues are explored.

The importance of trained family doctors, prioritizing health promotion, and social aspects of wellness in medical education and research are highlighted. Urging timely action, the book discusses democratic socialism as a solution and provides guidance for inclusive health policies. Join for a brighter future.

6. The Princess of Swarna-Sarsika by Asha Priyadarshini

Enter a world where storms bring not only chaos, but also transformation. In “The Princess of Swarna-Sarsika” by Asha Priyadarshini, follow Aadya’s mysterious birth into a wealthy family, igniting eerie events in the city. The golden pond at Kashyap mansion holds secrets tied to Aadya’s birthmark and extraordinary destiny. With beauty, mind-reading, healing, and foresight, she’s both revered and feared.

Drawn to the pond and Shiv-shakti temple, Aadya embarks on a perilous quest to restore the city’s lost treasure. Amidst faith, loyalty, friendship, and love, her visions become reality. Unveil the mystical city and witness Aadya’s mission unfold. What lies in store for her?

7. The Diet Mysteries by Shakur Tisekar

Are you exhausted by the overwhelming abundance of conflicting diet advice and the skyrocketing costs of medical treatments? Imagine a world where the solution to chronic illnesses is within reach, waiting to be unlocked through uncomplicated lifestyle modifications.

Brace yourself for a captivating journey as “The Diet Mysteries” by Shakur Tisekar unravels the remarkable narratives of ordinary individuals who triumphed against all odds, attaining profound healing by harnessing the power of nutrition and exercise. In this enlightening book, Tisekar simplifies the intricate realm of nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being, empowering readers to embark on their own transformative path to vitality.

8. Befarmaid by Dr. Shadab Ahmed

Discover “Befarmaid” by Dr. Shadab Ahmed, an insightful journey into India’s diverse civilization. From ancient times, India has thrived as a melting pot of cultures, languages, and peoples. Influenced by Muslim dynasties, Persian became the language of governance and high culture. Yet, as chaos enveloped the Islamic West, India became a hub of Persian literary achievement.

The seventeenth century witnessed the emergence of “Urdu” as a common tongue, uniting the Mughal Empire’s ethnicities. In this book, immerse yourself in the prose, poetry, and tales from the Mughal court—narrated by kings, emperors, saints, prisoners, outlaws, and the elite of Mughal India. Experience a vibrant era of creativity and expression.

9. We Got Your Back! by Dr. Rajeesh George

Discover the ultimate guide to conquering back and neck pain in the enlightening pages of “We Got Your Back!” Crafted by the esteemed Dr. Rajeesh George, a renowned spine surgeon, this transformative book is a beacon of hope for those burdened by the relentless grip of such debilitating discomfort. With a firm foundation in cutting-edge research, Dr. George presents a wealth of practical solutions and empowering strategies, enabling readers to triumph over their pain.

Whether you grapple with chronic agony or occasional twinges, “We Got Your Back!” embraces a holistic approach to rejuvenating your spine’s well-being, restoring vitality to your life. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey towards lasting relief and renewed vitality.

10. Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga by Robert “Robear” Isenberg

Unravel the enigma behind men’s skepticism towards yoga through the thought-provoking work, “Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga,” penned by the insightful Robert “Robear” Isenberg. This revised edition comprises seven additional essays, each presenting a unique blend of humor and introspection. From tales of bravery and resilience in “Against All Odds” to poignant childhood memories in “The Car Ride,” Isenberg’s stories resonate deeply. The author fearlessly delves into personal experiences, exploring themes of family, self-reflection, and unexpected connections among writers. With his signature wit and candor, Isenberg invites readers to embark on a captivating journey that unveils the complexities of human perception. Prepare to be captivated by his literary prowess in this remarkable collection.

We hope you found our list of the top ten books for this month an exciting and diverse mix of literary treasures. These books offer a delightful escape from the everyday routine and a chance to explore new perspectives, experiences, and emotions. Whether you choose to lose yourself in the depths of a gripping novel, savor the rhythm and beauty of poetry, indulge in a good laugh, discover valuable insights for a healthier lifestyle, or get inspired by the triumphs of athletes, these books promise to leave a lasting impact.

