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A Man From Tamil Nadu Who Started Selling Dosa And Idlis With Just ₹1K, Now Has A ₹30 Crore Empire



Prem Ganapathy was a class 10 passout when he decided to move to Mumbai. He had no particular skill set, but with enough determination, ₹200 in his pocket, and a zeal to make something out of himself, he established a ₹30 crore food empire. His is a story of hardships and betrayals – one that gave birth to the beloved Dosa Plaza franchise.

Telling his early life’s story to “The Economic Times”, Prem Ganapathy revealed that he belonged to a poor family from Nagalapuram in Tamil Nadu’s Tuticorin district. Due to financial problems in his family, he had to abandon his dreams of higher studies to support his which included his seven siblings.

Shuffling through a number of odd jobs, he barely managed to fetch around ₹250 a month, which he used to send back home.

He left for Mumbai when an acquaintance offered him a salary of ₹1,200 per month, unaware of the fact that he’d be robbed off of his own little savings that he had. Without informing his parents about the decision to shift his base, he was left stranded in Bandra. Back then, he was just 17 years of age.

He hardly understood the language and didn’t know anyone in the city. He wanted to return, but having no money on him, it was not a viable option for him.

So, he decided to stay and hoped that lady luck would change his fortune. And she did.

In his heart to heart with The Economic Times, he also revealed that he had got a job washing dishes at a local bakery with a meagre salary of ₹150. In the next two years, he picked up a number of odd jobs at various restaurants. He managed to save as much as possible.

Fast forward two years, he had enough savings to start his new venture selling idlis and dosas. He rented a handcart and ploughed in ₹1,000 to buy the basic ingredients. He set up a shop on the street opposite the Vashi train station. Seeing his business boom, he brought in two of his brothers, to help him out.

What set them apart from the local competition was the fact that they laid a huge emphasis on quality and cleanliness and were well-dressed.

In a conversation with Your Story, he said that the recipes of the idlis and dosas came out of his native place, the authenticity of which attracted a lot of customers. Soon, the small venture started generating a net profit of around ₹20,000 every month. They even managed to rent out a small space in Vashi where they would prepare all of the ingredients and masala every day.

In 1997, they leased a small space in the same locality and named it Prem Sagar Dosa Plaza.

The outlet was frequented by a number of college-goers who taught him how to use the internet. The access to a wealth of information gave him the opportunity to experiment with a number of recipes from across the world – schezwan dosa, paneer chilly, and spring roll dosa. By the first year itself, they managed to introduce 26 innovative dosas, reports The Economic Times.

Ganapathy had always dreamt of opening a small shop in a mall. After being repeatedly turned down, the management of Centre One mall offered him the opportunity to set up an outlet in their mall.

Garnering a lot of praise from the public, he was bombarded with a number of franchising requests. He happily agreed. The first franchise outlet opened in 2003, at Wonder Mall in Thane.

According to The Economic Times, they now have 70 outlets of Dosa Plaza across the world, with seven being spread across New Zealand, Dubai, and Oman. The business which started off with a seed capital of ₹1,000 has now grown into a ₹30 crore company.

All the mishaps that followed after he stepped on the soil of Mumbai could have made him turn back and leave. But he decided to stay. Stories like his is a testament to the fact that having your eyes set on a goal will lead you to wherever you wish to head in.

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Brand Story

The story of this woman’s indomitable spirit is truly inspirational



Inspiration can come to us from anywhere. However, few things motivate us like real-life stories in which people overcome difficulties to emerge as winners. That’s probably why this story of a woman, who took up a job when her husband fell ill, has struck a chord with netizens.

According to a post shared on Humans of Bombay on April 30, the woman, not named, took up a job at a jewellery store to make ends meet. It was there that her potential as a saleswoman was discovered. She decided to nurture her newfound skill and eventually started her own business. This is her story:

“My husband suffered a stroke and the doctor asked us to move to a village for his health — so we left our family here and moved to Ajmer. My husband could no longer earn, so I started working at a jewelry store to make ends meet. At first I was just packing orders, but slowly I realised that I was a good saleswoman as well. My boss saw it too and he promoted me! I saved all the money I made through commission and now I’ve started my own saree business — I’m actually here to source material! You know earlier I couldn’t even imagine ever working, forget running my own business…but now I’m earning for the entire family! After a hard day’s work when I come back home and see the pride in the eyes of my family, it makes it all worth it.”

