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370 capsules with 4 kg heroin found in stomachs of 5 men caught at Delhi airport



Delhi Police and customs officials, in a joint raid on Saturday, arrested five Afghani men from Delhi airport and claimed to have recovered at least 370 capsules containing heroin, from their stomach.

The customs later claimed this was the “biggest ever” seizure of ingested drugs from Delhi airport.

Officers said the men had come to Delhi from Kandahar last Saturday. They were admitted to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital and the capsules were extracted from their body over a period five days.

The total weight of the contraband recovered was about four kilograms and worth more than Rs15 crore, deputy commissioner of customs Kalrav Mishra said,

According to another customs official, the five Afghans were intercepted around 6.30pm last Saturday, when they arrived at Terminal 3 of IGI airport from Kandahar.

The officer said that they had specific inputs about some Afghan suspects who might be involved in smuggling.

“Their baggage was checked over suspicion of gold smuggling. Their bags were also passed through hand held metal detectors and door frame metal detectors but nothing suspicious was found. A special permission was then sought and they were taken to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital for a detailed medical checkup,” said an officer, who did not wish to be named.

The officer said X-Ray reports of the five men revealed presence of capsules in their stomach. “The hospital staff then started the process of extraction of the capsules from their body. Till Thursday, the five men remained under medical supervision amid strict security. Six customs officers and two officers from Delhi Police’s special cell were deployed to keep a watch on these men at hospital,” the officer said.

Once all 370 capsules were recovered, they were sent to a laboratory where they were cut open and heroin was found in them.

Anubha Sinha, joint commissioner, customs, said that the five men were arrested and the recovered narcotics were seized.

During questioning, the Afghanis told their interrogators that they were promised a sum of $500 for delivering the drugs to a contact in Delhi.

Mishra said this was the biggest seizure of ingested drugs at Delhi airport. “The value of the recovered drugs is more than Rs 15 crore. Efforts to trace their contact in Delhi is being made,” Mishra said.



Traffic chaos in Delhi as marshals struggle to control heavy vehicles on Ashram flyover



Representational Image | Image Courtesy : Paramjit Dhillon @Paramjitdhillon (Twitter)

Delhi, India – Chaos ensues as the Ashram Flyover becomes a traffic nightmare for commuters in the city. But fear not, as a group of marshals has been deployed to restore order and bring some sense to the madness.

The Ashram Flyover, a major artery in the bustling metropolis of Delhi, has been a headache for commuters for quite some time now. The flyover, which connects the city’s south and central areas, sees heavy traffic congestion during peak hours, causing long delays and frayed nerves.

But things have taken a spicy turn as marshals have been brought in to keep things under control. These marshals, donning bright green jackets, have been tasked with managing the traffic flow, ensuring that vehicles move smoothly and without incident.

The marshals have their work cut out for them, as the chaos on the flyover seems to have no end in sight. The heavy traffic, coupled with the city’s notorious lack of lane discipline, has resulted in a free-for-all on the flyover, with vehicles jostling for space and tempers flaring.

But the marshals are undeterred. Armed with whistles and hand signals, they are determined to bring some order to the chaos. And their efforts seem to be paying off, as traffic has started moving more smoothly, and the honking and shouting have reduced considerably.

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Raahgiri Day is Back: Take Back CP Streets and Reclaim Your Sunday Morning!



Representative Image | Source : Wikimedia

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has decided to re-launch the ‘Raahgiri Days’ programme in Connaught Place from Sunday, with a focus on sustainable mobility, under the G20 theme. This theme is an invitation for action to make sustainable and secure cities, and the Raahgiri Day completely synchronizes with this goal, said a NDMC official.

Raahgiri Day is an idea that started in 2013 and is an auto-free citizens’ effort that promotes safe, open and comprehensive public streets where individuals can walk to close by markets and kids can walk to close by schools securely.

This will be the initial installment of a progression of Raahgiri Days to be facilitated at Connaught Place post the Covid-19 pandemic. It will be held as a part of Delhi Police Week (February 16-22) under the topic of street security, including center on walkability and ladies’ security. During these occasions, the Connaught Place market zone will be changed into a vehicle free zone, permitting inhabitants to partake in an assortment of exercises, including yoga classes, Zumba, games zones, music, move and even instructive programmes on different points like street security.

Officials from the NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Council) asserted that the Raahgiri Day is an initiative to make people aware of the fact that roads and streets are not just meant for vehicles. It is a means to reclaim public spaces and use them for leisure activities as a community. On February 19, the Raahgiri Day will be relaunched at Connaught Place and all Delhi citizens are encouraged to be a part of it. A senior official expressed that this is a chance to make a positive impact on our society and relish the roads in a different way while also encouraging the formation of a safer, more sustainable and walkable city. This event is being organised in collaboration with Delhi Police and other organisations.

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Delhi Police rescue girl who jumped off Signature Bridge into Yamuna



Image Source: ANI

The Delhi Police, led by Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Parvinder, took immediate action as soon as they were informed that a 17-year-old girl had jumped into the Yamuna river from the Signature Bridge in the national capital on Tuesday night, reportedly due to a quarrel with her father.

The Station House Officer (SHO) Tribhuvan Singh Negi of Timarpur police station, along with a team of more than half a dozen police personnel, began the rescue operation with the help of divers and managed to save the schoolgirl, who is a resident of Wazirabad, within 45-50 minutes. The girl was later handed over to her family.

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