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67% surveyed Indians have developed antibodies against coronavirus, 40 crore still at risk: Govt



The fourth national serosurvey has found that 67.6 per cent surveyed Indians have developed antibodies against the virus causing Covid-19.

The fourth nation sero survey has revealed that more than 50 per cent children aged 6-17 years have developed antibodies against the virus causing Covid-19. (Representational image) (Photo: Getty Images)

Two-thirds of the Indian population, including children, have developed antibodies against virus causing Covid-19, while nearly 40 crore people are still vulnerable, the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday while releasing findings of the fourth national serosurvey.

In this round of the national serosurvey, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) also included children to assess their vulnerability towards coronavirus. It found that overall, 67.6 per cent surveyed Indians have developed antibodies against coronavirus.

The survey has found that more than 50 per cent of children aged 6-17 years have been exposed to Covid-19 and have developed antibodies against it.

The highest sero-prevalence was found in the age group 45-60 years (77.6 per cent), followed by those above 60 years (76.7 per cent) and those in the age group 18-44 years (66.7 per cent).

In this survey, children were divided into two age groups: 6-9 years and 10-17 years.

Sero-prevalence in the 6-9 years category was 57.2 per cent and in the 10-17 years category, it was 61.6 per cent.

Releasing the survey findings, the health ministry said states and districts with low sero-prevalence run the risk of witnessing more waves of Covid-19.

The fourth round of the serosurvey was carried out during June-July. Besides children, the survey also covered 100 healthcare workers in each district.

The survey found that among adults, 13 per cent people have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. Highest sero-prevalence was found among this section of the population.

“This serosurvey results show that there is ray of hope but there is no scope for complacency,” said Dr Balram Bhargava, DG ICMR.

Source : IndiaToday


Drug de-addiction drive: Delhi police helps admit 20 people to rehab



In a bid to assist with sedating addicts and make mindfulness about illegal medications, the Northwest area of the Delhi Police conceded right around 20 individuals to restoration focuses. The medication de-dependence drive was begun two months prior and habitual perpetrators who were regularly gotten with drugs and booked under the NDPS Act were distinguished and advised.

The activity, primarily led in the Jahangirpuri region, was going by the Station House Officer. The official said, “We saw as that a large number of these wrongdoers are youngsters from monetarily more fragile foundations. They needed to work and genuinely regretted being decided for being someone who is addicted, yet couldn’t leave drugs. We requested that they stay at therapy clinics for a couple of months. After two months, three of them have been released. A few others are going through treatment. We are seeing an adjustment of individuals.”

Somewhat recently, in excess of 12 people were captured with illegal medications and 18 were captured under the COTPA Act. North of 430 individuals has been reserved under areas of the COTPA Act this year.

Usha Rangnani, DCP (Northwest), said, “We needed to run after a medication-free society. At the point when we investigated our area, we found there aren’t many packs working here. Notwithstanding, there are numerous people who are hawking and devouring medications. We began with mindfulness drives and welcomed understudies and NGOs to hold nukkad nataks.”

The 20 men who were distinguished in this interaction were directed by police and shipped off rehabilitation clinics.

Rangnani said her group has been working with recovery and expertise preparing focuses to make mindfulness, give clinical assistance, and occupations to the young. “We are currently assisting them with landing positions and work nearby. Individuals began to move toward us for help. In excess of 20 individuals are going through treatment in our region,” she said.

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Greater Noida: Man ‘shoots’ father over ‘property dispute’



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A 62-year-elderly person was shot at purportedly by his child in Greater Noida on Sunday evening.

As indicated by the police, the person in question, Shyam Singh Nirmal, has gotten two projectile wounds after two individuals went into his home in Jewar’s Mangroli Road and shot him. Nirmal is as of now in basic condition and is getting treatment at an emergency clinic nearby.

As per the cops, Shyam had let them know that his child Himmat Singh and a companion of his had shot him. The police, in their underlying examination, found that the two had a contention over the property. In the interim, the police are exploring all angles and have not precluded different potential outcomes as well.

Security has been amplified following the occurrence and the police are filtering CCTV film to distinguish the blamed.

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Delhi’s air quality to remain ‘very poor’



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The air quality in Delhi is probably going to stay in the ‘extremely poor’ class on Monday.

As per a gauge from the Air Quality Early Warning System, the AQI is probably going to stay ‘exceptionally poor’ on Tuesday and Wednesday also. For the beyond three days, the AQI has been in the ‘extreme’ class – somewhere in the range of 401 and 500.

A potential speed up might just prompt a minimal improvement in the AQI.

The observing stations that recorded a 24-hour normal AQI in the ‘extreme’ classification at 10 a.m. on Monday incorporate Anand Vihar with an AQI of 459 and the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium station with an AQI of 408. The AQI at Jahangirpuri remained at 449, while the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium observing station enlisted an AQI of 409. The 24-hour normal AQI at RK Puram remained at 431, while the AQI at Rohini remained at 448.

The base temperature on Monday is probably going to associate with 10 degrees Celsius, while the greatest could remain at 26 degrees Celsius, the India Meteorological Department figure shows. The base temperature recorded on Monday was 10.3 degrees Celsius.

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