The woman’s inspiring story has left many moved. Several people have showered comments on the post.

What do you think about this story?


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Brand Story

LAIQA: Creating A Period Of Change



Red is the color of strength.

Sanitary napkins have been in demand for all of time. Now, with the rising awareness on menstruation and feminine health, people even in the remote areas of India know about sanitary napkins.

Earlier, women did not know about it and had to find other cheaper and more viable options. Today the scenario is different. There are organizations working to make eco-friendly sanitary napkins that reach the vast majority of the country.

One such brand that is doing some lovely work is LAIQA; a homegrown line of sanitary napkins founded by Monica Bindra, Nazish Mir and Ali Mir.

LAIQA breaks many a barrier by introducing BODO i.e. buy one donate one. For every pack of pads sold, LAIQA donates one pad to a lesser-privileged menstruating girl or woman. To make their brand more accessible, LAIQA has paired up with 3 NGOs on a voluntary basis.

‘Good For Her, Good For Earth’. Earlier, pads were mostly plastic and harmful to the female genitalia. LAIQA offers an effective solution to this by lessening the use of plastic in the napkins to just 7% – making them biodegradable.

Menstruation is not easy for everyone as the flow varies from woman to woman. However, LAIQA has taken into consideration all these factors and created 4 types of individual or combo packs.

1. a pack of 10 Ultra-thin day pads, designed for moderate flow
2. a pack of 10 Cosy-fluff night pads, designed for heavy flow 
3. a pack of 20 Panty-liners, designed for everyday discharges and spotting
4. a Combo box of 10 day + 5 night pads, designed for the duration of your period, also customizable according to personal preference.

The pads have a top layer of high quality feather-soft top sheet and a breathable bottom sheet. LAIQA swears by feminine hygiene and believes in utmost comfort, making their products rash-free, chlorine-free and fragrance-free. This prevents UTIs and yeast infections.

LAIQA is here to offer a hassle-free service for your period. Their subscription model is available on their website, and can also be accessed via their hotline number+919891310451 where in the pad is delivered to you within an hour in Delhi NCR and you can place orders for Pan India.

Subscription offers for you:
1. 10% off on 3 months subscription,
2.15% off on 6 months subscription and,
3. 20% off if you subscribe for 12 months.

Rest assured, the pack/packs will be delivered to you every month in advance or in bulk, whichever you prefer – and always just in time for your period.

LAIQA is breaking the stigma around menstruation, offering eco-friendly pads, and making them available to marginalized sections of society while also offering an option to customize the pads according to one’s flow. So here’s hoping you’re ready for your period of change!

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Books & Authors

Ae Zindagi: An inspiring story of a 19 years old girl



Do you believe in simple innocent love? Are you searching for ‘the one’? Are you in chaos that only you can contemplate? Are you in search for the peace at the end of the tunnel? Are you being deceived by the one you placed all your trust on? Have you ever been in such situations? Well, then this book of self-musings filled with quotes and shayaris is the place filled with completely relatable feelings; woven with words, the book is a promising wrap on every emotion of yours.

This book ‘Ae Zindagi’ beautifully speaks about a tender 19 year old girl who grows up to ace the art of thriving in chaos; she fell brutally but rose up stronger because she realizes she is one strong warrior! Well, she may not seek justice but she knows to mould herself to win over the situation!

Read to know more and relate much more!

The debutante Sweta Mandal is a strong believer of being a poet at heart and a warrior on field and thus this book reflects the same; she has written this book in a way to support all aching hearts which paves the way through healing via her quotes and shayaris.

Buy Ae Zindagi From Amazon At Just Rs. 120

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