Remember, the power of a book lies in its ability to transport you to uncharted territories, evoke empathy, and broaden your horizons. So, make yourself comfortable, grab a warm cup of tea or coffee, and embark on this literary journey. Open the pages, let the words work their magic, and allow yourself to be captivated by the enchanting stories and profound wisdom these books hold. Happy reading, and may this month be filled with unforgettable literary experiences that enrich your mind and soul.

Book Prices

The Human Side Rs.178 (Kindle)
Journey to Rebond Rs.199 (Paperback)
Maiden Innings Rs.89 (Kindle)
A Nutty Affair Rs.108 (Kindle)
Heal Thy World Rs.425 (Paperback)
The Princess of Swarna-Sarsika Rs.249 (Paperback)
The Diet Mysteries Rs.288 (Paperback)
Befarmaid Rs.349 (Kindle)
We Got Your Back! Rs.1135 (Paperback)
Why Men are Suspicious of Yoga Rs.402 (Paperback)

(Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.)

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Books & Authors

The Healing Power of Words: A Doctor’s Poetry for the Soul



Dr. Shadab Ahmed With His Books. (File)

Get ready to meet the extraordinary Dr. Shadab Ahmed, a true gem of a person whose story is sure to inspire and impress you! This charismatic man hails from a remote nondescript corner of Bihar, India, but has lived in various parts of the country, including the magical and resilient North-East India, cosmopolitan New Delhi, vibrant Gujarat, and rustic Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Ahmed is a scholar of literature and poetry, with a voracious appetite for knowledge and wisdom. His interests are as diverse as they are impressive, ranging from Norse, Hebrew, European, Mughal, Russian, Iberian, Latin-Modernism, Metaphysical, Alhambra, Mandarin, Turkish, Persian, Indian, Baltic, Celtic, and Castilian poetry and literature. He retains an inner child and has a very combustible imagination that has fuelled his impressive collection of books related to world poetry.

But Dr. Ahmed is not just a prolific writer, he is also an accomplished Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon by profession, and serves as the “Ranking & Accreditation Officer” to Vinayaka Mission’s Sankarachariyar Dental College, Salem, Tamil Nadu – apart from being an Associate Professor (Reader) in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the same institution. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital in Bihar and his postgraduate studies at Meenakshi Ammal Dental College & Hospital (MAHER) in Tamil Nadu. He took a bold risk by shifting his academic path to college management and administration and has never looked back since.

Dr. Ahmed is known for methodically drafting policies for NABH, NAAC, NIRF, and AISHE, and implementing protocols of the Dental Council of India and other central/state organizations. He is focused on qualitative and quantitative institutional growth and has previously served as “Joint Coordinator” and “Administration Advisor” to dental institutions. His interests in OMFS goes into Head and Neck Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cleft and Craniofacial Disorders, and Maxillofacial Trauma. His passion for education and growth is evident in everything he does.

Despite his impressive professional and academic achievements, Dr. Ahmed has never lost sight of his childhood dream of becoming an author. His inspiration to write books came from his father, who proudly declared that he would never be able to write a book. Dr. Ahmed has since written and published six non-pedagogical books related to world poetry, with several others in the press and under progress.

He devotes his free time maniacally to reading, understanding, and translating various canonical poetry texts and their interpretations, along with their “Pre-Text” in history and “Con-Text” in contemporary times and ages. His extra-academic interest bridges across Bards, Rhymes, Hymns, Epics, Odes, Elegies, Zajals, Poesies, Ballads, Sonnets, Quatrains, Verses, Couplets, Qasidehs, Muwashshahs, Masnawis, Haikus, Limericks, and Runes. His distinctive interest lies in European Literature and Poetry, covering the Jacobean Era, Elizabethan Era, Edwardian Era, Georgian Era, Stuart and Caroline Eras, Renaissance and Post-Renaissance Eras, and Mandarin Poetry, encompassing the Ming, Yuan, Song, and Tang dynasties.

Dr. Ahmed has several books in progress and manages to write in what little time he gets after his professional duties. Two more of his books are in press and slated to be released in the coming months this year. He aspires to open a bookstore someday, thereby completing the trinity of visions he envisioned as a child (Doctor-Author-Businessman). He believes in taking decisive risks and lives for the day. Dr. Ahmed is an extraordinary person who has achieved greatness in his professional and personal life and continues to prove himself the best.

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